Vantrue OnDash X3 1440P WiFi Dash Cam

1440P Super HD + WiFi.

Price: $139.99

Vantrue OnDash X3 1440P WiFi Dash Cam

Live stream and remote control

Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to pair the live dash cam Wi-Fi with a smart device ( WIFI-CarDV App supports both IOS & Android systems ) to view, download video and change settings via cellphone in real time. It supports up to 5 mobile phones connection at the same time.

Wifi transfer and socila sharing

The WIFI capability of the Vantrue X3 dash cam allows you to view your footage real-time and makes download videos from camera easy and painless. The dashboard camera can also share your driving footage with your friends or social media, like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube etc (only for Android).

24 Hours Motion detection parking mode

Auto switch to Parking mode when you parked your car. Triggered by the motion sensor, the car dash camera will automatically record when people or things come closer to your car. The car camera needs a constant power supply either from an external battery back or hardwire( B07G9WTWB9 ) on parking mode. Please hard wire it or connect it with an external battery.

Auto recording and accident camera

Loop recording overwrites the oldest footage with the newest upon filling a card to capacity and the Footage will be stored in loops of 1/ 3/ 5 minutes segments according to your setting; Variable sensitivity G-sensor auto detects a sudden shake/collision or accidents locks the footage to "Event File" to prevent that video from an overwrite. Also you can press the Mode button to lock the current video to protect a clip from overwriting. It's usually record about 3 hours before covered for 32GB Card, 6 hours for 64GB Crad, 12 hours for 128GB Card. Support up to 256GB card, but 64GB card  is recommended.

Super HD 1440P or 1080P@60fps dash cam

Support 7 resolution Mode, the highest up to 1440P resolution(2560 X 1440p @ 30fps) delivers extremely sharp video quality, helps you better read street signs, license plate etc. And the other resolution are 1440P @ 30fps, 1440P @ 30fps(HDR), 1296P @ 30fps, or 1080P @ 60fps, 1080P @ 30fps, 1080P @ 30fps(HDR), 720P @ 60fps.

Car dash cam with night vision

Features on 6 full-glass high-resolution lens, industry leading F1.8 aperture and 3.0umx 3.0um high sensitivity image sensor clearly captures vivid images with accurate color even in low-light environments without using auxiliary lighting.

Dash cam with speed recording (Buy extra GPS Mount)

The GPS helps you accurately assess the status of the accident by providing you with the vehicle speed, the direction of the collision and the severity of impact. The dash camera not only records speed  in either KM/H or MP/H, driving footage, but can also be used to track and recall past driving routes whether it be work or holiday routes. To use GPS function, please buy an extra GPS mount ( B07CYW6JXW ).

Auto LCD OFF dash cam

Support auto LCD off timer which enables the lcd off automatically after the recording begins so you won't be disturbed by another glowing rectangle on your windshield, you can also turn this function off if you prefer the LCD stays on.

Time Lapse dash cam

Important clips and images may get deleted due to insufficient memory space during long continuous recordings, especially in standard parking recording mode which requires large memory for saving 15 to 30 frames per second.

Date and Time stamp dash cam

This is especially useful when you need to use your video footage as evidence at times. Ensure that the date and the time are accurate when you install your camera.

Dash Cam with Voice Recorder

Built in micphone and speaker to capture high quality audio clear without distortion. If you don't like the audio record, Please enter record setup mic setting to turn it off.

Kind Reminder:

1. No memory card, support up to 256GB (Class 10), but Samsung Evo 64GB (class 10) card is recommended. Please format the card before first use.  We recommend to format your card every two weeks.

2. Please charge for 2 hours at the first time to prolong the battery life.

3. Please keep the Dash Cam connected to a power source at all times during operation, or the dash cam won't stay on for more than 30 senonds, as the built in 250mAh battery is just to keep setting.

4. There are two versions of the video files at each time, one is the lower resolution to fit the cellphone, the other one is the higher resolution for watching it on camera or the computer.

5. If the dash cam can't connect the Wifi, please hit the reset button to try to connect it again.


Model OnDash X3
Processor Ambarella A12A55
Sensor OV4689
WiFi Yes
Display 2.7 inch TFT LCD (16:9)
Lens 170 degrees wide viewing angle and full 6 layer glass lens with wide aperture of F/1.8.


Video H.264 compressed format; 2560x1440P30 (HDR),2560x1440P30,2304x1296P30,1920x1080P60, 1920x1080P30
Image JPEG;16M Pixels
Audio Built-in microphone and speaker
Memorizer Internal memory: 4M External: SDHC (8-128GB, micro SD card of Class 10, U3)
Shutter   Electronic shutter
USB Port USB2.0, mini
Battery 250mAh 3.7V Polymer Li-ion battery
Working Temp. 32 – 158 deg. Fahrenheit, 0-70 deg. Celsius

Storage Temp.

14 – 176 deg. Fahrenheit, -10 - 80 deg. Celsius
PC Operation System Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10/Mac



WiFi APP for Vantrue OnDash X3 (Android Version)

No virues ,28.07 MB


Vantrue X3 Dash Cam User Manual

No virues ,1.77 MB


Vantrue X3 Dash Cam Firmware Update (Part I)

VTX37D.V8 ,1 MB


Vantrue X3 Dash Cam Firmware Update (Part II)

VTX37D.V8 ,45.68 MB


Vantrue X3 Dash Cam Firmware Update Instruction

VTX37D.V8 ,12.5 KB


X3 Dash Cam Bedienungsanleitung

2018-09-04 ,3.56MB


How to upgrade the firmware?

Dear Customer,

Please follow the steps below to upgrade your device:


1.     Please download the firmware files (part I:; part II: ) to your PC.

2.     Unzip the file and copy the firmware files to a formated microSD card.

Note: the firmware files (in .bin format) could not be recognized by computer, it could just be recognized by the dash cam, so don’t try to open it on PC, just copy it to the card.

How to upgrade the firmware?

Please follow the Steps below to upgrade your device:


1.     Please download the firmware files (part I:; part II: ) to your PC.

2.     Copy the firmware files (“AmbaSysFW.bin” and “AmbaBootFW.bin”) to a formated microSD card.

Note: the firmware files (in .bin format) could not be recognized by computer, it could just be recognized by the dash cam, so don’t try to open it on PC, just copy it to the card.

3.     Then plug the card to the camera, connect the camera to power, it will automatically switch on.
4.     You will see a notice asking if you want to upgrade the device, press the UPWARD button to choose the Yes icon (the circle), then press Confirm button to upgrade.
5.     Then it will show Need Reboot, please press the Confirm button to continue.
6.     It will auto start to upgrade and show the Upgrading interface, till success.
7.     When the camera finishes the upgrade, unplug the card and remove the firmware file from the card. Also you can turn it on and skip upgrade interface (in the step 4 select the cross icon), enter the System Setup and turn to the Format item to format the micro SD card.
8.     Reset the camera. And check the firmware version in the System setup menu, see if it is VTX37D.V8. If it is, then the camera has been upgraded successfully.

9.   Remove the file from the microSD card when the update has been completed, or the camera will upgrade itself everytime when it detects the firmware file in the card.

Update Note: 

1. Add a note “Please connect power supply” when the camera is not being connected to a power charger. And the camera will auto power off after 30 secs if it doesn’t connect to a power supply.

2. The format of the latitude-longitude (the GPS Stamp on the video) has been changed to be more intuitive.

3. Enhance the sensibility of the G-sensor in the parking mode.

4. Supports slow playback when playing back videos on the camera.

5. Change the power off delay time to 15 secs.

6. The new firmware includes Time Lapse (1 second) function in parking mode.

7. Fix some bugs exiting in the previous versions.



Thank you! 


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Vantrue Team

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