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Vantrue N4 Dash Cam Firmware Update Part I

  • Release time: 2022-10-13 15:54:35
  • Version: VTN42H.V20
  • File size: 10.2M

Update Log

VTN42H.V20 (New)2022-10-13

  1. Fixed some bugs.

VTN42H.V15/VTN42H.V15_JP 2022-09-05

  1. 1.Fixed some known bugs.
    2.Improved the compatibility of the rear camera with the front camera.

VTN41F.V13.9/VTN41F.V13.9_JP 2022-06-20

  1. This version is expecially for fixing G-sensor issue.
    Update tips:
    1. After the update is finished, please unplug the dash cam from power.
    2. Long press the power button for twice or 3 times until the dash cam can't be turn on anymore.
    3. Plug the dash cam to power again, the G-sensor issue will be fixed.

VTN41E.V13.5/VTN41E.V13.5_JP 2022-03-25

  1. 1. Add 10S as an option in Auto LCD Off.
    2. Fixed an issue that the screen saver mode does not work.

VTN41E.V13.4/VTN41E.V13.4_JP 2022-01-24

  1. 1. Fixed the bug that icons of parking mode and time-lapse recording show at the same time.
    2. Fixed the bug that Auto LCD Off function might not work after exiting the parking mode.

VTN41E.V13.0/VTN41E.V13.0_JP 2022-01-07

  1. Fixed some bugs in LCD Auto Off after exiting the parking mode.

VTN41E.V12.9/VTN41E.V12.9_JP 2021-12-30

  1. 1. Fixed some bugs in rotate display of rear camera.
    2. Make some changes in Italian translation.

VTN41E.V12.6/VTN41E.V12.6_JP  2021-11-27

  1. Corrected the issue of video image being purplish of the cabin camera.

VTN41E.V12.4/VTN41E.V12.4_JP 2021-10-22

  1. 1. Time Lapse was added in Parking mode.
    2. Fixed the showing issue in speed stamp of Japanese version.
    3. The color of the watermark is brightened.
    4. The card reading speed is faster than before when booting up the dash cam.

VTN41E.V11.5/VTN41E.V11.5_JP 2020-07-14

  1. 1. Optimized high sensitivity. Fixed a bug that the dash cam turn on again after manually turn off.
    2. Fixed a bug that caused black screen after booting.
    3. Fixed a bug in loop recording.
    4. The length of the license plate number increased from 9 to 10 digits

VTN41D.V10.3 2021-06-01

  1. 1. Optimize the watermark font.
    2. Optimize French translation.
    3. Fixed the problem in collision parking mode.
    4. The formatting reminder time is changed from 10s to 60s with warning tone.
    5. Fixed some bugs.

VTN40L.V9 2021-03-03

  1. 1.The Normal folder shows NORMAL on PC instead of VIDEO.
    NORMAL: Occupied 75%
    EVENT: Occupied 17%
    Total space reserved 8%
    The dash cam will start to overwrite the oldest video on each folder when the video storage reaches that percentage.

    2.File Naming Rule
    Normal: 2020_02_02_152507_N_A.MP4 / 2020_02_02_152507_N_B.MP4
    Event: 2020_02_02_152507_E_A.MP4  / 2020_02_02_152507_E_B.MP4
    Parking: 2020_02_02_152507_P_A.MP4 / 2020_02_02_152507_P_B.MP4
    Time lapse: 2020_02_02_152507_T_A.MP4  / 2020_02_02_152507_T_B.MP4
    Note: Normal videos, Parking videos and Time lapse videos are all stored in Normal folder.

    3. Add options to control the recording indicator
    On: Light Flashing
    Off: Light always on

    4.Parking Mode
    Improve the sensitivity of parking vibration gsensor to avoid the possibility of entering the parking mode during driving.

VTN40L.V8 2020-12-09

  1. 1. Fixed some bugs in parking mode.
    2. Optimized the image quality of cabin camera.
    3. Optimized a problem that the dash cam start to overwrite the old videos when sd card still has large space storage.

VTN40K.V7 2020-11-07

  1. 1. Collision Detection has been changed to level Low, Medium and High. It's High by default.
    2. Motion Detection has been changed to level Low, Medium and High. It's Medium by default.
    3. Collision + Motion Detection has been changed to level Low, Medium and High. It's Medium by default.
    4. Low Bitrates Recording was added in Parking mode ( If it is on, the dash cam will keep recording at 720P 15FPS if it doesn't detect any movement in 5 mins. The length of each clips will be according to the loop recording you set.)
    5. Format Reminder Setup was added ( off/15days/1 months)

VTN40H.V6 2020-08-20

  1. Improved aspects as below:
    1.Fixed an issue where old files will be missing after long time of no usage.
    2.Fixed an issue where the name of videos doesn’t match with the date of videos.
    3.Fixed an issue where the audio doesn’t synchronize with the video.
    4.Fixed an issue where the watermarks of newly-added resolution doesn’t show completely.
    5.Fixed an issue where some files under the All folder don’t show up.

VTN40A.V5 2020-08-10

  1. 1. Increased resolution
    Single front: 2160P 30FPS
    Front + cabin: 2160P+1080P 25FPS
    Front + rear: 2160P+1080P 25FPS
    Front + cabin + rear: 2160P+720P+720P 25FPS (2160P 25FPS / 720P 30FPS)
    2. Increased collision detection sensitivity in Parking Mode. The dash cam will now detect the opening and closing of car doors.
    There's some tweaks about the motion detection. Once detecting movement, the dash cam will start recording for 1 minute. the dash cam will exit Parking Mode and enter driving mode if it detects movement again in 1 minute. For it to enter Parking Mode again, there should be 5 minutes without collision detected. If there's no collision detected again within that 1 minute, the dash cam will record a 1-min video and power off and activate collision detection again.
    3. Auto LCD off has been changed to Auto by default.
    ① The brightness of the LCD will decrease to 50% 3 minutes after no actions and will resume to 100% with the press of a button unless the temperature of the dash cam has exceeded 115℃.
    ② the LCD will power off automatically 1 minute after entering Parking Mode. (It was 3 minutes before)
    ③ The dash cam will continue recording and power off the LCD if its temperature exceeds 115℃. The dash cam will power off by force and activate motion detection if its temperature stays over 115℃ for 3 minutes.
    ④ The brightness of the LCD will resume to 50% if the temperature decreases to 110℃.
    ⑤ The collision detection will be activated regardless of which option of Parking Mode the dash cam has selected before(ON or OFF), as long as the forced power off is caused by high temperature. (This does not apply to any other situations of dash cam powering off)
    4. A pop-up window will appear when user chooses Parking Mode:"Please activate collision detection under blazing summer. Confirm"
    5. RTC will reset time based on the latest time of the files. If the time of dash cam has been reset to Jan,1st,2030, the time of the files will be postponed a little based on the latest time of the dash cam, avoiding it overwriting the latest videos. A pop-up window will occur showing "Please set the time" every time the user turns on the dash cam and disappears after 5 seconds. The dash cam will record videos normally when the pop-up appears. (This window won't appear if the time is before year 2030) The pop-up window will appear as "Please set the time"
    6. The translation of Polish language has some tweaks. Ustawienia fabryczne > Przywróci? ustawienia domy?lne?> Anuluj Jeste? has been changed to Ustawienia fabryczne > Przywróci? ustawienia domy?lne?> Anuluj OK
    7. G-Sensor has been changed to level 1-5 (1,2,3,4,5,OFF). It's 3 by default.
    8.Added 1S FPS to the Timelapse recording, the options have been changed to (1FPS,5FPS,OFF). It's OFF by default.
    9. Improved acc on entering and exiting motion detection Parking Mode.
    10. Added a notification message "Please format the card" when detecting a faulty SD card.
    11. Fixed a bug where system crash will occur when user turns off the dash cam manually or chooses main channel or 3-channel during motion detection.
    12. Added a parking icon when the dash cam is turned on by the G-Sensor during collision detection.

VTN40A.V3 2020-05-13

  1. 1. Added Japanese version software.
    2. When loop recording is turned off, the dash cam will stop recording after a 20 min footage.
    3. When overwriting the old footages, footages recorded at the same period by 3 cameras will be deleted altogether.
    4. Fixed a bug where the dash cam won't turn off the screen in replay interface when reaching the time set by the screensaver.
    5. After pause or finish playing the video in video replay interface, the dash cam will activate screensaver after 5 minutes of no actions. The screen will go dark after user presses any button and the screen will turn back on after user goes back to playlist and plays a video.
    6. Shows resolution and frame rate when previewing the videos.
    7. Fixed a bug where fonts are in different sizes in different menus.
    8. Fixed a bug where it shows incorrect time when replaying time lapse videos.

VTN40A.V2 2020-03-14

  1. 1. Fixed a bug where it will only start 1 or 2 channels of dash cam after the super capacitor is drained.
    2. When the LCD AUTO OFF is turned on, the dash cam will enter Parking Mode 5 minutes after no movements. Users need to turn on the screen then enter Parking Mode and the screen will turn off 3 seconds after that. The dash cam will start recording without turning on the screen if it detects objects ahead until it exists the Parking Mode.
    3. Fixed a bug where the LCD AUTO OFF won't be activated after the dash exists Parking Mode.
    4. The size of the font of the setting menu has been changed to the same as T3.
    5. Fixed a bug where white bar will cover the font after multiple resetting in a row.
    6. Fixed a bug where the dash cam will keep recording when connecting to PC if "connecting USB" and "powering on" are not chosen.
    7. Fixed a bug where the logo will show up twice when turning on the dash cam after flipping the front and rear camera.
    8. Fixed a bug where the dash cam will return to recording interface after 5 minutes of inactivity when video playback is over.
    9. Fixed a bug where it will still show previous interface when returning to preview interface after users stay at the format interface, reset interface, system info interface.