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Vantrue X4S Duo 4K Dual Wifi Dash Cam

4k+1080P, WDR, Super Capacitor,Support 256GB Max

( 387 Reviews )
Price: $249.99

4K+1080P Dash Cam with WIFI APP Controlled & Super Night Vision

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x4s duo dual wifi dash cam

Vantrue X4S Duo 4K WiFi Dual Dashcam--A Smart Wireless Dash Cam for cars, trucks, Semi trucks, pickup, and SUVs.

  • 4K+1080P Front and Back Dash Cam. Featuring dual DSP(front OmniVision and rear sony sensor), X4S duo shots both front and rear simultaneously in 4k+1080P@30fps/ 1440P+1080P@30fps/1080+1080P@60fps, which capture more details, and makes license plate reading a breeze.
  • 2.4GHz & 5GHz WiFi. Optional WiFi options will efficiently avoid wireless interference and make you download and transfer files more stable and faster.
  • HDR+WDR Night Vision.  Mixed with the front F1.7 and rear F2.0 aperture, the front and back camera automatically adapts the exposure to the external environment and provides better night vision even in low light.
  • 7/24 Hours Parking Mode. With 3 parking detect modes available to set, guarding you 24 hours while parking. (need to buy extra hardware kit.
  • Optional GPS. The optional GPS mount allows you to view the live speed on the dashcam when driving and track the exact driving route, speed (in KMH or MPH), and location on Google Maps via vantrue GPS player or WiFi APP(only for IOS).
  • Extreme Cold & Heat Resistant. It can withstand extreme weather from -4° to 158°F, which allows the dual dashcam to be more reliable and more extended life span than other cameras.
  • Large SD Card Support. Supports external memory capacity up to 256GB to meet your need to record and capture hours of video on a continuous loop. For greater overall performance, we recommend using the Vantrue 256GB sd Card.
  • 3'' IPS Screen. It allows you to access the recorded videos and photos, playback, view, and change settings on the dash cam easily.
  • Strict quality control and have a professional QC team, with CE, FCC & RoHS certificated.

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Vantrue X4S User Manual

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( 387 Reviews )


Amazon Customer
A bit disappointedReviewed in Reviewed in the United States on February 18, 2022
Easy to install. Suction on the window did not seem to hold well. The “free” app totally sucks. If there might be a decent third party app instead, I would be interested.
Yisroel Schwartz
Great dual dash camReviewed in Reviewed in the United States on February 13, 2022
Great dual dashcam. Mounting was great the included wire was the just right length. Playback is better than just viewing through camera while in car and works great at night. It’s not until you playback that you realise it’s better. As per picture attached it’s perfect. Can see clearly, which was something I needed since I drive frequently with dangerous drivers and need that added protection. Lock feature makes it harder to delete video after an accident occurs. You Can access through your phone though I'm not sure how to send it to others if something occurs. It has its own wifi to do this. They give you a suction cup to secure it to the window l.A few great features1080p at 120 fps is unbelievable frame rate for a dashcamOr 4k/30 for that perfect detailNice looking screen on the backAnd the included rear dashcam is nice to have all in one app
Waste of moneyReviewed in Reviewed in the United States on February 13, 2022
Didn’t work even though I purchased a separate SD card. SD card was vantrue. Tried getting support on it and it still didn’t help. Amazon couldn’t talk to the manufacturer because they weren’t in the country. Waste of time and money. Got a brand new one and still didn’t work.
Ricardo V
Reliable and FunctionalReviewed in Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2022
I have been using this camera for a week now and I like it a lot. The video quality is great, It is as reliable as the quality of your memory card. The installation process was straightforward, there is even a plastic tool provided to tuck in all the cables. In the short future, I will consider using a hardwire kit to make space in my console plug. This is a very high-quality camera (you can tell from the packaging as well) and I think the price point is very reasonable.
M. V. Ly
Great 4K30fps Dashcam!Reviewed in Reviewed in the United States on February 9, 2022
Short Version:Pros:1) Great resolution and video clarity2) easy setup3) Expanded recording options if only using front camera. See long version for more details.4) great viewing angle5) Capacitive battery backupCons:1) Type C rear camera cable is a bit thick. This can be a bit thinner.Long Version:Overall this is a great dashcam.1) Setup was a breeze. Mount the front and rear camera how you like. Connect the rear camera to the front. Plug in the sdcard. Format it internally, and plug in the cigarette lighter adapter and you are good to go in terms of capturing video! The camera start recording when you turn on your vehicle and stop recording when you turn your car off.2) Daytime video were great! I can definitely read license plates with the 4K resolution in the day. The rear camera is a bit harder to read, due to being only 1080p, but that is expected especially if you can only look outside the rear.3) Night time capture was also great using the front. The rear was a bit more washed out due to the other car's headlights. There is really not much you can do about this. Both cameras have great HDR which helps keep things still viewable when there are sun or bright light source.4) Viewing angle was great and covers most of the view. One pro tip is you get the most resolution out of your camera at the center of the video frame. This is just physics and how the camera lens works. Hence why in my video, I had my front car in the center of the camera video frame even if it captures some of my front dash. This goes the same for the rear.5) Mounting the cameras: Suction is very stable and solid. I have not tested it long term in the heat yet so I can't say how long it will last, but it is definitely very secured when I was mounting the front camera. The rear camera has decent 3M double side tape and was very solid mount. Moreover, there isn't a lot of weight to the rear cam so I don't think the sticky tap will be an issue long term.6) Capacitive Battery backup. This really helps when using the dashcam in hot and cold environment. I use to have a Lithium battery backup dashcam and the battery was pretty much dead 1 year in. My other capacitive battery backup dashcam continued to work 5 years on. Now I plan to upgrade to this one.Extras:Another plus for this dashcam is if you use only the front camera by itself, the camera allows you to record at 1440p @ 60fps or 1080p @ 120fps which really helps with reading license plates when there is a lot of motions. However when you use the front in conjunction with the rear, the options are mostly limited to 30fps. So keep this in mind. If mounted properly on a tripod or some of the mount, you might be able to use this dashcam as an action cam also!