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Vantrue X4S Duo 4K Dual Wifi Dash Cam

4k+1080P, WDR, Super Capacitor,Support 256GB Max

( 387 Reviews )
Price: $249.99

4K+1080P Dash Cam with WIFI APP Controlled & Super Night Vision

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x4s duo dual wifi dash cam

Vantrue X4S Duo 4K WiFi Dual Dashcam--A Smart Wireless Dash Cam for cars, trucks, Semi trucks, pickup, and SUVs.

  • 4K+1080P Front and Back Dash Cam. Featuring dual DSP(front OmniVision and rear sony sensor), X4S duo shots both front and rear simultaneously in 4k+1080P@30fps/ 1440P+1080P@30fps/1080+1080P@60fps, which capture more details, and makes license plate reading a breeze.
  • 2.4GHz & 5GHz WiFi. Optional WiFi options will efficiently avoid wireless interference and make you download and transfer files more stable and faster.
  • HDR+WDR Night Vision.  Mixed with the front F1.7 and rear F2.0 aperture, the front and back camera automatically adapts the exposure to the external environment and provides better night vision even in low light.
  • 7/24 Hours Parking Mode. With 3 parking detect modes available to set, guarding you 24 hours while parking. (need to buy extra hardware kit.
  • Optional GPS. The optional GPS mount allows you to view the live speed on the dashcam when driving and track the exact driving route, speed (in KMH or MPH), and location on Google Maps via vantrue GPS player or WiFi APP(only for IOS).
  • Extreme Cold & Heat Resistant. It can withstand extreme weather from -4° to 158°F, which allows the dual dashcam to be more reliable and more extended life span than other cameras.
  • Large SD Card Support. Supports external memory capacity up to 256GB to meet your need to record and capture hours of video on a continuous loop. For greater overall performance, we recommend using the Vantrue 256GB sd Card.
  • 3'' IPS Screen. It allows you to access the recorded videos and photos, playback, view, and change settings on the dash cam easily.
  • Strict quality control and have a professional QC team, with CE, FCC & RoHS certificated.

dual gps wifi
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Vantrue X4S User Manual

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( 387 Reviews )


High quality dash cam provides high quality video!Reviewed in Reviewed in the United States on February 8, 2022
Upon receiving this VanTrue OnDash X4S, I could tell right away that it was a quality product. The packaging was very nice with everything inside the box was sorted well and labeled.Install was very easy with very well written instructions for quick setup. The full manual is detailed and helpful if you really want to dig into the capabilities. This is my second VanTrue dash cam and they are both great products. This camera uses all USB C connections which is fantastic. They are robust and easy to use USB connectors. I wish that it would become the new standard. Kudos for VanTrue for using these in this product. I would recommend this unit to anyone.The front camera has a sturdy mount with an easy to use suction mount and swivel. The rear camera uses a preinstalled high adhesion tape (removable later if needed). I hid the well insulated wires inside the interior trim pieces easily.The front and rear cameras feel built very well and provide a high quality video that can be watched in the phone app or on your computer. The app works seamlessly and connects to my dash cam quickly using the built in wifi. I have posted a 1 minute video to show the quality of the video. The front and rear cameras can be viewed at the same time in the dash cam screen or you can toggle through different screen configurations according to your preferences.The recorded videos are in separate files labeled "A" for front camera and "B" for rear. The videos are easy to find and could be very helpful in an event. When I pause the video, I can clearly read license plate numbers. I have the front camera set to 4k and the rear to 1080HD. I use the "always on" feature in case there is an event while I'm away from my beloved BMW.You don't need to be an automotive electronics geek to get this camera installed and running. It's a very straight forward process that VanTrue has designed into their products.
Nice Dash CamReviewed in Reviewed in the United States on February 8, 2022
Installed the new dash cam and drove California to Colorado and it worked very well. Worked much better that other dash cams I had in the past. It keeps the data & time even after power off, which is very important.
Lights, camera, action?Reviewed in Reviewed in the United States on February 5, 2022
This is a solid dash cam. The front video quality is impressive. 4k uses more memory but the video is superb. The rear is solid but not 4k, so it's less impressive in comparison. Definitely does the job on the rear. The night vision is really good in front, the rear tends to get some glare from head lights, so don't expect too much on that part. Overall I'm very satisfied with this purchase. I recommend getting a 250gb SD card as the 4k takes up a lot of space. I went with Samsung for the SD. Comes right on when I turn the car on and shuts off a minute or so after I shut the car off. The charge plug has a swivel top piece that allows you to plug another USB into it so you don't lose a charge port while this is plugged in, which is nice to have. Very happy with this camera.
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Vantrue X4S is another solid & extraordinary dash camReviewed in Reviewed in the United States on February 5, 2022
Giving my current S1 to my dad so I need a replacement. Although S1 wasn’t perfect but Vantrue has one of the best quality vs price ratio; it did not turn me away from buying another dash cam from them. I ended up gotten the newer X4S this time.Just like when I purchased the S1, X4S continues to impress. It still comes with great cushioned packaging, completed parts and accessories included (even all the cables & mounts). It worked nicely right out of the box, only things I had to do was format the SD card and change the date/time. I went through the rest of the setup menu, it is easy to read on the bigger sharp and crisp screen, and buttons are easy to maneuver; I was delightfully impressed. There is no firmware to update from the website yet, but why need one when everything worked flawlessly?I drive to work every day in a major US city, I see accidents almost every other day and having a dash cam is a must. I can see the license plate very clearly in both day and night, even during the recent sleet & snow storm. It has wide angle coverage & also comes with a (window) rear camera (1080p) to cover my back. Vantrue makes another solid dash cam that’s hard to find faults with!I won't bother putting the specs but I'll compare the newer X4S with my S1:• X4S setup menu much improved from S1, intuitive, and easier to read.• X4S buttons are easy to press & much user friendly• X4S has the larger 3” screen vs 2” in S1• X4S comes with newer USB-C vs mini-usb cable (very important!)• X4S has the front 4K resolution vs 1080p from S1. Both day/night vision has improved tremendously!Other features are available in both but improved in X4S:• G-sensor to detect vibration & starts event recording• Clear audio recording
Amazon Customer
Dash camReviewed in Reviewed in the United States on February 2, 2022
Up date on dash cam,cam worked alright for now about a month,today when I was driving cam went out customer svc. Told me last time when I had the same problem that they was going to send me a new mount she said it was in mail,never received it all lies I would buy something else I do not recommend