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Vantrue N1 Pro Full HD 1920X1080P Mini Dash Cam

1.5" LCD Dashboard Camera with Sony Sensor, Night Vision, Parking Mode, G-Sensor & Loop Recording, Support up to 256GB Card

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Price: $79.99
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Small but powerful! The Vantrue N1 Pro captures crystal clear video in Full HD 1080P resolution at 30fps, and features better performance as well as high stability on seamless loop recording.

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N1 Pro Mini Dash Cam

Vantrue N1 Pro Mini 1080P Full HD Car Dash Cam

Small but powerful! Based on Sony IMX323 image sensor and a 6-layer optical glass lens with F1.8 Aperture, the Vantrue N1 Pro captures crystal clear video in Full HD 1080P resolution at 30fps, and features better performance as well as high stability on seamless loop recording. It also comes with G-Sensor, parking monitor, motion detection and emergency collision detection, which could provide powerful evidence in case of dispute from a car accident. Keep peace of mind when driving, with the Vantrue N1 Pro dash cam.

1080P Dash Cam

Dash Cam with Night Vision

24 Hours Parking Mode

1920*1080P Full HD & 160° wide Angle

Sony IMX323 sensor  processor ensures great sharp video quality at Full-HD 1920*1080P/30fps, bringing you brighter and clearer videos, 160° wide Angle provide clearer and broader view, enables to capture all of the surroundings when driving to reduce blind spots.

Super Night Vision

Adopting Sony IMX323, N1 pro car security camera is capable of enhancing the imaging performance in low light environments. You can clearly read number plates and other important information at night.

24hrs Motion Detection Parking Mode

With dash cam hardwired, the dash cam is running in standby mode and awakening to record only when motions are detected, allowing the dash cam to reduce power consumption and remain in Parking mode for a longer duration. While the low battery protection of Vantrue hardwire kit (Asin: B07G9WTWB9) avoids the car battery over draining. Please note: Extra Hardwire kit needed, not included in the box.

Loop Recording & G-Sensor

  • 24 Hours Seamless Loop Recording, create video clips, automatically overwrite the oldest file to save the current file when the memory card is full.

  • Triggered by G-Sensor,  the dashboard camera automatically detect a sudden shake/collision and lock the footage to prevent the video from being overwrote. Also supports snapshot in 2 million pixels.

Time Lapse & Auto LCD Off

  • With Time Lapse on, the camera will automatically take photos at specified intervals and edit them together to a video clip, greatly save space for your memory card.  

  • Support auto LCD off timer which enables the LCD off automatically in 3 mins after recording.

Optional GPS Function & Microphone

  • Optional GPS enables you to track location, direction, speed, date and  time into video clips, allowing you to track the gps information on Map  via Vantrue GPS Player.

  • To use the GPS function, please buy a GPS mount(ASIN: B07CPSBXWL)

  • Built in Mic provide excellent audio recording even in noisy environment. You can also turn it off.

Collision Detection

Heat Resistant

Dash Cam for cars

Collision Detection

Based on impact detection, when no power supply and the dash camera is off, it will auto turn on and record for 20s once it detects crash to the car. Please ensure the dash cam is full of power.

Temperature Proof

It is made of the PC and ABS materials, the working temperature is from -4℉ to 158℉ (-20℃ to 70℃). With high heat resistance and NT96658 superior chipset, the cam has longer lifetime and stable performance.

Mount on Windshield/Dashboard

For states prohibit windshield-mounted dash cam, lcd rotate function offers you an alternative option to mount the dash cam on your dashboard and flip the video. Please buy an adhesive disc (Not included) to mount on dashboard.

Mini Dash Cam          

Supports up to 256GB, not included in the box

Supports up to 256GB micro sd cards for 40 hours recording time, quadruple the recording time compared to most dash cams in the market. While 32GB sd card ensures 5 hours recording time, 64GB ensures 10h recording, and 128GB allows 20 hours recording time. Recommend Vantrue Micro SD Card. Please DON'T use Sandisk Card and Transend Card.

What's in the Box?

  • 1x N1 Pro Dash Cam

  • 1x Suction Cup Mount

  • 1x 3ft Micro USB Cable

  • 1x Car Charger with 11.5ft Mini USB Cable

  • 1x User Manual

  • 1x Quick Guide


Model Vantrue N1 Pro Dash Cam
Sensor Sony IMX323
Display 1.5 inch TFT LCD (16:9)
Lens 160° F/1.8 six layer glass lens
Languages English/简体中文/Deutsch/Japanese
Video H.264 compressed format; MOV; 1920x1080P/30F,1280x720P/30F
Image JPEG; 2million pixels
Audio Built-in microphone and speaker
External Memory 256GB max, Class 10 (card is not included)
USB Port USB 2.0, Micro
Battery 130mAh 3.7V Polymer Li-ion battery
Working Temp. -4℉ ~ 158℉ (-20℃ ~ 70℃)
Storage Temp. 14℉ ~ 131℉ (-10℃ ~ 55℃)
PC Operation System
Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10/Mac



Vantrue N1 Pro Dash Cam Firmware Update

VTN1Pro.V12 ,,5MB


Vantrue N1 Pro Dash Cam Firmware Update for Japan

VTN1Pro.V12JP ,,5MB


Vantrue N1 Pro Dash Cam Firmware Update Instruction

No viruses ,,13 KB


Vantrue N1 Pro Dash Cam User Manual

No viruses ,,11.8 MB


Will the camera auto start recording when a collision occurs if the car is off?

Thanks for your inquiry. 
Yes, there are 2 parking modes when the car is parked. 
1. After connected to hardwire kit or external battery pack, the dash cam will automatically record when things come closer to the front your car. 
2. When no power supply, the dash cam will auto turn on and record for 20s once it detects crash to the car. Please ensure battery of the dash cam is full of power. 
Hope these would help you! 

Can the screen be turned off when driving?

Thanks for your inquiry. 
Yes, you can turn the screen off. 
Please select the time among 30 Secs, 1Mins and 3 Mins, or turn it OFF to disable it. 


( 277 Reviews )


Maria G.
Compact, easy-to-use, and better than we thought it'd be!Reviewed in the United States
We’ve been using the camera for about 2-3 weeks now, and are quite impressed with it so far. When we googled around looking to see what reviews and ratings were posted, this one popped up on our search and was well recommended, and so with that and the price that we got it for, we decided to take the plunge and put it to the test. There's a few cons that we found, but nothing that can't be overlooked, especially when comparing it to other cameras on the market!

- Fairly compact
- Mounts securely and is fully adjustable
- With the exception of the mini sd card formatting, it' pretty much plug and play deal unless you want to customize settings with exceptional - Came with quick start guide which is bonus
- Minimal controls and buttons (so less confusion while on the go)
- Really wide view so you can see traffic on right and left lanes at same time
- Resolution is pretty good, and you can clearly see license plate of the car in front of you. If 4 car lengths ahead however, you can’t make out the license plate, but everything else is clear
- There is a button on top of the camera, that's easy to reach, allowing you to take a quick snapshot
- Camera continues to record for period of time after the car is shut off,
- Has a g sensor designed to activate during collisions or events. These videos/images and can’t be recorded over after, as they're saved in separate folder (apart from the regular recordings). This is good so that you can be sure that the data is safe, but bad in that you have to manually delete these.
- Option of having audio on and off easily
- Option of pausing recording (in case you don't want something to be recorded), and this will start recording as usual again (automatically) when the car is restarted.

- The plug that connects into camera by mount should be on right side (passenger side) and not left as we'd prefer to not run the cord on the driver's side.. .. .. but this would be a plus for non-us drivers
- Cord is of generous length, but for mid-size and some larger vehicles, it would be a stretch to run this along perimeter and of the car and to the receptacle
- Formatting card is difficult at first, as you can't format the card with the camera, and we learned the hard way (after taking off on a trip that we really wanted to use the camera on), that Windows 10 doesn't format the card to FAT32 either. After searching on the internet, we had to download a (free) program, so that the card could be properly formatted. Worked like a charm after, but we were a bit annoyed at first. Additionally, the quick start guide didn't mention that we couldn't format the card in the device (or at least we didn't see this in there), so we had to wait until we got back from the trip to read the bigger manual, as we didn't take that with us on vacation either!
Instruction booklet although comprehensive, print was tiny
- It would be nice if we could charge battery longer, so that we can use the camera without it being plugged in
- Would be nice if this had a rear view, but I think that's available in a later version
- The camera ball mount allows you to adjust and screw to tighten the camera, but even if it's at its tightest, and you push the button to take a still image, but easily loosens
Tanvi Patel
Awesome compact dashcam with remarkable video qualityReviewed in the United States
I have used this dashcam for a few months and am finally writing this review after using it extensively.

First of all, I was impressed with the compact size of the camera. It does not take too much space on the windshield and is not a distraction at all. Second I was worried about the installation, but the guidance to install the microSD card, format it, mount the cam and running the wire was a breeze. It took less than 10 minutes. Third, I was a little worried about using the features of the camera and it seemed complicated initially. But a quick read of the manual makes it very clear. Most operations are done using the main button at the top of the cam and that is all that you will most likely use after setup.

I was unfortunate about being involved in an accident, where someone entered my lane unsafely and I hit the back of their car as a result. Thanks to the camera, I was able to show the officer what happened, who wrote up an incident report putting the blame on the other party. This helped me with my insurance claim. I never hoped to have to use the camera, but when you have to, it would certainly come in handy.

I docked a star from the suction power as the camera fell down once, when the car was parked in hot weather facing the sun. I have a feeling that the heat caused the suction to fail. But I remounted the camera and havent had a problem since.

* Compact size, hides nicely and does not distract
* Easy to setup and install. Wire is sufficient to connect to 12V port
* Night vision is good, able to read license plate of car in front
* Good video quality, both at high speed and low light condition

* Suction failed once in hot weather condition
* No rear view capability
* Need additional attachment for GPS capability
* Can't easily read license plate of car that is about 4-5 car lengths ahead
Md Tareq Aziz
Great product!Reviewed in the United States
Bought this dashcam a few days ago and absolutely loved it. The camera itself is a package! Feels premium and video and sound quality is great! It has some advanced features like night vision and motion sensor which I found very helpful. Very easy to install with simple instructions. The manual made it clear how to operate it, great video quality, the camera turns automatically when the car starts, the screen is clear, so I can see the number plate and people's face. These are very helpful for many situations. Highly recommended!
Berlie Parks
Very Not BadReviewed in the United States
It's compact, easy to use, and takes pretty good video. The setup was extremely easy, and I've been using it quite a bit. Unfortunately, the weather has been rainy for the last several days, and the rain on the windshield does affect video quality. It especially causes lense flair at night. I'm going to look through the settings to see if there's a way to adjust the picture to reduce the lense flare.

Overall, it's a very good dashcam for the price point, but that reduced cost does mean compromises. If you're looking for a dashcam to take enough video to assess your responsibility in an accident, I think this one would work for you. If you want one where you can read the license plates of those around you then you need to spend more money on it.

Honestly, after I use this one for a few months, I might buy another for our other car so all three have some protection in case of an accident. It works much better than I expected, and past experience has shown me that Vantrue's customer support is phenomenal.

Edited to add: I experimented with the settings, and reducing the exposure settings helped reduce/eliminate the lens flares. I can even read license plates of vehicles in front of me, and the reflective road signs show up much better. The downside is that it makes everything else darker, but I'm okay with the tradeoffs.
Alexis Turner
Good buy.!Reviewed in the United States
It is very small, smaller then I thought it would be, but I like the fact that it’s small because if it was any bigger, it could potentially be a destruction when you’re driving. I do like that it automatically Records over the oldest footage so you don’t have to replace the memory card.