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Vantrue X4S Duo 4K Dual Wifi Dash Cam

4k+1080P, WDR, Super Capacitor,Support 256GB Max

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Price: $249.99

4K+1080P Dash Cam with WIFI APP Controlled & Super Night Vision

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x4s duo dual wifi dash cam

Vantrue X4S Duo 4K WiFi Dual Dashcam--A Smart Wireless Dash Cam for cars, trucks, Semi trucks, pickup, and SUVs.

  • 4K+1080P Front and Back Dash Cam. Featuring dual DSP(front OmniVision and rear sony sensor), X4S duo shots both front and rear simultaneously in 4k+1080P@30fps/ 1440P+1080P@30fps/1080+1080P@60fps, which capture more details, and makes license plate reading a breeze.
  • 2.4GHz & 5GHz WiFi. Optional WiFi options will efficiently avoid wireless interference and make you download and transfer files more stable and faster.
  • HDR+WDR Night Vision.  Mixed with the front F1.7 and rear F2.0 aperture, the front and back camera automatically adapts the exposure to the external environment and provides better night vision even in low light.
  • 7/24 Hours Parking Mode. With 3 parking detect modes available to set, guarding you 24 hours while parking. (need to buy extra hardware kit.
  • Optional GPS. The optional GPS mount allows you to view the live speed on the dashcam when driving and track the exact driving route, speed (in KMH or MPH), and location on Google Maps via vantrue GPS player or WiFi APP(only for IOS).
  • Extreme Cold & Heat Resistant. It can withstand extreme weather from -4° to 158°F, which allows the dual dashcam to be more reliable and more extended life span than other cameras.
  • Large SD Card Support. Supports external memory capacity up to 256GB to meet your need to record and capture hours of video on a continuous loop. For greater overall performance, we recommend using the Vantrue 256GB sd Card.
  • 3'' IPS Screen. It allows you to access the recorded videos and photos, playback, view, and change settings on the dash cam easily.
  • Strict quality control and have a professional QC team, with CE, FCC & RoHS certificated.

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Vantrue X4S User Manual

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( 387 Reviews )


David T.
Great All AroundReviewed in Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2022
This is all in all a quality product -- so far so good at least. From the smooth overnight shipping, to thoughtful packaging and user manuals presentation, and of course the product design and performance itself, I'm honestly impressed A to Z.  It also comes with a plastic tool which you can use to pop out the SD card and tuck the wire out of sight in your car, that I think is going an extra mile and didn't go unnoticed.  The suction cup, by the way, is as sturdy as a suction cup can be. You turn the tab to tighten as opposed to flipping, making it more durable and reliable.You do need to supply your own micro SD card which you, by the way, should insert before powering it up, lest you get an invalid SD card message when you format it.  I use one with 128 GB but you can go up to 256 GB.  Another tip is to make sure you remove the magnetic lens protector film, or you get blue tinted video like I did initially.  The default resolution is 4K at 30 fps.  No complaints about the video quality, it's all right on point.  But I prefer 1080 at 60 fps as it's more smooth and practical for me.  The screen display is pretty much the entire back area of the dashcam; therefore, it feels large. The 4 navigation buttons are ergonomically positioned, and the most important button, the emergency event save button, is unambiguously and intuitively placed at the top right where a camera shutter button normally is.  I like that a lot.I also like the USB C connection to the device, so it's a snap to connect.  Also 2 separate cords are provided, one for the car cigarette light and one for the USB A.  It's very nice you have the option of connecting the power cord to the suction cup apparatus which in turn powers the dashcam.  As a geek or sorts, I appreciate these design details.  That being said, the range of movement for adjusting the camera angle is rather limited. But I suppose it's not an issue unless you have a lamborghini. I didn't try the parking mode as my car doesn't have constant power when the engine is off. I did play with the time lapse mode which may have a special use case outside of parking mode and I'll keep that up my sleeve.I did attempt to contact customer service / tech support just to get a feel. So there's an online form you fill out and you'll be contacted within 24 hours.  In my case, it was within 10 hours via email.  It's OK but I prefer if there's a live chat available.One negative so far is the Wifi for the app.  The dashcam can host its own Wifi network so you can connect your smartphone to it to change settings and playback videos.  Connectivity is flaky - it's been frustrating that sometimes the SSID shows up, sometimes not.  But it's not one of my use cases anyway.  I prefer to view and video on a big screen as opposed to on the dashcam or a smartphone. The price point is also on the high side, but that normally comes with quality.  Overall, I feel confident to recommend this dashcam to my friends and family.
Total upgrade over the X4 Dashcam in every wayReviewed in Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2022
I was using the X4 dashcam for quite awhile and did not like the night capabilities of it since a majority of my driving was in the dark. The X4S completely solved these issues and more. The color accuracy is completely better, quality viewing distance increased, and a back camera was added. The ports were changed from a mini-USB to a standard USB-C which is in line with modern standards. The suction cup was strengthened a lot, I had issues with the X4 falling off the windshield if the car heated up too much while that has yet to happen with the X4S.The first two images provided are a comparison of the X4 at +1.0 exposure and the X4S at +0.0 exposure respectively. The quality is just completely different. The front camera has an improved sensor running at 8MP which can view details at a farther distance, shown in the third picture. The license has partial info blocked for obvious reasons. Lastly was have an image of the back camera, it runs at 2MP and is similar to other higher end dual dashcams.The only issue would be the app. The basic function of downloading the videos to your phone works perfectly but the app also acts as a remote for the dashcam when connected. This remote feature is very much in its early stages and I am sure it will improve for people that might want to use that feature. I personally only use the WiFi connection to download videos and have not had any issues with that.Overall I recommend this dashcam if it is within your price range, really happy with the improvements from Vantrue.
M. K.
Great picture quality and the Super capacitor is great for extreme weather.Reviewed in Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2022
This is my second Vantrue Dash cam and it has been pretty good so far.It comes packaged very nicely. Most importantly, the super capacitor in this is essential. I am at a place where there is extreme heat and pretty bad cold and a battery left standing in the sun/cold would be killed within a season. The super capacitor is a must have in my opinion.The 4K is good for reading license plates that are a bit further away. 60 fps is arguably also useful, since you get more frames in, in case of a critical scenario. Maybe we can have 4K 60fps in the front and the back at some point in the future!The f/1.7 and f/2.0 lenses (front and back) are good fast lenses, especially for low light.The 3inch LCD is not touchscreen, which is perfect, because I suspect the touchscreen would eventually malfunction if left parked in extreme heat too long. Physical buttons for the win.The max memory supported says 256GB, which is plenty if you're using it to record unfortunate events but might not be enough for scenic drives. Perhaps 512GB might work despite the specified max. Has anyone tried it?I would also like to try this out on a motorcycle, perhaps I'll update the review if I get a chance to try itI'm going to take a 1500 mile road trip in the summer and should be able to put this camera through its paces in detail.Overall, it does the job and looks great!
Good so farReviewed in Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2022
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Superb Dash CamReviewed in Reviewed in the United States on March 23, 2022
Great quality video from both the front and back cameras. Installation was quick and easy. Cords were long enough to conceal in trim.