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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

The FIRST 1440P + dual 1080P dash cam on the market.

( 258 Reviews )
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The FIRST DUAL 1080P dash cam on the market: Based on the powerful NT96660 CPU, advanced Sony Exmor IMX323 (rear cam) and OV4689 (front cam) image sensor, the N2 Pro simultaneously captures the road ahead (170°) and cabin (140°) at 1080P@30fps

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Why Choose Vantrue N2 Pro High End Dash Cam? Our Advantages:

  • Best dash cam pick by Wirecutter, Business Insider, CNET, BGR, Forbes, Dashcamtalk, Rideshare Central, Therideshareguy, Uberpeople etc.
  • The most popular and widely spread uber dash cam for rideshare and taxi drivers in the market
  • Reliable: Stable performance thanks to advanced processor, powerful Sony Starvis CMOS, 4 infrared LEDs and other features, longer lifespan high end dash cam than other cheaper dash cams.
  • Higher Resolution: Unlike typical dash cams that utilize Sony sensors for both cameras, the N2 Pro uses a better OV4689 sensor for its front camera to ensure the best visibility, so in addition to dual 1080P recording, it also comes with 2.5K 2560x1440P@30fps or 1920x1080P@60fps single front recording, which is the best image quality dual dash cam in the market.
  • Better Night Vision: The main part of this camera that stands out from the competition is the infrared night vision provided on the interior camera pointed at passengers. While other cameras claim to have night vision, but the Vantrue N2 Pro can provide clear footage even with no lighting.
  • Larger memory capacity: Supports external memory capacity up to 256GB to meet your need of long time recording, while the other dash cams in the market are usually 32GB.
  • Advanced Parking Mode: Both cameras auto record once the front or inside camera detect movement, which ensures nearly 360° protection when you leave your vehicle unattended, while most dual cameras can only detect movement in front.
  • Regular firmware updates to ensure improved features and functionality for maximum quality. You can always improve the performance of your N2 Pro and see the benefits of the numerous new features and functions with latest firmware update.
  • Strict quality control and have a professional QC team, with CE, FCC & RoHS certificated.


Model OnDash N2 Pro
Sensor Front Cam Sensor: OV4689 Rear Cam Sensor: Sony IMX323
Display 1.5 inch TFT LCD monitor (4:3)
Lens Front: 170 degree wide viewing angle and full 6 layer glass lens with wide aperture of F/2.0. Rear: 140 degree wide viewing angle and full 6 layer glass lens with wide aperture of F/2.0.
Languages English/简体中文/Deutsch/Japanese
Video H.264 compressed format;
Dual mode: 1920X1080P+1920X1080P; 1280x720P+1280x720P
Single Front Cam mode: 2560X1440P30
Image JPEG; 16M
Audio Built-in microphone and speaker
Memorizer Internal memory: 4M External: SDHC (8-256GB, micro SD card of Class 10, FAT32)
Shutter   Electronic shutter
USB Port USB2.0, mini
Battery 250mAh 3.7V Polymer Li-ion battery
Working Temp. -4 – 158 deg. Fahrenheit, -20-70 deg. Celsius
Storage Temp. -20 – 140 deg. Fahrenheit, -30 - 60 deg. Celsius

PC Operation System

Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10/Mac



Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam User Manual

No viruses ,,8.99 MB


Vantrue N2 Pro Dash Cam Firmware Update Part I

VTN2Pro1F.V44 / VTN2Pro1F-B.V44 ,,3 MB


Vantrue N2 Pro Dash Cam Firmware Update Instruction

VTN2P0I.V41 ,,13.7 KB


Vantrue N2 Pro Dash Cam Firmware Update Part I (Specially for Japan)

VTN2Pro1F.V44_JP / VTN2Pro1F-B.V44_JP ,,3 MB


Vantrue N2 Pro Dash Cam Firmware Update (Image Quality Update)

VTN2Pro8F.V21_IQ ,,2.92 MB


N2 Pro Bedienungsanleitung

2018-09-10 ,,1.84M


Vantrue GPS Player [Upgraded] (for WindowsX64)

V3.4.0 ,,83.4M


Vantrue N2pro 前後カメラ ドライブレコーダー 取扱説明書

No viruses ,,65.9M


Vantrue N2 Pro Dash Cam Firmware Update Part II (Specially for Japan)

VTN2Pro1F.V44_JP/VTN2Pro1F-B.V44_JP ,


Vantrue N2 Pro Dash Cam Firmware Update Part II

VTN2Pro1F.V44 / VTN2Pro1F-B.V44 ,,3M


How to upgrade the firmware?

Dear Customer,

Please follow the Steps below to upgrade your device:


1.     Download the firmware file ( to your PC;

2.     Format you microSD card on the camera, and then connect the camera to the computer through the USB port on the camera. Copy the firmware file (in .bin format) to the microSD card, then unplug the camera from the computer and turn it off;

Note: the firmware file (in .bin format) could not be recognized by computer, it could just be recognized by the dash cam, so don’t try to open it on PC, just copy it to the card.


3.     Plug the camera to a power charger (not computer), or press the power button;

4.     Then the camera will auto upgrade, and it will take about 30 secs to 1 min, during this time, the camera will not turn on and will not respond to any button or operation;

5.     Once the dash cam upgraded successfully, it will turn on and work.

6.     Please have a check the version of your device now (go to the System Setup menu and turn to the Version) and see if it is VTN2Pro8F.V21_IQ. If it is, then the camera has been upgraded successfully.

7.     Format the microSD card when the update has been completed, or the camera will upgrade itself everytime when it detects the firmware file in the card.


Update Note:

Fixed the bug of rear camera’s voice recording when loop recording is off.



Thank you! 


Any question, please contact us at



Best regards, 


Vantrue Team

What is the latest firmware version for N2 Pro?


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( 258 Reviews )


Much More Than Uber or Lyft Protection.Reviewed in the United States
Purchased for me as a gift after a truck threw a rock into my windshield with no independent witnesses. I had been telling my wife how much I wished I had a Dash Cam to have proof to show the police but also figured the chances of anything like this happening again were very remote. My wife decided to get this Dash Cam after asking me to check reviews because she said she was getting one for my daughter's safety. Well a few weeks later what did I receive for a birthday gift but a new Dash Cam.

I had some problems getting it registered but that was due to a problem with my browser, and everything got worked out. Not a week after getting it all installed and setup, I was side swiped by a truck while sitting in traffic. because I had both front and rear views and was able to prove this time what had happened, the trucking company's insurance company paid out immediately to have my car repaired and paid for a rental car for me to use while mine was being repaired. If I did not have this Dash Cam, it would have been a long battle between the insurance companies and I would have been out of luck.

I find the video quality to be excellent both front and rear facing as well as the Parking feature due to problems with bad drivers in the local area parking lots. I am much more comfortable knowing there is always a silent witness if something else should happen to myself or my family members while driving.

The Vantrue N2 Pro is certainly a welcome addition to my vehicle and we purchased another for my daughter as well.
Go For it.Reviewed in the United States
I have taken multiple road trips with this dash cam and I’m very pleased with the quality and performance of N2 Pro.
The IR (inside) camera is by far the brightest I’ve seen in a fully tinted dark interior of my both cars. The build quality is absolutely amazing. The buttons, menu and tilting rear camera are positioned perfectly and artfully..
The ability of removing the cam without messing with the suction cup is amazing. I’ve been using this camera for HOURS everyday for over a year now and I have zero complains..
The only issue which I’m currently working with Vantrue to solve is the ability to use a 256GB Memory Card after the latest update (v20). I’ve tried 2 different SD cards (FAT32) and the camera did not work with them. I’m hoping they solve this problem..
I highly recommend this dash cam.
New Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dash Cam Dual ViewReviewed in the United States
I purchased this product almost purely on all of the positive customer reviews that it has gotten. I am a firm believer in hearing what other customers have to say about a product before I purchase it. I have owned at least 3 or 4 other types of dash cameras previously and found that most were confusing to program or did not live up to my expectations. I am just a retired senior citizen that likes gadgets like this. I am not very "tech minded" so it has to be user friendly to use. I like how small and compact it is. I love the excellent picture quality. The directions are in English and are easy to understand. For what this dash camera cost, it was a good investment. We go on frequent road trips for short vacations and it is reassuring to have a dash cam like this to record what is going on. You never know when "something" may happen. I also like the way that the company periodically checks up on their customers who have bought their products and asks if they are having any problems. I am satisfied.
great quality!!!Reviewed in the United States
I've had this dashcam for almost 3 months now. When I was doing research on dashcam to buy for my car becuase i was thinking of working as an uber driver. So I decided to buy this dual damcash with an inside cabin view. This dashcam was easy to set up, the only thing that was taking the most time setting up was installing the wire. I'm a really picky person, I want to see a less wire showing in my car as possible. So I had to open the glove compartment to hide all the wire. Another thing I struggle with was the SD card but it was my fault. I didnt know you need to format the sd but after reading the instruction carefully I was able the reformat with my problem. The reformat process was fairly simple as all the instructions are on the dashcam. Camera quality works great durng the day but then at night wiht he oncoming headlights and street lights it can be an issue. But then I dont think any dashcam can overcome the glare. overall the video quality is perfect and will provide clear evidence in case of an incident on the road or with the uber/lyft clients. The other day I've noticed there was a scratch on the side of my card but then when I check the recording nothing shows up. it could be because the scratch was too light so that it didn't activate the motion sensor. After that, I switched the sensor to high. Overall I'm happy with this dashcam.
Worth the priceReviewed in the United States
This is one of the most expensive dash cam I've ever had. My friends just bought one and He said is the really good and so Recommend to me. It’s was a little expensive to me But I really want one. When I received it come with a nice box and some instructions in side. But I don’t think I need that. Very easy to setup Only took me a few minutes and then I just drive around and back to hous check it the video recording form Memory card. The memory card is not in include you should use your owned. Support 256gb,but I just used my 128gb so far so good. 1920x1080P Infrared Night Vision Front and Inside Dash Camera both working well. The video show from my laptop is really clear too.