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Firmware Download

Vantrue N2 Dash Cam Firmware Update Instruction

  • Release time: 2020-09-27 16:52:29
  • Version: VTN29C.V27
  • File size: 13.79 KB

Update Log

VTN29C.V27 (New)2019-09-19

  1. 1. Fixed a bug where blurry image would occur in Parking Mode and recording mode.

VTN29C.V26 2019-04-28

  1. 1.Fixed some bugs.

VTN29C.V25 2019-04-10

  1. 1. Fixed a bug where card error would always appear as "please insert card". Now it would show "card error" or "please format the card".
    2. When it shows "card error" or "please format the card", users can access menu by pressing M or OK button.

VTN29C.V24 2019-02-18

  1. 1. Fixed a bug where, when Parking Mode is manually turned on, the dash cam will restart automatically after it detects movements and records a 10-second video.