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VANTRUE N2S ファームウェア Part I

  • Release time: 2024-03-05 18:48:09
  • Version: VT-JCD067
  • File size: 10M

Update Log

VT-ECD067/VT-JCD067 (New)2024-03-05

  1. Fixed some bugs.

VT-ECA121/VT-JCA121 2023-01-17

  1. Fixed an issue in time zone in Japanese version.

VTN2S1E.V6.6/VTN2S1E.V6.6_JP 2021-12-09

  1. 1. Time Lapse is added in parking mode.
    2. Highlighted the watermark.

VTN2S1E.V5.5 / VTN2S1E.V5.5_JP 2021-07-19

  1. Fixed a bug that caused black screen after booting.

VTN2S1D.V4.4 2021-06-08

  1. 1. Optimize audio

VTN2S1A.V2 2021-03-03

  1. 1.The Normal folder shows NORMAL on PC instead of VIDEO.
    NORMAL: Occupied 75%
    EVENT: Occupied 17%
    Total space reserved 8%
    The dash cam will start to overwrite the oldest video on each folder when the video storage reaches that percentage.

    2.File Naming Rule
    Normal: 2020_02_02_152507_N_A.MP4 / 2020_02_02_152507_N_B.MP4
    Event: 2020_02_02_152507_E_A.MP4 / 2020_02_02_152507_E_B.MP4
    Parking: 2020_02_02_152507_P_A.MP4 / 2020_02_02_152507_P_B.MP4
    Time lapse: 2020_02_02_152507_T_A.MP4 / 2020_02_02_152507_T_B.MP4
    Note: Normal videos, Parking videos and Time lapse videos are all stored in Normal folder.

    3. Add options to control the recording indicator
    On: Light Flashing
    Off: Light always on

    4. Formatting reminder added:
    15 days
    1 month

    5.Parking Mode
    (1). Collision Detection has been changed to level Low, Medium and High.
    (2). Motion Detection has been changed to level Low, Medium and High.
    (3). Collision + Motion Detection has been changed to level Low, Medium and High.
    (4). Low Bitrates Recording was added in Parking mode
    If it doesn\'t detect any movement in 5 mins, it will be in parking mode. The dash cam will keep recording at 720P @15FPS If it detects movement or impact, it will exit the parking mode and it will record at the resolution you set.
    Note: Notice: It takes time to switching mode. So please bear that there might be 2S-5S gap utill next video is recording.