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Firmware Download

Vantrue X4 Dash Cam Firmware Update Instruction

  • Release time: 2020-10-14 10:13:50
  • Version:
  • File size: 16KB

Update Log

VTX40E.V33 (New)2020-08-19

  1. 1. Added a determination mechanism after the time being reset. If the time of dash cam has been reset to Jan,1st,2020, the time of the files will be postponed a little based on the latest time of the dash cam, avoiding it overwriting the latest videos. A pop-up window will occur showing "Please set the time" every time the user turns on the dash cam and disappears after 5 seconds. The dash cam will record videos normally when the pop-up appears. (This window won't appear if the time is before year 2020)

    2. Options of G-Sensor have been changed to 1,2,3,4,5,OFF
    1 equals low. 2 equals medium. 3 equals high. 4 is one level higher than 3. 5 is two levels higher than 4.

    3. Added Polish language.

VTX40E.V31 2020-05-22

  1. 1.Fixed a bug where the time watermark won't appear after turning off then turning on all watermarks.

VTX40D.V30 2020-04-14

  1. 1.Some tweaks about the low sensitivity of motion detection

VTX49I.V22 2019-11-19

  1. 1. Fixed a bug where the stamp will show 0 when a license plate digit is set to _. Now it will show space.
    2. License plate will show 00000000 when all digits are set _ by default.

VTX49K.V27_JP 2019-11-14

  1. 1. Added time auto-correction feature.
    2. Added the setting of timezones. It's UTC + 9 by default.
    3. Fixed a bug where the dash cam will stop recording when framerate is set to 27.5

VTX49H.V1 2019-06-17

  1. 1. Some tweaks about the image quality.

VTX49H.V21 2019-08-27

  1. 1. The dash cam won't enter wizard interface again after users exist from it.
    2. Fixed a bug where the buttons will become invalid after finishing taking a snapshot.