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Vantrue N1 Pro Full HD 1920X1080P Mini Dash Cam

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Honestly, quite impressed with this little camera. When my last one started losing it's ability to retain the date and such I was looking for a replacement on the cheaper side. This little guy is half the size of my last one, maybe even smaller. Recording quality is surprisingly good even at night or in the rain. It's easy to navigate and supports a 256gb card which gives me like 34+ hours of recording time. It does looping and overwrites video as most people look for and has gravity sensing for parking. It does everything I was looking for without breaking the bank and I promise you won't be disappointed.
Seçkin Mehmed
Vantrue Customer
I had a dead battery and even replaced battery before we found out the camera was using it when let plugged in and off
I've used this little gem for 4 weeks so far, purchased after reading many on line reviews (NYT Wirecutter, Forbes, etc) and it is everything they say and more.I'm so impressed with this that I bought two more for our kids.
Greg P. C.
This is the second one I purchased. I travel weekly and once I leave the car rental at the airport I use it for the rental. The video is easy to remove from the SD Card and transfer it to my laptop. It’s small and compact but has good resolution.
I used a formatted old sd card on this camera and was told "card error" issue in the Q&A part. So I spent extra $25 on a brand new card and had the same issue. Couldn't you program this camera to be "card error" then "Would you like to format this sd card?" Huge disappointment.
I was looking for a camera with a parking mode feature in response to a recent raft of thefts of catalytic converters and air bags. I ordered and compared three models: VanTrue N1, VanTrue N4, and Garmin Mini2. The N1 won out--it's the least expensive and, in my overnight tests, actually turned on faster than the N4 when there was visible motion, such as a person or auto, came into view. The N1 also has a battery, though I haven't figured out how long it will work. The N4 is overkill for my purpose--I don't need cameras inside the car or looking behind--though the N4 offers a higher resolution if I was to use only the front facing camera. The Garmin detects movement in the vehicle but doesn't detect visible motion. At 1080, resolution isn't that good, and I'm interested in a higher resolution camera in the future.
Acquired this camera to replace one I've been using for years. After reading WireCutter's recommendation, I decided to upgrade. And, I'm glad I did. This tiny, but powerful camera has a very small form factor and fits on the windshield without taking up a lot of real estate. The power cord is plenty long enough to hide a long the window and center console.
used so cannot return but definitely not the quality they advertise.
Vantrue Customer
Bought this for my wife’s car. She commutes long distances to work, and is constantly commenting on the crazy drivers, so I bought this as a safety measure (in the event there was ever a disastrous event she would have evidence for the insurance company).
Simple to use very useful easy to setup
Camera quality isn’t perfect but good enough to read a listens plate if need be it’s not super expensive so don’t expect super expensive quality but it gets the job done
So far the camera seems to be working great with no issues. My usage case scenario is less then ideal for the camera since I have subs in the back that can cause excessive vibrations. I also suspect this has destroyed my precious dashcam, I will follow up if anything changes but so far so good.
Vantrue Customer
pictures cannot show clear plate #
Gary L.
Camera can be used as security camera using the data cable to the camera and a small PowerBar. I use a 10000mha PowerBar.As for the writen mention above, the camera quality is as advertised.
I just received this dash cam and mounted it in my brand new car. I love the size, very discreet in the windshield behind my rearview mirror. So far it has been working great. Only downside is no wireless connection so I have to unmount the camera and connect to my computer or take the memory card out. Unmounting the camera is easy as the power cable is connected to the mount instead of direct connected to the camera. For the price it is just a small inconvenience.
J. Garofalo
Great camera, HD, easy to set up and install, and a good buy for the price...
Harvest Rid of
I found this dash cam to be have an incredible camera. It's good enough to see into car of someone at the intersection across from you and tell if they are on their phone or whatever. Can easily read license plates during day and night even without street lights. I have not used any other dashcams but I found the only thing about this camera that was lacking was the software and set up process. The set up tells you to wrap the power cord up and around the windshield to prevent dangling cords but came with no supplies to do this and even if it did I the cord would only be long enough if the cigarette lighter in the car (power plug in for car) was in the door. It might work in your car but not in mine. I don't really mind the dangling wires as much as how difficult it was to set up the software is not terrible but it is not good. Took me 30 minutes to set up how I wanted and I consider myself tech savvy. I would warn anyone using this for insurance or safety purposes to change the storage settings from 5 minute history to continuos. I wish it had a setting where everything time I turn on my car it makes sure that there is enough storage space for a couple hours off video and then just save everything for the next ride. But it has no such feature either you have to save everything and manually take it out and clean up the sd card every couple months or just save the last five minutes of your ride. There maybe some way to do what I want with this device but there is no button or settings that says it does this. I gave this 5 stars because of the incredible value of this dash cam, I picked this up for about $75 and I'd say at that price it's well worth it . . . For me. I don't mind saving $50 for the inconveniences, because I have more time then money and if that's true for you i'd recommend it.
I'm worried that, should I take the memory card out again, I may never get it back in. For the longest time, it just wouldn't catch when trying to put it in. I am also forever re-attaching it to the windshield, as it loses suction after awhile.
I’ve followed the internet to the letter on putting the suction cup on the windshield, but it will not stay on at all after trying to get it to stay on, asks the way the camera connects to the cup is a pain to (which I suspect is the issue). Will be looking for another suction cup. Camera is ok otherwise, menu is easy to navigate and is featured enough.
I bought this on sale because I do a good amount of doordash and just don't trust the other drivers on the road. I keep it plugged in, not hardwired, so it never turns off. I use a simple 64gb sd card, and 2 extras incase I need to save something, as I'm too ad/hd to remember after each dash. Only problem so far is it'll save very random video clips to the protected folder.
Mario Prado
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when put the card in my computer, i could not believe how clear the picture was. buy the good one they rec.
Martina C.
Camera itself is pretty good but the suction cup will start to fail after 6 months and the company is unresponsive. Better to purchase another camera that can be attached using a universal mount kit or one that doesn't use a suction cup.
a lot of time and work to install for low quality device, could be easier if i would go to electronics shop, they would install this for me
The picture quality and recording is decent but the battery died so it does not work when the car is turned off and all settings get reset every time the car turns off. There are videos that do not get saved. I was involved in a car accident and that video did not get saved. The video 10 mins before the accident was saved but when it came down to when I needed it did not help me out. It seems the cameras decide at random which videos to save. (I had my video save in 5 min loop)
I live in a city where people drive like they got their driver's license out of a cereal box, so I was pretty excited when I got this dash cam for Christmas. The camera quality is great for its small size and price. However, I can't get the thing to stick to my front windshield for longer than 3 hours. I've done everything possible to get it secure! I cleaned the window with alcohol and a lint-free cloth like the directions said. I even went out and bought double-sided Gorilla Glue tape to adhere it and it still didn't stick! Honestly, I can't even use this camera fully knowing that it'll drop to my car's floor while I'm driving. Also, the battery life on this camera is very short. Without keeping it charged with the carport, the camera shut off after 30 minutes of driving (I initially started with a full camera battery).
Well, I purchased this for my wife, and she purchased 1 for me also, as a gift (really, we didn't know) when we went to register you had to create an account and had to accept a newsletter or it would not proceed. Ok so not happy but did it. Next, I went to add the item for warranty. It wanted order numbers. Well, it's a gift, I have no order number. I asked my wife if she registered Her's, apparently, she backed out after encountering the same issues. If I knew it had no warranty, I would never have purchased and will never purchase from this company again. The warranty IS part of what you are buying as it represents the quality, just as customer service does. A receipt and serial number is all you should need for your warranty, not to be required to open an account, accept unsolicited junk mail, and supply some type of order number ect. Goodbye Vantrue
Marlon mendez
Amazing quality, small, and easy to install
First Vantru camera was a N2 pro and the battery died after a year. That battery is hardwired in. I recently bought a Vantru N1 pro and after two weeks the camera screen turned white when turned on. No picture at all. The camera has not been dropped or mishandled in any way.
Allen Alien
, it would be better if the case is metal
SK Lee
This might be a decent camera, but the fact you need some sort of special SD card which is marked up, makes it not so good of a product. Entry point is lower when on sale, but with the purchase of the SD card, it brings up the overall price for a dash cam to that of other brands. Returned the product
Christienne D.
It needs to stay plugged in because the battery life is super short.
Rick S.
I bought a couple other dashcams along with the N1 Pro. I returned the others after deciding that the Vantrue is the better one. I had the cable professionally installed and the camera mounts easily with a suction cup. The video resolution is excellent but I wish the single shot photos were of higher resolution. Other than that, I am happy with the purchase and recommend it.
S. Ward
I bought this to record any potential mishaps, believing that "other people" lie when filling out accident reports. Only once have I ever retrieved images from it. I just want it to work in an emergency, thus I know little about the operations and settings.The item has one Major Flaw. The suction cup fails all the time. Sometimes it falls immediately, sometimes after an hour or two. When I started leaving it down from the window, it was 100% useless.I hope that this is something that I am doing wrong, but after many trials(and errors) I have concluded that it is just a bad design. There is no backup method for keeping it aligned to do its job.
Joshua Michaelson
If you need a simple dash cam with fair image quality for a fair price, this is not a bad product. Unfortunately, the sensor used in the dash camera is unable to catch necessary details, such as license plate or vehicle make and model information.
William B.
The screen is too small you can barely make it out. I have to get a MAGNIFYING CLASS. TOO SMALL...
My son bought this camera for me about 2 years ago and I use it every time I drive any where. I decide to buy one for my mom after she had a close call with a reckless driver. My mom is in her late 70s and this camera is very easy for her to use. I would buy it again if needed.
I think you get your money's worth with this camera. It has a lot of features like time lapse (with 4 different speeds) parking monitor, exposure control, a very good mic and a very strong suction cup thanks to a lock bar you rotate for max hold. The ports and SD card holder are clean and solid and I had to check why but they give good advice to format the card every couple weeks. As the card writes over old files, some data can be misplaced making the file harder to read. This is particular to the card and format, not the camera. The cord is pretty long and has good solid connectors and an extra usb port so you don't lose a port by plugging it in. Nice touch. Customer service is quick and responsive. I want the rear view mirror video screen now so your mirror is the output of the rear camera (and/or front also with night vision) so no backseat headrests or anything in the way. Would highly recommend.
It changes the date every day and it’s so annoying. Idk what to do about it. What happens if I get in an accident and have proof of the situation? No one will believe me because the date is suddenly to 2018. Everything else is great except that.
GoodWhen I press the save video it doesn’t save video.
Camera is pretty clear and easy to use and set up but one major issue I’m having with this camera is every time I remove the sd card to watch footage then go to put the sd card back in then I will go for a drive and the camera will record to about a min or so the camera will freeze and stop recoding and will stay doing this for a day or so I try to rest it nothing re format the card nothing it just a waitting game for it to work aging I sent it back and got another and same problem I’m having
Did a lot of research trying to find the best, most affordable dash cam. Took me an hour or so and I finally stumbled on this one. Liked the reviews and watched a few videos people had uploaded and liked the quality so I thought I'd give it a try. You also can't beat the price! Arrived on time and was nicely packaged. Simple instructions on how to set it up. Plugged it in and charged it for two hours inside. Forgot they don't provide a microSD card so I had to go get one of those. Got myself a 128GB one. When it was charged I plugged in the microSD card. Please read the instructions regarding this as you have to "format" the dash cam if your SD card is over 8GB. Was finally able to use it today and I have to say the picture quality is beyond my expectations. At night it's not the best, but also not the worst and for the price it's honestly, just what I expected. Do yourself a favor and get this dash cam!PS. If you ever run into issues, the instructions are beautifully done and any answer you have can be found in there.
It’s a nice camera, I have had it for a week now and one major flaw is the cold, I can have it fully charged at night but when I go out in the morning it’s dead, the cold just zaps the battery, but other then that it’s a nice camera
So far it works fine. I had a deer run into me and never saw it but it was easily seen.
Angela Smith
It’s an amazing dash-cam, fairly easy to use and operate. I am satisfied and happy with the product. The suction has been great, but I only put 4 stars because it did come off one day after parking car in the sun, it has not happened again though in months. The Florida sun on hot days can do that to those suction cups, so one time is actual really good. Hopefully it will stay out and not fail.
The quality seems good at this price point. The battery life which holds the time and date for stamping is the question but the previous Vantrue dash cam lasted 2 years before the battery wouldn't charge and it was out of the 18 month warranty. I'll make sure to check the recording and battery memory at 15 months.
Norb M
This dash cam is a great buy for the money, it may not have all of the bells and whistles of the more expensive units but it does what a dash cam is supposed to do.
Charles Buck
Programming is very easy. System hangs easy also.
Madeline Leonard
Very good quality video and audio easy set up just don’t know what to do with the wire hanging down from the windshield
This product did not work.
This is nearly perfect. The mount is a bit long, but the only real problem is that it doesn't reliably turn on with the car. Often I have to notice and press the button. And sometimes it turns itself back off a bit later. Not great traits for an always-on device.
May be I received a bad unit but this is my experience. I bought this device 2 years ago.Unit showed it was recording but when I checked the video in the memory card, the last video was 2 months old. Imagine If I was in an accident. The purpose of the dashcam is to record events and in my case this unit failed to do that with a misleading indicator.
Nice camera, what else can I say?
I love the daytime quality. I love the nighttime video quality even more. Very satisfied with the results. I picked up the N1 pro on Black Friday, and i have already recommended this brand to several friends. Buy it, you wont regret It
X.Y. Wu
A decent dash cam without WiFi and GPS. The night view is not good: only see the plate when the speed is under 10mph. Daylight view is sharp and in right color. Plate numbers can be see clearly in a relative speed around 40mph and upto 70mph in a good light condition. In other words, once driving at 40mph, it is difficult to get a good picture of plate for the car in the opposite lane. While with 1080p at 30fps, this performance is fair. However, taking no WiFi and GPS into consideration, this dash cam doesn't stand out.
Ricky T
I had very high hopes for this little camera. First, I have to give Vantrue huge props for their documentation. It's written in proper English, and that's the same for the user interface of the camera. Nice job. This isn't common with all the chinese cheapo products out there.My first complaint is the suction cup mount. Frankly, suction cup mounts are stupid. They just don't stay. There needs to be a permanent adhesive solution. They are convenient, but I'm looking for something reliable. Suction cups aren't reliable. Secondarily, the length of the mount from the cup to the camera is excessive. This results in the camera being more than a couple inches away from the windshield, and it results in it being more difficult to place due to the way my vehicle's rear view mirror is placed, and reflections/glare from the windshield. In addition, can't mount this camera on a vertical windshield like in an RV. I was hoping to buy a second for my motor home, but this won't cut it.Daytime video quality is good, though not as good as my Anker Roav camera I bought over 3 years ago. I can sometimes read license plates, but the clarity of plate numbers isn't always clear.Night time video is sub-par, particularly with the headlights on my vehicle, which are LED. Can't read a single sign or license place on the road, as they are completely washed out white.Unfortunately, I have to send this thing back. I'm sorry, Vantrue. I think this is a well-constructed product and I wish you had another camera that would solve my issues/concerns at a reasonable price, but this one isn't going to work out for me.
Hayden Iverson
Short and sweet: camera that isn’t compatible with the biggest micro-sd card maker in the world!
Secret Shopper
Came with cables for a different device.
renee young
Wonderful dash cam. I used this for a while before upgrading to a dash cam with wifi to see the videos on my phone if I want. My sister took over using this dash cam. She won't give me any clips for my YouTube channel, probably because they are all her. She's a terrible driver. LOLIf you want to see this cam in action, go to YouTube, and search BAD DRIVERS OF DUVAL COUNTY. Go back in my videos and look for BAD DRIVERS OF PHOENIX videos. Maricopa Count #55 and below are videoed using this cam. Enjoy.
This dash cam is good until your internal battery dies. It is not an easy battery replacement as you need to buy a special 3.7v battery for it. You also need to have solder iron and skill to do it. All of your videos will be recorded on the same date. Not possible to find videos anymore so it becomes useless device. I would suggest you stay away from this.
Shawn Thompson
I got error messages each time I inserted the micro SD card. I tried a different card and same thing. I got frustrated and bought a different camera that worked flawlessly. I dont recommend this camera.
Grumpy Dude
This camera does what it’s supposed to. I got it for on sale on PrimeDay. It started in our newer daily driver, but I’ve moved it to our older other car, and I’m currently looking for a better option for our newer car.
Purchased in 2/20. Manual states that files will be overwritten when disk is full. Checked my camera today 10/21 and come to find that camera stopped recording back in 5/21. Not sure why this is, but check your disk periodically to make sure it is still recording. Addedum: Checked my camera today. Reformatted card 10/21 today 2/11/22 I see that the card memory is only one quarter full but stopped recording video on 1/26/22.
I have had this camera now for over 2 years. I really love it. It turns on automatically when I get in the car, it has a super long cord that I can wrap around the dash and hide it. It's got easy access to the videos when I need them, and I always feel really safe having it in the car. Knowing that I have proof if someone hits me is super reassuring.My only issue is the cars get hot in the summer, and after 2 years my suction cup started failing. I am not sure if it's because the rubber shrunk, the windshield is too hot or something else.I have contacted the manufacture and they have reassured me they would like to help which is excellent customer service in my opinion.I am very happy with this purchase.
Muhammad Younis
Bits and Bobs
It is just fine. Im excited to have it and hopefully never need it!
Vantrue Customer
I have used this dashcam for a couple years now. My biggest problem runs into the suction cup. Anytime it is over 90 F outside, the suction looses grip and it falls of my window. I have to reapply once or twice a day. It’s more of a nuisance than anything. I wouldn’t call it a deal breaker though. I prefer wireless dash cams but for this price, it’s perfectly acceptable in my opinion. The camera quality is more than adequate. In my opinion it is well worth the $70. I do recommend this camera if you’re looking for a budget friendly dash camera.
Literally just randomly stopped working… maybe the heat in the car messed it up? Either way sucks
Casey Courter
Worked great for a few months. Fast forward a year and a few suction cup failures later, and some guy rear ends me. So I go to my dash cam a few days later to pull the video and realize that this thing reset the date and has saved a sequence of videos from over a year ago and is now erasing all the most recent clips within 2 days of recording instead of the oldest clips. So my dash cam has an hour of footage from a trip I took over a year ago and then only my commute to work for the past two days conveniently missing the accident I was in. Thankfully rear end accidents are pretty cut and dry but the one time I could actually use this thing, it fails me. Going to buy a different brand this week as I don’t want this to happen again.
The video quality is good and the camera functions well. For anyone having issues with the mount falling off see the attached picture. If you use a small flat head screwdriver, you can remove the cap covering the mounting mechanism. When you attach it to your windshield, press down on the center (red circle) to squeeze out as much air as possible. Then rotate the mechanism to lock it down.This used to fall off my windshield every day. Ever since removing the back cap (about two weeks ago), it hasn't fallen off even in 100F heat.
Lee R.
Waited a week so as to have actual results. Video is fine, even at night. Main issues are with the manual. The online manual tried to correct some errors in the written provided manual, but even the online manually contradicts itself (specifically but not limited to the red LED during charging). In addition, the drop down menu for the G factor says choose 1,2,3 or4 yet both manuals sat low, medium, high or off. I still do not know which number refers to which G level. Windshield mounting and power cable run are both good.
Corinne currie
Really a great quality camera… if it would only stay on my windshield. It falls after a couple of hours. I’ve tried cleaning my windshield and the suction cup so many times but to no avail. It’s pretty much useless when it’s hanging mid-air while I’m driving!
When I received it, the item was so small, I figured it was junk. But recently I tried it out and it does a good job photographing the activity in front of you, while you are driving. What kind surprised me, is that it also recorded my conversation that I was having inside the car.If it is plugged in, each time you start the car it starts to record. It records a video for x amount of minutes, then records another video for x amount of minutes. Thus making it easier to find a particular spot during your drive, versus having to go through one long video.The picture quality was quite good and I was pleasantly surprised.It mounted using the suction cup and never felt like it was going to come off. Note- I did clean the inside windshield first.I was pleased.
Vantrue Customer
We ordered 2 of these with the largest supported memory card, one for each of our cars.After 1 month, the first camera died with "Card error". Replacing the card did NOT clear the error.Replacing the camera (with same card) fixed the problem and all was well, although 1 car did not have a camera anymore. A week later the other camera failed.Both cameras failed within 2 months. I can live with 1 camera fail, but both within that short amount of time .. no thanks. Not worth buying again.Buyer beware.
my cable was broken after 2 years using the cam, so i contacted the customer service, and they helped me a lot. sent me another one for free. Would buy again anonther products ! THANK YOU !
Camera works fine. The suction would fail now and again to be expected. But after a year it kept falling no matter how well I cleaned it or the windshield. So I have the camera ziptied to the rear mirror. Make sure camera is on. Sometimes didn’t turn on. Very few times.
Crap product!! Only takes certain sized Micro SD cards, the suction cup does not hold onto the windshield of my Jeep..... and now randomly shuts off and back on. Found a firmware upgrade, with no instructions on how to upload. Their user manuals are a joke.NEVER BUYING VANTRUE AGAIN!
Daniel F. Moore
As several other reviewers have noted, this unit’s battery is seriously flawed. It simply does not hold a charge after you have used the cam for awhile. When it worked, it was very good, but what good is a cam with a non-functioning battery? Give this one a pass.
Picture quality isn't as clear as advertised. Nighttime glare clearly obstructs ability to see license plates
Steven R.
I did like that the did not have an SD card. As a result I had to find and install to complete functionality of this camera. After finding a retail seller of an SD card, verifying specs with owners manual in hand and installing-“card error “ displays in cameras window! Suggestion; plug & play Vantrue, simply plug & play!
Lisa L Smith
This little camera takes nice clear video. The small size does not block any view through the windshield and isn't that visible from the outside. It stays put on the windshield. I ordered a second one for my husband's car.
knife man
works good but battery is not replaceable and only lasts 14 months, they you would have to hard wire it to your car battery. . they only would give me 15 refund.
Not able to use this without it being plugged in and ugly wires hanging from the windshield. The camera shuts off after 10 minutes if it’s not plugged in. Really disappointed.
My camera keep resetting the date by itself.troubleshooting to bad battery.Now it keep resetting everytime I turn off my car, it make it very much useless for below reasons,(1) it mess up what to erase during looping recording,(2) the recording time stamp is not accurate and not valid to provide anything during accident,(3) it make hard to find any recording you want,This is definitely product defect issue.Hope I can get a replacement,
I just got rear ended and the video is nowhere to be found. The video before and the video after are there, but from the accident itself, nothing. Not in "normal" and not in "events." Also, it constantly comes off my windshield
Jeffrey Michael Helton
Battery would run out after about 30 minutes. Video only showed in fast forward mode on computer. Returned!!
Matt S
I had a cord that got broke because my son kicked it and they offered to send me another one for free!!!
Vic T.
Every function worked as stated.
M. N. M
I was impressed with the high quality packaging and the well-made feel of the camera. This is our first dashcam and it was easy to install and get operational.
This replaced one I had. And it blew it away! Great picture quality, so far hasn’t fell off either. Easy operation too. Plus it’s smaller than one I had. Would buy again!
Denise Bowman
Jan Torres
The picture quality was pretty decent for this camera. But my biggest disappointment is there’s no WiFi or app that supports this camera which making playback a very difficult process. All the dashcam I previously purchased had apps that allow easy playback. And not able to do that with this camera is a big turn off. Imagine playing video on that tiny little screen is a hassle and adjusting the camera to the right position is also difficult without that feature. Another thing is that the mounting clip will not stay in place. Keeps on falling off after 3 days of attempts and I give up. Return this goes.
Nawaz Khan
Great product! After using it for almost 3 years in Florida sun, the suction cup finally gave up. Won’t stuck to the windshield anymore, i contacted customer care and they shipped me a suction cupWithout any charge even the product was out of warranty. Overall great product with excellent service.
I purchased two of these. Both units have had battery failures. One right after the return period from Vantrue ended and the other I just discovered after a long road trip with a great drive back with lost foortage due to files being repeatedly overwritten due to the battery failure causing the date and time not being correctly saved.On the first unit that failed, I contacted Vantrue a number of times and was told to update the software. When that failed I contacted them again to no avail. I contacted them again to no avail.After the failure of the second unit, I have given up on Vantrue.
Vantrue Customer
I just recently realized I needed to format the memory card. Don't return your memory card.
I looove the features and quality of this dash cam! I rarely write a review but this one is worth writing about and so I could let u know that you won’t be disappointed plus for the price? Cannot beat it!
I tried everything to get the suction cup to work but it doesn't! I gave up and returned it. The picture quality was good and it wasn't too difficult to figure out how to use. It’s ridiculous that I had to return it because of the suction cup but I was getting really stressed out and distracted with the camera falling down every few minutes. One time a truck pulled out in front of me and almost hit me and the camera fell at that moment! That’s when I decided to return it.