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Vantrue X4 Super Capacitor 4K Dash Cam

4K, WDR, Support 256GB Max

( 299 Reviews )
Price: $199.99
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3840X2160P Dash Cam with Wide Dynamic Range & Super Night Vision

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Why choose Vantrue X4 UHD 4K  dash cam?

  • Big Screen. The 3’’ TFT LCD display screen, allowing you to make camera setting changes or view video footage directly on the unit itself, rather than having to use a USB cable or remotely connect to it through your cellphone.

  • Higher Resolution-4k. The image clarity is 4 times better than that of standard HD cameras. Using the Sony 8MP IMX317 image sensor and 6 glass lens, the dash cam records crisp videos up to a resolution of Ultra HD 3840X2160P@ 30 fps and 2560X1440P@60FPS during day and night

  • Extreme Temp Protection. The x4 dash cam is equipped with a supercapacitor, which is an advanced form of battery that allows the camera to withstand the most frigid cold and intense heat.

  • Large SD Card Support. The Vantrue X4 supports up to 256gb cards, which can store a significant amount of videos.

  • Professional technical support. Perform regular firmware updates to ensure improved features and functionality for the highest quality. You can always improve the performance of the X4 and see the benefits of many new features with the latest firmware updates.

What's in the box?
  •                            1x VANTRUE X4 Dash Cam                    

  •                            1x Car Charger with Built-in Mini USB Cable (10ft)                    

  •                            1x USB Data Cable (3ft)                    

  •                            1x Suction Cup Mount                    

  •                            1x X4 Dash Cam User Manual                    

  •                            1x Quick Start Guide                    

Warm Tips:

  • No card, recommend Vantrue 128GB Micro SD card, support up to 256GB card max. Please DON'T use Sandisk Card and Transend Card. Before using, please format the SD card on the dash cam firstly.  

  • LCD Rotate Display Function offers you an alternative option to mount the dash cam upright on your dashboard. Please buy an adhesive disc (Not included) to mount on dashboard. Perfect 4k dash cam for cars, SUV, Bmw, honda, jeep, toyota, truck, toyota, tesla, bus.

Super Capacitor

With the built-in Super capacitor, dash cam will withstand the harsh climate from -4°to 158°F. This provides better performance in the extreme heat and cold environment while being more reliable with the life of the battery powered dash cams.

Super Night vision

With the F1.8 6 glass lens, the dashboard camera will capture license plates and road signs even at night or in low light conditions, which make driving more safer and reliable at night.


Wide Dynamic Range sensor (WDR) automatically adjusts the light and dark areas of the image, increasing image contrast and picture detail, delivering sharp images in both Day or Night, Rain or Shine.

Seamless Loop recording

Loop recording overwrites the oldest footage with the newest upon filling a card to capacity and the Footage will be stored in loops of 1/2/3 minute segments according to your setting. Support up to 256GB card( purchase separately ).


Built in G-sensor auto detects a sudden shake/collision and emergency locks the footage to the"Event File" to prevent that video from being overwritten, which ensuring important footage is kept secure.

24 Hours Parking Mode

Auto switch the dash camera to Parking Mode when it senses no movement in 5 minutes. Triggered by the Motion Detection, the camera will auto record when people or things come closer to your car from  the front. To use the parking mode, please hardwire kit (B07G9WTWB9) or connect it with an external battery.

Time Lapse

With the time lapse function, the car camera will automatically take photos at specified intervals and edit them together to a video clip, Which greatly save space for your memory card.

Optional GPS Function

Optional GPS function will allow you to track the driving route, location and speed (KM/H or MP/H) data, and time on your computer. To use the gps function, please buy an extra X4 gps mount(Asin: B07CPSBXWL)


  ModelVantrue X4 Dash Cam
  ProcessorAmbarella A12
  SensorSony IMX317
  Display3.0 inch TFT LCD
  Lens160 degrees, 6 full glass lens 
  Video3840X2160P/30FPS;2560X1440P/60FPS;2560X1440P/30FP; 1920X1080P/60FPS; 1920X1080P/30FPS.
  AudioBuilt-in microphone and speaker
  MemorizerInternal memory: 4M External: 256GB max(micro SD card of speed rating of U3 higher)
  USB PortUSB2.0, mini
  Compatible OSWindows XP/Vista/7/8/10 &Mac OS



Vantrue X4 User Manual

No viruses ,,10.1M


Vantrue X4 Dash Cam Firmware Update

VTX40G.V33 ,,21.7M


Vantrue X4 Dash Cam Firmware Update Instruction

No viruses ,,16KB


Vantrue X4 Dash Cam Firmware Update (Specially for Japan)

VTX40G.V33_JP ,,21.7MB


No Data


( 299 Reviews )


Mike's Opinions
Ultra 4K is super clear and crispReviewed in the United States
The Vanture X4 Dashcam is the best camera that I have used. The build quality is really nice, it's not a cheap plastic feel at all. On the front, the speaker is loud, the 3" LCD on the front is really nice and big and displays everything in front of you. But the main attraction is the high quality video that comes from the sensor. The colors are accurate, it does a great job at changing the exposure when going through tunnels, sunsets and other conditions. The wide angle on this camera means that you can get just about all the lanes on the highway and because this is a 4K camera, you are able to see not only the tags in front of you but also on the side of you as you're driving. It also starts when you start your car, so it is always recording when you need it. The camera supports a large capacity SD card , so I have a 128gb in it but bc this can also record time lapse video, smaller SD cards will work as well and not fill up as quickly. Lastly if you are in a cold or very hot area, I am in the North East where it gets really cold in winters, this has a super capacitor which can withstand extreme temperatures and for me that's a huge plus. I can highly recommend this dash cam as it offers some of the best quality in either 4k 30fps or 60fps which makes reading license plates very easy to do, on a computer of course! Night vision is also good
Keep Exploring
Good camera. Annoying plug lightReviewed in the United States
Have had this camera 6 months. Quality is good for day and night. I find it mildly irritating that I have to format that card every few weeks but it really only takes about 30 seconds to do it. The cord that comes with the cigarette lighter plug is sufficiently long enough that if you don't want to use the hard-wired install kit, you can still hide the cord around your headliner and wrap it around and down to the floor. We have an F250 and my guess is that is a longer run than most sedans.

The biggest issue I have with this kit is the cigarette plug. It has a built in USB plug which is nice, but the that USB plug has a cover that swings over it. This cover has a permanently-on blue light that is amazingly bright at night. I find it very annoying and had to cover it with electrical tape.

I did purchase the hard-wire kit but have yet to install it.
Debra Fisher
Very good cam.......Reviewed in the United States
Overall a very good cam. Definitely pleased and would recommend it. If I had to voice one need for improvement it would be to improve the microphone as it doesn’t really pick up the sounds as good as others do; but over all I purchased this cam for its video capabilities and it definitely is the best out there. Night vision is also extremely good. Would definitely buy it again if I had to
Trendy Living
very good camera qualityReviewed in the United States
This is not my first dash cam. I had going through a few with my car and Dashcam is a must with all my vehicles since people are driving crazily nowadays
Like I mentioned, I used many different ones before and so far, this is the best. in term of design, I am not a big fan of having a screen sticking out since I get distracted looking at the screen, I usually fold it up out of my sign so I can concentrate on the road. it has a fairly big screen for a dash cam, it would be easier to review footage but I would just watch it on my computer. I like the loop recording, you don't have to worry about deleting anything, it will be written over. It save the video footage once you have a big jerk with the car or a hit, and you can watch it later.
it's very sensitive and turn on the moment I open my car door. The camera will wake itself up if it senses motion, only if you connect it to an external battery.
I did not like the suction very much so I put a piece of tape over it for a piece of mind since my previous suction did not stay that long under the Texas heat.
Overall, I am very happy with the product, vary nice camera with very good 4K picture. highly recommended.
Very good 4k quality.Reviewed in the United States
 Finally, I decided to upgrade to a 4k dashcam. I own a couple of dashcams, and two of them are 1080p Vantrue brand dashcams. So I decided to go with the same brand because my other camera hasn’t disappointed me. Sometimes things get crazier here in the Soundland so, I installed two cameras to cover the front and back of my wife’s car since she drives more than I do. Now I installed this 4k camera as a front camera and the other 1080p camera to cover the back of my car.

The built quality of this camera is solid. Design is much sleeker than my other Vantru cameras. I like the new suction cup cable connector position that they moved to aside. Previous models had it on the top, so; you cannot move the suction cup all the way closer to the headliner of the car since cable is in your way. But now new design lets you move it all the way because side cable attachment.

4k video quality is great. I can easily read a license plate from a distance and much more details in the video than 1080p versions. You get three different time durations to choose for loop recording, which is 1 minute, 2 minutes, and 3 minutes. I keep mine at 4k, 3 minutes clips. Each video comes out to roughly 930MB (almost a 1 GB a file). So make sure you get a 128GB or 256GB MicroSD card.

It has parking mode, but I never got a chance to test that option. I believe you can use it if you hardwired it to supply power continuously. I read a review that someone said he/she received the camera with GPS capable suction cup, but mine came with a regular non-GPS suction cup.