NT96650 1000000020100701d'UFdLD:GS650 DRAMINFO STRGINFO pPA05L-130710A<(!$8c$',$ï ¯+ ¯!L<,(vb0''><0!,'! ؅B$4¯ <$,><0!('! B$4,¯ <$@b><B$ ѯѯ$¯+ !<40,(Hb8''><8!4'! B$<¯ M<$B$,¯( (M<4B$,¯( (!M<<84,b@''><8!0'4! $(B$<ѯ ѯ$¯+ M<<`B$,¯( (M<$Լb<0 B$¯ $ ¯><(!$c$',$ï ¯+ ¯!<,(Lb0''<8!B$¯$ ¯$4$¯'>< B$¯ !M<<84,b@'' <8!B$¯$ ¯$4$¯'? ~ ^C<0x%.8X], Pointer 0x%.8X Stack Size: 0x%08X, Stack Used: 0x%08X (Ignore) ^R###Invalid stack range!### ^R###Invalid stack point!### ^R###Stack overflow!### ^R(unknown stack pattern) registers : $pc - 0x%08x $ra - 0x%08x $sp - 0x%08x $fp - 0x%08x ======== Stack Info======== Task[%.2ld, %s] ======== Task Info======== Task[%.2ld, %s] -> Priority: %.2ld Ready Queue: (First task is running task) Task[%.2ld, %s] Task[%.2ld, %s] -> Priority: %.2ld Semaphore[%.2ld, %24s] -> %c (Max: %.2ld, Cur: %.2ld), Owner: None Waiting Task Queue: Flag[%.2ld, %24s] -> Flags: 0x%.8X Task[%.2ld, %s] Pattern: 0x%.8X,remain counts of free buffer queue = %d [%s], params in message queue: ======================== Ready Queue ========================= ============================ Task ============================ Note: The status of other tasks are "Not start yet" or "Not exist" ========================== Flag ========================== ======================= Semaphore ======================== ======================== MailBox ========================= Memory Map ^YTotal Region: Range[0x%08X~0x%08X] Size=0x%08X ^GCode Region: Range[0x%08X~0x%08X] Size=0x%08X Section-%.2ld: Range[0x%08X~0x%08X] Size=0x%08X ^C Section-ZI: Range[0x%08X~0x%08X] Size=0x%08X ^GStack Region: Range[0x%08X~0x%08X] Size=0x%08X TaskStk-%.2ld: Range[0x%08X~0x%08X] Size=0x%08X, %s ^GHeap Region: Range[0x%08X~0x%08X] Size=0x%08X MemPool-%.2ld: Range[0x%08X~0x%08X] Size=0x%08X, %s ^GResv Region: Range[0x%08X~0x%08X] Size=0x%08X (kernel stack and isr stack) ======== Kernel Memory Summary ======== ^GCode Region: Range[0x%08X~0x%08X] Size=0x%08X, UsedEnd[0x%08X], FreeSize[0x%08X] ^GStack Region: Range[0x%08X~0x%08X] Size=0x%08X, UsedEnd[0x%08X], FreeSize[0x%08X] ^GHeap Region: Range[0x%08X~0x%08X] Size=0x%08X, UsedEnd[0x%08X], FreeSize[0x%08X] 'I<RB@!I< R&R@< =c*C `D ^C<0x%.8X] [0x%.8X] .......... .......... .......... .......... ^Y<0x%.8X> stack : range(0x%08lx - 0x%08lx) call stack : ^R : abort ($pc %08x is invalid address!) ^R : abort ($ra %08x is invalid address!) ^R : abort ($fp %08x is invalid address!) ^R : abort ($sp %08x is invalid address!) ^R : abort ($sp %08x is out of stack!) ^R : abort (failed to backtrace $pc!) %ld frame(0x%08lx - 0x%08lx) ............................ $pc : 0x%08lx %ld 0x%08lx %4s + 0x%08lx : 0x%08x .... end Task(id) : %s(%d) '<<@($$!!640,D8 !!!' !FC,`P$( ! ! ( !@! ( !@!Wׯ kerOSDump kernel all statusdumpmemDump code, stack and heap memory regiondumptaskDump all task's statusdumpstack %Dump one task's stackMemory accessWrite a word into memoryr %Read a region of memoryfill %Fill a region of memorydump %Dump a region of memory to a filedumpcodeDump firmware code region to a bin fileP'< C$! Hbc< 'dï$`ȯh¯lptx|'' ŏC$$$ c,`į$%C$C`'ŏ !0 !$' Real Dram Size %08x '<V$h !,'<د$h !p) $ !''$Əŏ0@( 0|$ $?$ $@$ $A$ $B$ $C$ $D$ $E$ $F$ $! $ $! $Ї $! $ $! $ $$$ $$$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $ $ $!$ $"$ $! '$P$ 2 $6<P @!@ @!@ @!@` @!@ @)1)9  @)1)9  @)1)9  @ $$PK!@ @)1)9 `@ 5)9`@@ <%H*`@)5)9`@p @ ?@ABCDEF G0H@ILJX- %s - SENSORSN_DATA_Latch = rising SN_DATA_Latch = faling SN_VD_Latch = rising SN_VD_Latch = faling SN_HD_Latch = rising SN_HD_Latch = faling DisableEnableSN_MCLK1_ENABLE = %s SN_MCLK1_FREQ = %d Hz SN_MCLK2_ENABLE = %s SN_MCLK2_FREQ = %d Hz CSI-DataLane0 = PAD_D%d CSI-DataLane1 = PAD_D%d CSI-DataLane2 = PAD_D%d CSI-DataLane3 = PAD_D%d NYCSI-DlyEn = %s CSI-ClkDly = %d CSI-PADD0Dly = %d CSI-PADD1Dly = %d CSI-PADD2Dly = %d CSI-PADD3Dly = %d 20uA40uACSI-CURSRC = %s CSI-HsDataODly = %d CSI2-DataLane0 = PAD_D%d CSI2-DataLane1 = PAD_D%d CSI2-DataLane2 = PAD_D%d CSI2-DataLane3 = PAD_D%d CSI2-DlyEn = %s CSI2-ClkDly = %d CSI2-PADD5Dly = %d CSI2-PADD6Dly = %d CSI2-PADD7Dly = %d CSI2-PADD8Dly = %d CSI2-CURSRC = %s CSI2-HsDataODly = %d LVDS-DataLane0 = PAD_D%d LVDS-DataLane1 = PAD_D%d LVDS-DataLane2 = PAD_D%d LVDS-DataLane3 = PAD_D%d LVDS-DataLane4 = PAD_D%d LVDS-DataLane5 = PAD_D%d LVDS-DataLane6 = PAD_D%d LVDS-DataLane7 = PAD_D%d LVDS-DataLane8 = PAD_D%d LVDS-DataLane9 = PAD_D%d LVDS-DlyEn = %s LVDS-PADCK0DLY = %d LVDS-PADCK1DLY = %d LVDS-PADD0DLY = %d LVDS-PADD1DLY = %d LVDS-PADD2DLY = %d LVDS-PADD3DLY = %d LVDS-PADD4DLY = %d LVDS-PADD5DLY = %d LVDS-PADD6DLY = %d LVDS-PADD7DLY = %d LVDS-PADD8DLY = %d LVDS-PADD9DLY = %d LVDS-CURSRC = %s LVDS-LANEVALID = 0x%08X HDMI_CLK_FREQ_Source = IDE%d HDMI_SW_CTL = %d % ResistorBandgapHMDI_SEL_BGR = %s HDMI_REG_BGR_EN = %s HDMI_BGR_TEST = %s HDMI_CLKDETECT_EN = %s HDMI_OE = %s HDMI_PDB = %d HDMI_TERM_EN = %s HDMI_HALF_CLK_EN = Disable HDMI_ZONE_CTL = 0 HDMI_BW_CTL = %d HDMI_CKSW_CTRL = %d HDMI_BGR_CTL = %d HDMI_PHYREG_PD = %d CPU_FREQ = %d Hz DRAMDRAM_FREQ = %d Hz IDE%d_active = %s IDE%d_mode = %d IDE%d_through = %s IDE%d_dummy = %s IDE%d_clock_FREQ = %d Hz LCD%d_Driving= 2.5 mA LCD%d_Driving= 5 mA LCD%d_Driving= 7.5 mA LCD%d_Driving= 10 mA DSIdsi_phase_dly_en = %c dsi_clock_dly = %d dsi_data0_dly = %d dsi_data1_dly = %d SDUSB_SQUELCH = USB_HS_SWING = USB_IREF_SEL = USB_SPEED = High SpeedFull SpeedNot Connect USB_CHARGER = NON-STANDARDPWMEACEAC_EN = %s DACEAC_MODE = %s EAC_INTERNAL_12K_RESISTOR = %s EAC_ADC_ANALOG_LEFT_POWR_EN = %s EAC_ADC_ANALOG_RIGHT_POWR_EN = %s EAC_ADC_ANALOG_MICBIAS_EN = %s EAC_ADC_ANALOG_BOOST_GAIN = %d dB EAC_ADC_PGA_GAIN_LEFT = %.1f dB EAC_ADC_PGA_GAIN_RIGHT = %.1f dB EAC_ADC_DIGITAL_GAIN_LEFT = %.1f dB EAC_ADC_DIGITAL_GAIN_LEFT = MUTE dB EAC_ADC_DIGITAL_GAIN_RIGHT = %.1f dB EAC_ADC_DIGITAL_GAIN_RIGHT = MUTE dB EAC_ADC_DIGITAL_GAIN_2_LEFT = %.1f dB EAC_ADC_DIGITAL_GAIN_2_LEFT = MUTE dB EAC_ADC_DIGITAL_GAIN_2_RIGHT = %.1f dB EAC_ADC_DIGITAL_GAIN_2_RIGHT = MUTE dB EAC_ALC_EN = %s EAC_ALC_PEAK_SEL = 0x%X EAC_ALC_BOOST_D_EN = %s EAC_ALC_TARGET = %.1f dBFS EAC_ALC_MAXGAIN = %.1f dB EAC_ALC_MINGAIN = %.1f dB EAC_ALC_TRES = 0x%X EAC_ALC_ATTACK_TIME = %.0f Tres EAC_ALC_DECAY_TIME = %.0f Tres EAC_ALC_HOLD_TIME = %.0f Ures EAC_ALC_HOLD_TIME = 0 Ures EAC_ALC_ZC_STEP = %.1f dB EAC_NOISE_GATE_EN = %s EAC_NOISE_GATE_THRESHOLD = %.1f dB EAC_NOISE_GATE_TARGET_FACTOR = 0x%X EAC_NOSIE_GATE_TRES = 0x%X EAC_ADC_DCCAN_EN = %s EAC_ADC_DCCAN_RES = 0x%X EAC_ADC_DC_OFFSET_INITIAL_LEFT = 0x%X EAC_ADC_DC_OFFSET_INITIAL_RIGHT = 0x%X EAC_ADC_DCCAN_OFFSET_VALUE_LEFT = 0x%X EAC_ADC_DCCAN_OFFSET_VALUE_RIGHT = 0x%X EAC_ADC_ZERO_CROSS_EN = %s EAC_ZC_TIMEOUT = 0x%X EAC_DAC_ANALOG_LEFT_POWR_EN = %s EAC_DAC_ANALOG_RIGHT_POWR_EN = %s EAC_DAC_ANALOG_HEADPHONE_LEFT_EN = %s EAC_DAC_ANALOG_HEADPHONE_RIGHT_EN = %s EAC_DAC_ANALOG_SPEAKER_EN = %s EAC_DAC_SPEAKER_MONO_EN = %s EAC_DAC_ZERO_CROSS_EN = %s NON-MIXEAC_DAC_DATA_MIX_SEL = %s EAC_DAC_DRIVING_SPEAKER = %d unit EAC_DAC_DRIVING_HEADPHONE = %d unit EAC_DAC_DEPOP_EN = %s EAC_DAC_SILENCE_MODE_EN = %s EAC_DAC_PGA_GAIN_HEADPHONE = %.2f dB EAC_DAC_PGA_GAIN_SPEAKER = %.2f dB EAC_DAC_DIGITAL_GAIN_LEFT = %.1f dB EAC_DAC_DIGITAL_GAIN_LEFT = MUTE dB EAC_DAC_DIGITAL_GAIN_RIGHT = %.1f dB EAC_DAC_DIGITAL_GAIN_RIGHT = MUTE dB SIFSIF_CH%ld_ACTIVE = N SIF_CH%ld_FREQ = %ld Hz SIF_CH%ld_ACTIVE = Y PWBCPWBC_PWR_ON_SOURCE = SW1 SW2 SW3 SW4 Alarm PWBC_PWR_ALARM_ENBALE = %s MPLLMPLL_LDO_BG_SEL = %s MPLL_VCO_CT = 0x%02x MPLL_LDO_TYPE = %c-type MPLL_BD_VOLTAGE = 0x%02x MISCSP_CLK_ENABLE = %s SP_CLK_FREQ = %d Hz '<<(D$!P$,h $O 't@T<@V@'I<!!ZD''c<C8! !|C''c<C8! !Ĝ|C''c<C8! !D|C'$!'Db|b|b|!c>>>>>>>>> ??,?l>'$, @!<<=$h xL$!!'< TBB$ |d<0BO!d< BOB|d<,BOd<,BOB0d< BOB0d< BOB|d<BOB|d<BO@B|d<BOB|d< BOB|d<BO"B|d<BOB0d< BOB|d< BO!d<BOB|d<BOB0d< BO@B|d<BO!d<4BO!d<BOB|d<BOB|d<BOB|d<BOB|d<BOB|d<BOB0d< BO B|d< BOB|d<$BO:B|d<$BOB0d<BOd<BO size [0x%08x] exceed ICache size [0x%08x] ^RERR:%s() CPU lock down D cache error => size [0x%08x] exceed DCache size [0x%08x] Cache config1 register = 0x%08x Cache config7 register = 0x%08x CacheInfo dcache line = %3d CacheInfo dcache linesize= %3d CacheInfo dcache assoc = %3d CacheInfo icache line = %3d CacheInfo icache linesize= %3d CacheInfo icache assoc = %3d '$!@$$H C< illegal ^RERR:%s() Escape command stop already ^RERR:%s() Escape command start already ^RERR:%s() dsi_setTXEN in manual mode useless operation %d ^RERR:%s() dsi_setTXEN in manual mode under transmission ^RERR:%s() dsi_setTXEN is under transmission ^RERR:%s() dsi_setTXEN in useless operation %d ^RERR:%s() dsi_setDcsCommand error short pkt but exceed 1 param[%d] BTA : read count = %02d =>[0x%08x] [dsi] total status 0x%08x, event 0x%08x '<CE$("!<$$ 4DYdB,@C1. DYbB4DYb!$ (''0R2Q& $!12@8|!!(@! _ R&R2Q!b! _ !(@!s2$#s$&b+ (''$0 %&:|@(!0! 2&DR2<840_ ,!( ! _ !@!(@! _ ¯%&0_ ! 2!(@! !_ 2&%&2R20! _ Ư!(@! _ ¯%&0_ ! 2!(@! !_ 2&%&:R20! 5&ǯ_ 2!(@! _ !@! _ !(!(@_ !  %&0_ ! !(@_ !  %&0_ ! !(@! _ 2&R2! _ !(! _ !(@ %&0_ ! ! _ !(@ %&1&0! _ 12! _ !( ! _ !( ƏǏÏ00!0!!0!fp `$!0.`TB,.3`I<B,5@$2$<<|z$h $!D@<840,($ H'2!0'$0p`00$5aB0$'8$*$2@$A $V!IP! $!  '$'- (''! ' '!  '@i ď '$' ('i'T'!  '$' ('i'T'!  '$' ('i'c$ C|@B $Ï!ED*B$!(+ Qec$di '$' ('i',' 4'i0Ɠя"rVi!0 Ə0pViBƏ0pVi,' 4'ti0ƓXl00Xl'$!".@8, D<40(!!!h@!b.?@!5. Dߏ!@<840,($ H'b.$ b! | $+Q@!@!'!(`! Nu !0@s&>??>>??@@@?@@@?@?@@@?@?$tIpB>'I<YB @! [%02d%] ^RERR:%s() heavy loading test fail @[0x%08x] V[0x%08x] vs X[0x%08x] ^RERR:%s() Heavy loading test unknow result sts = [0x%08x] ^YWRN:%s() DMA_HVY(ch%d): already enabled register 0x%08x ^YWRN:%s() Heavy load test time = 0 is not available ^YWRN:%s() DMA_HVY: starting address isn't words alignment! ^YWRN:%s() DMA_HVY: size isn't words alignment! ^RERR:%s() DMA_HVY: size less than 1 word ^RERR:%s() DMA_HVY: Pattern0 not configed, assign random number 0x%08x ^RERR:%s() DMA_HVY: Pattern1 not configed, assign random number 0x%08x ^RERR:%s() DMA_HVY: Pattern2 not configed, assign random number 0x%08x ^RERR:%s() DMA_HVY: Pattern3 not configed, assign random number 0x%08x ^RERR:%s() Unknow dma write protect set 0 channel [%2d] ^RERR:%s() Unknow dma write protect set 1 channel [%2d] ^RERR:%s() Unknow dma write protect set 2 channel [%2d] CPUDCE_0DCE_1GRA_0GRA_1GRA_2GRA_3GRA2_0GRA2_1SPISPI2JPG0JPG1JPG2PRE0PRE1PRE2IPE0IPE1IPE2IPE3IPE4IPE5IPE6SIE_0SIE_1SIE_2SIE_3SIE_4SIE2_0SIE2_1SIE2_2SIE2_3DIS0DIS1FSD0FSD1FSD2LARBDAIIFE_0IFE_1IME_0IME_1IME_2IME_3IME_4IME_5IME_6IME_7IME_8IME_9IME_AIME_BIME_CIME_DISE_a0ISE_a1IDE_a0IDE_b0IDE_a1IDE_b1IDE_6IDE_7IDE_8SDIO2H264_0H264_1H264_2H264_3H264_4H264_5H264_6H264_7Affine_0Affine_1IFE2_0IFE2_1DCE2DCE3RDE0RDE1'$YB,@!$! ', @P ,<@ (B4C$$C +!@P0,c$l`!Q|!P|BI)%BA#}%}`C C: $!'P0TLHD@<84!$B,3@!I $u!<<$h $t$#b!R$$C bT$U t$:$?$',!!0`!I= 2, maybe not use yet PWM%02d_FREQ = %d Hz ^YWRN:%s() PWM%02d Not configured as PWM type ^RERR:%s() Try to change Invert signal but PWM [%d] is enabled already ^RERR:%s() unknow flag group 0x%08x'!HD4!<<@<80,(L\s&&'$$$$$gU@',@!$@P<@ I<hmB$!b P#<C$ B|$("4 #<$D"4<$C B¬ p~V4<Rj2' $ !@!@I$h xD$0m&!BD@<840,($ H'<<>$h xD$"2@"2<<>$h xD$"2@P12<<?$xD$h 12 R0<<<$?$h xD$f0<0<B|DJ|$ $h xD$B~$h xD$B~$h xD$@B~ ¯wB0|$ <V uart2_isr^RERR:%s() %s losing event [0x%.8X] SPI3DCEIMEIPEPRESIESIE2DMARTCTIMERADCGPIODGPIORemoteDISIFE2'I<[B$!" $C!$8% !D<(t$h ǯ$@<ÖH! `E ï $B04U Ï< !0@!C(  '@< ! @—@nb—ď$$A HŗPďbf# (p[@!@h@nbWė"B$B0C,2`"! ` '@TƗ *@!<$@<ÖH! `E ï $B04U Ï< !0@!C(  '@< ! @—@nb—ď$$A HŗPďbf# (p[@!@h@nbWė"B$B0C,2`"!  '@TƗ0*@!<$@<ÖH! `E ï $B04U Ï< !0@!C(  '*c$ b0+ u`H"Bbp#w*<< ǯV$h إ$ Ǐ$nC$$bB x$$C@P!B B4B!!TPLHD@<840X'I*I<<nD<%@< ! @—@nb—ď$$A HŗPďbf# (p[@!@h@nbWė*"B$B0C,2`*"!  '@TƗT*@!< [0x%02x] [Sector per page ] => [%d] [Sector per block ] => [%d] [Page per block ] => [%d] [NAND dev size ] => [%dMB] [NAND Partition information] = [%s] => [0x%08x] - [0x%08x], block[%5d] - block[%5d] [NAND timing information] = tNand_clk = 48 MHz tNand_clk = 60 MHz tNand_clk = 96 MHz ^RERR:%s() tNand_clk = 0x%08x MHz ^RERR:%s() NAND not suggestion clock rate Tim0 =[0x%08x] Tim1 =[0x%08x] tRP = %02d T tREH = %02d T tWP = %02d T tWH = %02d T tCLS = %02d T tCLH = %02d T tADL = %02d T tCLCH = %02d T tWB = %02d T tMPRB = %02d T tALS = %02d T tALH = %02d T [NAND Driving information] = ^RERR:%s() insufficient buffer allocation min = 0x%08x ^RERR:%s() [NAND_app]nand_getInfo fail %s%1d%1d.binA:\nand00%s%d%d.bin%s%d.bin Data area file %s spare area file %s^RERR:%s() Insufficient buffer size Block count unit = [%3d] ^RERR:%s() Read block [%03d] fail ^RERR:%s() ^RRead spare fail [%04d] w[Maker Code ] => [0x%02x] [Sector per page ] => [%d] [Sector per block ] => [%d] [Page per block ] => [%d] [NAND dev size ] => [%dMB] [NAND driver support list pool] = [%d]clock [48000000]Hz[60000000]Hz[96000000]Hz[unknown]Hz 16MB 512 page 32MB 512 page 64MB 512 page128MB 512 page256MB 512 page512MB 512 page128MB 2K page Default Timing0[0x%08x] Timing1[0x%08x] => Maker[%s] ^YWRN:%s() Buffer not assignment, can't dump loader NAND support list ^YWRN:%s() Insufficient buffer size min 0x%08x, can't dump loader NAND support list [NAND Loader support list pool] = ^YWRN:%s() Read loader fail ^YWRN:%s() Loader checksum fail Timing0[0x%08x] Timing1[0x%08x] => Maker[SAMSUNG][TOSHIBA][HYNIX][MXIC][STM][SPANSION][ATO][ESMT][Default][%s] => NULL NAND_clk = 48000000 Hz NAND_clk = 60000000Hz NAND_clk = 96000000 Hz NAND_clk = 0x%08x MHz NAND not suggestion clock rate NAND_Tim0 =[0x%08x] NAND_Tim1 =[0x%08x] NAND_tRP = %02d T NAND_tREH = %02d T NAND_tWP = %02d T NAND_tWH = %02d T NAND_tCLS = %02d T NAND_tCLH = %02d T NAND_tADL = %02d T NAND_tCLCH = %02d T NAND_tWB = %02d T NAND_tMPRB = %02d T NAND_tALS = %02d T NAND_tALH = %02d T nand_pin0-7 : data 0-7 = nand_pin8 : cs0 = nand_pin9 : cs1 = nand_pin10 : we = nand_pin11 : re = nand_pin12 : cle = nand_pin13 : ale = nand_pin14 : wp = nand_pin15 : rdy = %s = 2.5 mA %s = 5 mA %s = 7.5 mA %s = 10 mA ^RERR:%s() Read Physical Block [%08d] spare data Err P:[%04d]<->[%04d]:L Spare Data = %08X.%08X.%08X -->Erase ^YWRN:%s() -->Mark bad block ^YWRN:%s() -->Defective bad block -->Un know Bad Block!!! ^RERR:%s() EraseAllNANDBlockMapping [%d]block error NAND_data0NAND_data1NAND_data2NAND_data3NAND_data4NAND_data5NAND_data6NAND_data7 NAND_cs0 NAND_cs1 NAND_we NAND_re NAND_cle NAND_ale NAND_wp NAND_rdy'Cv$CT<retry block[%d]-page[%d] ^YWRN:%s() ECC error =>again block[%d]-page[%d] ^RERR:%s() ^G Retry again ^RERR:%s() ^M UnC Ecc 1st ^RERR:%s() read spare err block[%d]/page[%d] ^RERR:%s() NAND cmd timeout '<!4$@<EPuse default timing ^RERR:%s() NAND = 8K page = > not support ^RERR:%s() The device has not supported yet. ^RERR:%s() nand_getInfo error CS param ^RERR:%s() TIMING0, TINING1 need config at the same time => use default timing ^RERR:%s() nand:Reserved size is not divisible by block size(Reserved size:0x%x block size:0x%x). ^RERR:%s() nand:Block size is zero and nand driver initial fail. ^RERR:%s() Reserved Size Out of Range 0x%x , reserved_block count Only %d !!!!!!!!!please Check ^RERR:%s() Fial in init nand. NAND support table version[%04d_%02d_%02d-%02d] ^RERR:%s() R/W check for NAND FAT area: ^RERR:%s() Dump Nand: SxCmd_RegTempMemFunc has to be set! FW1 FW2 FW3 FAT1 FAT2 FAT3PSTORE1PSTORE2PSTORE3PSTORE4PSTORE5ATOMXICESMTHYNIXSAMSUNGWINBONDTOSHIBASPANSIONTOSHIBA_TC58NVG0S3ETAnandnand test commanderaseerase nand area except loaderdisplay nand informationdumpbindump all nand arearwchkFATread write test FAT areareadchkallread check all NAND areasupTabVersupport table list versionerasechkallerase write and read all nand areaerasechkFATerase write and read FAT nand area'<<!($h K&<IB0B@!($ @!0 section size[0x%08x] '<!4$@< EPmark as bad ^YWRN:%s() nandps:#%04d erase fail =>add for free block ^RERR:%s() nandps:Corrupt block maping table found ucZoneNum[%d] usCorrectLogicBlockAddr[%d] usPSBlockLimit[%d] ^RERR:%s() nandps:Duplicate block address1:%d ^RERR:%s() nandps:Duplicate block address2:%d ^RERR:%s() nandps:start block count:%d ^RERR:%s() nandps:PStore logical block count:%d ^RERR:%s() nandps:PStore physical block count:%d ^RERR:%s() nandps:ulSrcAddr:0x%x ^RERR:%s() nandps:usPSBlockLimit:%d usPSBlockUpperLimit:%d ^RERR:%s() nandps:Block size:0x%x ^RERR:%s() nandps:PStore block mapping table ^RERR:%s() Logical: %03d Physical: %03d ^RERR:%s() [%d] - [%d] error ^RERR:%s() Read Physical Block [%08d] spare data Err ^YWRN:%s() -->Mark bad block -> erase ^YWRN:%s() -->Defective bad block ^RERR:%s() Nand pstore format erase [%d]block error ^RERR:%s() block mapping error ^RERR:%s() done and program logic block address read ori data error ^RERR:%s() Pstore format before set partition ^RERR:%s() Pstore format before open ^RERR:%s() [NANDFAT]Partition not set ^RERR:%s() [NANDPS]Partition not set ^RERR:%s() nand identify error ^RERR:%s() set max bad block need set before open ^RERR:%s() STRG_SET_PARTITION_SIZE already configed ^RERR:%s() Pstore size[0x%08x] not STRG_GET_SECTOR_SIZE alignment[0x%08x] ^RERR:%s() Block mapping table is not enough to retain all blocks information[%04d]>[%04d] ^RERR:%s() Partition need set first start[%d] size[%d] ^YWRN:%s() nand_GetParam[%05d] not support ^RERR:%s() Out of range %d %d ^RERR:%s() Successive error found in write data to PStore ^RERR:%s() No more free block ^RERR:%s() partition region not configured yet ^RERR:%s() [nand_emuOpen] Tempary memory not assignment ^RERR:%s() open fail '0I@cŏ! #(ů !($C4I< !0@!C( '< JB$D< E <@  !@cŏ! #(ů !($C4I< !0@!C( '< JB$,D<0E <@ f" i#!P]$h T$R#$<]$h T$R#$<'" Q"%H  $H+c$Cm i,  !@ h !'!p`Ȭ@!@!c0B!N!S$b@f%$%Hb< JB$PF!ff0TB*R@<|'!05hH!p H'}!&! !@@!c0B!N!SѬb$@f%$HbB!8G % *'$1+`!H;!X!HH ! H'}!&! 0!H !p!&! !@^'!XH H'}0!p!&! Ѭ@<@cŏ! #(ů !($C4I< !0@!C( '< JB$PD@cŏ! #(ů !($C4I< !0@!C( '< JB$tD@cŏ! #(ů !($C4I< !0@!C( '< JB$D<E <@ b8 e9!P]$h D$N9$<]$h D$N9$<= [%d] ^RERR:%s() nand_markBadBlock in pstore area but exceed[%d] ^RERR:%s() nand_markBadBlock[%d] error in erase progress ^RERR:%s() [nand_markBadBlock][insufficient memory][%] ^RERR:%s() Too many bad blocks found ^RERR:%s() Mark bad block fail ^YWRN:%s() Physical block %d is already mark as bad block. '(,$ !!Y0<@IG*@<  ! eB$B,s@< ! ]@!@I<$4A $8nFI<${ 4n$8nE4n$<^S !(HCb@Ps&! !(Pp c$&2!(Cp# 4n$HC!@b+(! s&b.@J<@B$!bJ<Dc$$ c~0+K`D,R!<<4$h $!!,($ 0' $< JB$C*`< B*@ %4d ^RERR:%s() Physical block %4d is defect block (status = 0x00) ^RERR:%s() Erase in block[%d] error [nand_eraseCheck] check if bad block from %4d --> %4d =^YWRN:%s() Physical block %4d is bad (fail in erase and write)! '!H<`HB!T@hįd\XPLDB!+ !$  $$  $+@'(04? '$b$b(<<B$4$ $!0h (¯&+@0ÏHB!(!0T$'r'   ! @!@ [%04d] ^RERR:%s() Reserved logical block %d is not used. ^RERR:%s() [nandfw_readReservedBlock] logic blk num mapping table != NAND physical ^RERR:%s() Read block %d failed. ^RERR:%s() End of loader reserved block ^YWRN:%s() nandfw_writeReservedBlock : mark Badblock ^RERR:%s() FW is too big 0x%x LogicalStartBlock %d ,uiBlkCnt %d ^RERR:%s() The main area too small and have many bad block ^RERR:%s() [NAND clk rate ] => Error SMC internal clock rate ^YWRN:%s() Get logic blk addr of phy blk [%04d] fail => ^YWRN:%s() bad block (by FW) ^YWRN:%s() defect block (by Vendor) ^YWRN:%s() Un-correct ecc error ^YWRN:%s() operation fail ^RERR:%s() Open fail '<(H"$ ,!!!!  P+@0Pr ! @.@$2$A PrH"! `F# !(+@I !( !P(, ($ 0'<4I&<  <@ 6D< $h $D G<< $h $=D$<< ]$h $=D$<@ƏįůQ Ưď$Əŏ<I@G4HB&2!+6@$!  !( @$(!d!B$e@! D!dd cI^< ! $!e$dG! g I!(`iH$ qh@8 gI!C!@Iì@P4I$+@P$(!d!B$e@! D!dd c(M@P~,pM$@P4pM$+@P@PL,^$>@L,$!( ѫ $!(ѫ $!(ѫ $!(ѫ $!(ѫ $!!$ ('ѫ $$ѫ !($ѫ !($ѫ !(R2$ѫ !(@R!$ѫ !($ѫ !($ѫ !(!(ѫ $]!$$^ E$$ ^ Fѫ !($ѫ !($ѫ !(!(ѫ $]!', @!!$ '3,4@e,h@,$2$ $!@B0D@$! ѫ $$ѫ $$ѫ $$ѫ $12 $ѫ $ !($ѫ $$ѫ $$ѫ $$ѫ $!(ѫ $! '$$ѫ $$ѫ $$ѫ $$ѫ $$ѫ $!(ѫ $! 'ѫ $$ѫ $$ѫ $$ѫ $12$ѫ $ $!(ѫ $! '$ $^ Eѫ $$ѫ $$ѫ $$ѫ $^!(',@!!! '<<< $$CP!<< !(!B8+ '6< $$CP!6< !(!B8+ '',@!!$'J>> SD version: 1.0-1.01 SD version: 1.1 SD version: 2.0 SD version: 3.0 Speed Class: %d Support CMD23: %d Support CMD20: %d SD version: UNKNOWN 0x%x Product name: %s Product version: 0x%x Product S/N: 0x%lx CMD8: SUPPORTED CMD8: NOT SUPPORTED SDHC: SUPPORTED SDHC: NOT SUPPORTED Product version: 0x%x, 0x%x Host HS En: TRUE Host HS En: FALSE Support SDHS: TRUE Support SDHS: FALSE Support HS: TRUE Support HS: FALSE In HighSpeed Mode: TRUE In HighSpeed Mode: FALSE Total sectors: 0x%lx Bus Freq: %d hz Drive/Sink setting: %f mA sdioPrtcl_setConfig: input src clk out of range: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: storage object NULL, not initialized ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: card not exist or not ready: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmtExFAT: write MBR fail, sector addr: 0x%lx EXFAT ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmtExFAT: write BPB fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmtExFAT: write backup BPB fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmtExFAT: write Extended Boot Sector fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmtExFAT: write Backup Extended Boot Sector fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmtExFAT: write Main OEM Parameters fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmtExFAT: write Backup OEM Parameters fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmtExFAT: write Main Reserved fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmtExFAT: write Backup Reserved fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmtExFAT: write Main boot checksum fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmtExFAT: write 1st FAT sector fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmtExFAT: write FAT sector fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmtExFAT: write 1st BitMap sector fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmtExFAT: write %dth BitMap sector fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmtExFAT: write 1st up-case sector fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmtExFAT: write %dth up-case sector fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmtExFAT: write 1st dir entry sector fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmtExFAT: write %dth dir entry sector fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: write MBR fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: storage object NULL, not initialized2 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: write BPB fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: storage object NULL, not initialized3 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: write backup BPB fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: storage object NULL, not initialized4 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: write FS_INFO fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: storage object NULL, not initialized5 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: write backup FS_INFO fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: storage object NULL, not initialized6 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: write reserved boot sector fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: storage object NULL, not initialized7 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: write reserved boot sector2 fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: storage object NULL, not initialized8 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: clear FAT fail, sector addr: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: storage object NULL, not initialized9 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: write FAT1 fail, sector addr: 0x%0x ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: storage object NULL, not initialized10 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: write FAT2 fail, sector addr: 0x%0x ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d fmt: storage object NULL, not initialized11 FAT16 FAT12 FAT32 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d RCard: wait card into transfer state err ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d RCard: read multiple error!! ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d RCard: read single error!! ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d RCard: pinmux err ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d RCard: STOP cmd error ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d RCard: Out of Range!! ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d RCard: SEND_STATUS fail2 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d RCard: err card sts 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d RCard: card removed ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d RCard: retry _SDIO_SD_STOP_TRANSMISSION error ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d RCard: retry read %d times ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d RCard: storage object NULL, not initialized ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d R: read error ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d RCard: retry read fail address = 0x%x ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: retry with POR ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d id: card was unplugged ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: storage object NULL, not initialized2 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: idle cmd fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: idle cmd fail2 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: CMD8 echo err, rsp=0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: SD SEND_OP fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: SD SEND_OP CMD55 fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: SD SEND_OP fail2 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: Get OCR tmout ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: voltage switch command fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: voltage switch fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: MMC SEND_OP fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: MMC Get OCR tmout ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: SEND_CID fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: SEND_RCA fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: get/set RCA timeout ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: SEND_CSD fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: SELECT CARD fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: SEND_STATUS fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: SELECT CARD fail2 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: SEND_STATUS fail2 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: card is locked ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: storage object NULL, not initialized4 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: CLR_CARD_DETECT CMD55 fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: CLR_CARD_DETECT fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: SET_BUS_WIDTH CMD55 fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: SET_BUS_WIDTH fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: SET_BUS_WIDTH fail, rsp=0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: change to 0x%x timing ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: change to HS fail, return to default speed ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: switch to HS timeout ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: MMC_SWITCH 1bit fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: MMC_SWITCH 1bit rsp err, rsp=0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: return tx state fail1 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: MMC_EXT_CSD fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: MMC_SWITCH HS fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: return tx state fail2 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: MMC_SWITCH wide bus fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: MMC_SWITCH 8bits bus fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: MMC_SWITCH wide bus rsp err, rsp=0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: return tx state fail3 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: storage object NULL, not initialized5 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: SEND_BLOCKLEN fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d open: Mem Init fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d Int Status: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d SetstdByState:cmd13 fail ^RERR:%s() IntSts: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d SetstdByState: card status err: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d SetstdByState:cmd7 fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d SetstdByState: retry timeout ^RERR:%s() SDIO SetstdByState: pinmux err ^YWRN:%s() SDIO%d close: close after closeMem ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d abort 0x08 fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d close: idle cmd fail ^YWRN:%s() SDIO%d closeMem: sdio_closeMemBus should be invoked under opened state ^YWRN:%s() SDIO%d close mem: SEND_STATUS fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d close mem: pinmux err ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d close mem: timeout1 ^YWRN:%s() SDIO%d openMem: sdio_openMemBus should be invoked after sdio_closeMemBus ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d openMem: storage object NULL, not initialized ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d openMem: card was unplugged ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d openMem: storage object NULL, not initialized2 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d SetTxState:cmd13 fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d SetTxState: card status err: 0x%lx ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d SetTxState:cmd7 fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d SetTxState: retry timeout ^RERR:%s() SDIO SetTxState: pinmux err ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d openMem: storage object NULL, not initialized3 ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d openMem fail ^RERR:%s() SDIO%d openMem: set to tx state fail ',! @!0!0#0F^< B$!F'<<쓄$h A$!!'<C$!^<^< 8g| $ %'!@h!d+ !f<<,$C$h !0@!''`!Dd\XTPLH@!<< $!@$$C (~GZ ! ! !( !0@\ $[ ! a@P! @##^<s&!!@!<$$+rO@Pі!`! \ ïgÏ0#qT 0`+r^< B$ ~<cu ! !!<840,($ @'<<0?%&!0h 蘄$Z ! ^<$< 8~0?%&$h !0<<\$?%&h !0cu ! <?%&!0h $!$<840,($ @'7u#Q$[ <>1&@!QC$'b! & Q|$"w\ ! @¯Z ! ^< c$ ~?$4C<<$?%&h !0u<B$!bB.S!!([ ! X\ ! #Q#P^<|$!(,${ ! Z ! ] ! ] ! cu ! c ! R&!R! E` #pB$^<< &#D?$!!U!8$$$D$!(``{ @ &! !({ $^< B$ "~@!p @s&@c$!#ba ! R)~#b!Rc$! $! !U@0@P!0(&G%^<!9!X2@B$ϔ!b!@$!+1dpNml`KGc g6 D^< B$ "~F# P$^<) c$ #8!8! ^<$!0F$ĐP#(?$#(!($# P$ ^B$@!!Ё<>B$@!!Ё<>B$@!!Ё<(BB$!!Ё@!bc$B$@!!Ё<>B$@!!Ё !bE$! Z (e~ Ïb@<(BB$ b~@ď,įƏ! t W$!@\ŏ! !0\ $Ə! t R$e@"! @B|\ 8Y ! ^<c$!cD0b$f C0ď  Ïb@@$<(BB$ b~@F! 4t M$"$@B|&DVF _ ! 3@PB$!b! a CQ! P$#bD!qF=3, but %d ^RERR:%s() SIE MCLKSRC not support PLL2/2! ^YWRN:%s() CPU Clock frequency exceed 432MHz! ^YWRN:%s() OCP clock must not exceed 432Mhz! ^YWRN:%s() PRE Clock frequency exceed 240MHz! ^YWRN:%s() IPE Clock frequency exceed 240MHz! ^YWRN:%s() DIS Clock frequency exceed 240MHz! ^YWRN:%s() IME Clock frequency exceed 240MHz! ^YWRN:%s() FDE Clock frequency exceed 240MHz! ^YWRN:%s() ISE Clock frequency exceed 240MHz! ^YWRN:%s() DCE Clock frequency exceed 240MHz! ^YWRN:%s() IFE Clock frequency exceed 240MHz! ^YWRN:%s() IFE2 Clock frequency exceed 240MHz! ^YWRN:%s() RDE Clock frequency exceed 240MHz! ^YWRN:%s() H.264 Clock frequency exceed 240MHz! ^YWRN:%s() NAND Clock frequency exceed 60MHz! ^YWRN:%s() SIE-Mclk clock must not exceed 108MHz! ^YWRN:%s() SIE-Mclk2 clock must not exceed 108MHz! ^YWRN:%s() SIE-clk clock must not exceed 297MHz! ^YWRN:%s() SIE2-clk clock must not exceed 297MHz! ^YWRN:%s() IDE-1 clock must not exceed 297Mhz! ^YWRN:%s() IDE-2 clock must not exceed 297Mhz! ^YWRN:%s() MI clock must not exceed 80Mhz! ^YWRN:%s() DSI clock must not exceed 60Mhz! ^YWRN:%s() SP clock must not exceed 80MHz! ^YWRN:%s() ADO clock must not exceed 25MHz! ^YWRN:%s() HDMI-ADO clock must not exceed 25MHz! ^YWRN:%s() SDIO clock must not exceed 108MHz! ^YWRN:%s() SDIO2 clock must not exceed 52MHz! ^YWRN:%s() SPI clock must not exceed 96MHz! ^YWRN:%s() SPI2 clock must not exceed 96MHz! ^YWRN:%s() SPI3 clock must not exceed 96MHz! ^RERR:%s() (0x%lx, 0x%lx) not supported ^RERR:%s() Target(%d) freq can not be divided with no remainder! Result is %dHz. ^RERR:%s() uiSetting out of range: 0x%lx PLL2PLL3PLL4PLL5PLL6PLL7PLL8^RERR:%s() Change (%s) clock freq fail! (%s) is using %s. Don't change clock when module is active ^YWRN:%s() PLL%d should be disabled before set ^RERR:%s() PLL%d not support spread spectrum ^RERR:%s() PLL%d must be disabled ^YWRN:%s() PLL%d expect lower bound %d Hz, but real lower bound is %d Hz ^YWRN:%s() PLL%d expect upper bound %d Hz, but real upper bound is %d Hz ^YWRN:%s() PLL%d percentage %f exceed 0.03 MIPI DSIIDEIDE2SIE MCLKSIE MCLK2FDEISEIFEH.264RDE',! @!0<<<@B4b$4 <џ!˜ $<<@B4b$4 <џ!&*4 H$@$4 &&.4 8$&,4 0$&*4 ($ $4 &&.4 $&,4 $&*4 $&,4 $՘ $!@<l6<ؔ6DC4Ic$DB4+b;@<}`T$6 6+ TT6 6 6+@P 6 6B$ <$ B#I<{|#I< !<<$D$h !0 !$<<$$h !0 $$<<$$h !0 $$<<$$h !0 $ #$#I< !<<$0$h !0 !\cc|Rb|$\c c0Vd$~d $d$Zb|]cc|`$I<\d<$ <$b| !<<҄$h $!]cc|eb|]cc|tb|]cc|0b|]cc|{b|<\c 4$(e4c|b|\cc|b|]cc|>Rb|]c@c|`$I<\d <$p$]Db| !<<ӄ$h $!]c@c|Dkb|]cc|Bb|$]e 0 I<]cc|b|$]e0I<]cƿb|<\4$04|<4$ ]c !<<|Ä$h $!]c@c|pDJb|]c@c0`$I<\d$ 0$1b| !<<҄$h d$!<\c 4$(e4 c|b|]cc0`$I<\d$ 0$M9b| !<<҄$h x$! <\d$(\c0$  c|տb|\cc|žb|]cc|sb|]c c0`$I<\d$ 0$/D)b| !<<\҄$h P$!]cc|Zb|]cc0`$I<\d$ 0$N!b| !<<0҄$h <$!\cc|b|\cc||b|]cc|fcb|]cc|ȽĜb|\c c|b|\d0\cI<\ 05 c|H{b|]cc0`$I<\d <$ <$Db| !<<҄$h ($!]cc0`$I<\d<$ <$Ծb| !<<ф$h $!\cc|b|s|!` I<<\b|{|b !! !<b{|b !I<\C0`@C|~`!<$CC< <\b|c|b !! !<bc|b !I<\@C|`<B0|@< <\b@|Dk|b !! !<bDk|b !\B@B|@ E$@< <BC|`T|$|Db| USB interrupt status = 0 ! '@!<840,($ D I<<<_&'I<< vv$`<$< $!  $$ $ $ <8_"`@C0e`C0-`B0Dï4'$CC0`<_C0`C0 $|ï C0`<C0`TŽC0 `P B0D$!|ïD |ï  B0@8_"DD)|¯D8_";UB0@8_ : $aǣH£G A£g `<$ CD| C{!bg {!`<$Cg {!`<$Cg {!P$CTI<@|K ! @RI< ! @I<$z`_C@|'I<_B$ $PR2!B$DC` @`=><\;\;\;',@!`<$B4!@,$$J$;P$`<b!'`<$B*!@,$$@$0P$``<|D|8b!'`<$8B"$$#`<|8b!<¯<b$9|<bb`<|D|bLc!$(ïLÌ`<ïÏc0`$Ï`<9|D|ïL<<9|Lid< I<$ $$ d_C`<$CDB]Î_$bT`<`<@`<<b9|<bI<$bdb_<b9|<bbE0¯h1=@`+&-0ep@@N@@|@C|A`PI1}|!Ѱ<$@$ $(048 $R|@$xƌp 1l`)|e0~T= %ld ^RERR:%s() Not supported format (0x%.4X)! ^RERR:%s() Parameter error! X: %ld, Y: %ld, Width: %ld, Height: %ld ^RERR:%s() Line offset error! ^RERR:%s() DCEnable error! ^RERR:%s() Can't find 0xFFDX! ^RERR:%s() Width or height error! ^RERR:%s() Unknown file format! ^RERR:%s() line offset error! Y: %d, UV: %d ^YWRN:%s() Non-supported clock rate (%ld MHz), set to 120 MHz 160 MHz 192 MHz ^YWRN:%s() Buffer size must >= %d ^YWRN:%s() Buffer size must <= %d ^YWRN:%s() Decode scaling, line offset isn't 32 bytes alignment! ^RERR:%s() Not locked! ^RERR:%s() Unlock error! ^RERR:%s() Lock error! '<P$p|P{p|H|p|!PI!$$ $;@<(tfVd~td~2TX&<$G<0$!@``B @0 B$t (F~(GC(p X&@|`<$ce h0%6d.%03d,%8d,%6d.%03d, [%s::%s()] ^M>Total-Time, Count, Avg-Time, [Module::Func()] ^M>------------------------------------------------------------ ^RERR:%s() not opened! ^RERR:%s() Max MT exceed! ^RERR:%s() already opened! ^Y%s %ld ^Y I<',6D$!,6@!!'<<$h $$'4 !!I console. ^RERR:%s() is not exist! Switch to console. ^RERR:%s() is not exist! Switch to console. ^RERR: %s mode is not existing ^RERR: Bad command syntex. Please '?' for help ^RERR:%s() already closed!!! ^RERR:%s() already opened!!! Syntax: ? Display Help of all module. module ? Display Help of given module. module action ? Display Help of given action. ^RERR: No Any Module! module list: %-20s%s^RERR: No part module ? : display help of given module ^RERR: Length of is too short delay [%s] action: %-20s%s ?^RERR: Null function of ! ^RERR: No match ? : display help of all module ^RERR: No match ! ^YWRN:%s() %s has installed > $ # '8,($ !$"C#$C8厀( |)@P< @! @T8!!`<Qc%`#` T% !%U$!0 !+@>!!H bT9)g"!$wb!<%(9)@ ) @P $ $# 0 %0+ %0!(!0#0 0%0(+0%0!!(!( Q!0!($!0!(+@>!!b0B(@P!@ ` !!0 F!!0 !+H!IC|E`0Qc%`#` T% U%!'!0U$!0 !+@&!H bT9)'!$b!<%(9)@ ) @P $ $# 0 %0+ %0&(!0#0 0%0(+0%0&!(!( Q!0!($!0!(+@&!b0B(@P!@ ` !'!0!0 D!!0 !+H!IC|G`03!B$ B~@@r!,($ 0'r!,( B$@$ 0'@!Pr>3B! !(`2 "$!T>3Pp@>3r@!PTpB>3@B$@!Pr>3@&! !(`2 #$!T>3Pp@=3!PT  h'!$! E!8f0'!'3$'!!! DC@@''! !! DC@@''!!$ !'!$''! !$ !DC'!''! $!0!<Gpgp!D!h!'Tp(4!'$! $!!<CPCp !GHp!GFpCp !'bTX4!'!<CPCp !GHp!GFpCp !'bT4!'!<C4@$` !'bT4!'!6*`*F!!(!8`*F`!$B$#8#F!H*H #@ 8 !@*@h#f h!!'!0@!`$B$#8#F!8!(!H*H #@ 8 !F4!0!$''! !!GFD C'! ''0:!,@P! 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''I<!!hWB$'^YWRN:%s() %d ^RERR:%s() %d '! ! < !$$ ('$>P%@ ! 8: " B,@L> $xDbgUt_DmaProtectHeap_CbxDbgUt_DmaProtectFw_Cb$ T`x'$!! e    $5CB PART_ONE loaded end (%08x)! ^RFATAL:%s() PART_LAST end (%08x) > MEM_CODE end (%08x)! ^MPL_begin ^RERR:%s() Process failed! ^MPL_end ^RERR:%s() Close failed! ^RFATAL:%s() FW updated: fail! ^RERR:%s() Init failed! ^RERR:%s() Open failed! ^RERR:%s() PStore Open fail %d format Storage_Card1unknown^RERR:%s() Storage mount %s fail %1d%02d%02d%02d%02dMEDIAPTDC^RERR:%s() part0 %x < FWResvSize %x,cannot init ^RERR:%s() part%d start %x overlap part%d end %x,cannot init Card_DetInsertSystem_DetBusy'Œ@! < <|/$h D$!$''@!D,(<840 <  !@!@ 'D<  |2 = A:\FW96650A.binSystem_OnStrg_DownloadFWSystem_OnStrgExit_FWSSystem_OnStrgInit_FWSSystem_OnStrgInit_PSSystem_OnStrgDetachCard_SingleRemoveCard_SingleInsertSystem_OnStrgInit_INMEM'$!!'%d %d %d %d %d %d %d %dthis is sample cmd! USB PCC Mode USB MSDC Mode Playback Mode Movie Mode Photo Mode Main Mode I Key Shutter2 release Key Shutter1 release Key Shutter2 Key Shutter1 Key zoom release Key Zoom Out Key release Zoom In Key release Zoom Out Key Zoom In Key Enter Key Left Key Right Key Down Key Up Key Movie Key Playback Key Mode Key Menu Key Del Key Power Key koffkey powerkdelkey deletekmkey menukmdkey modekmpkey playbackkmvkey moviekukey upkdkey downkrkey rightklkey leftkekey enterkzikey zoominkzokey zoomoutkzrkey zoom releaseks1key shutter1ks2key shutter2kikey iDsc Shutdown Dsc Boot Test merge record %d %dEnable YUV merge record mode, interval=%d Disable YUV merge record mode IPL set wakeup %d IPL set sleep %d ^RERR:%s() get buffer fail useruser commandsample codetest_merge_record %test merge recordsensor_sleepsensor sleepsensor_wakeupsensor wakeuplcd1switch to lcd1lcd2switch to lcd2platform dsc commandbootboot on dscshutdownshutdown dscdumpverdump all library version infokeykey commandpower keydelete keymenu keymode keyplayback keymovie keyup keydown keyright keyleft keyenter keyzoomin key pressedzoomout key pressedzoominrelzoomin key releasedzoomoutrelzoomout key releasedzoomrelzoom key releasedshutter1 key pressedsuutter2 key pressedshutter1relshutter1 key releasedshutter2relshutter2 key releasedi key pressedmode switchmainmain modephotophoto modemovie modeplayback modemsdcmsdc modesidcsidc modepccpcc modelview %live view mode setting' <]B$ <]B$ <]B$ <]B$ <]B$ < < \%'<84!0,($X D$? !0!@B @,b$' @!0,b$' @!0 b @ ҏ@$@+TX@$$CC$]C$%CPY $!<840,($@'Y $!<840,($@'Y $!<840,($@'я!"b @b4@!0.@LEnd(%08X) ^RERR:%s() Failed to RdSectors-1 ^RERR:%s() working buf size have to be %d bytes. ^RERR:%s() Failed to RdSectors-2 ^RERR:%s() working buf size have to be larger than %d bytes. ^RERR:%s() Uncompress data size not match real_end=%08X, cacu_end=%08X ^RERR:%s() ERROR BCF Header ^RERR:%s() E_NOEXS ^RERR:%s() invalid version. ^RERR:%s() init twice. ^RERR:%s() Dx_Getcaps fail. ^RERR:%s() ^RSection[%d] is invalid ^RERR:%s() ^RLoaded Addr 0x(%08X)!= Verified Addr 0x(%08X) M<'D$!? !0 B @!$''M< Q$8<40,($#!`!$# `CMi|¯'I< @!h vh $B@P! @$! 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