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Vantrue GPS Mount GPS Receiver Module Type C USB Port

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Edgar Cervantes
Honestly the product is great. No complaints here. Set up was so easy as well. Took me 20 mins to set up on the first vehicle and 10 mins for the 2nd one. Quality is more than good enough!
Once you learn the functions of it. Easy money
Jonathan F.
Really awesome so far. Was looking for a multi-channel camera with decent image quality and so far this camera delivers.
Angela M.
Best dash cam and the quality is very nice.
abe salazar
I’m about a month into using this camera which first of all was very easy to install and secondly the quality of picture come through very clear. I travel A lot in my truck and it helps protecting me from these crazy drivers here in Colorado. I probably will buy two more for my company van and for my wife’s car. Very good quality and would highly recommend this camera.
I specifically got this camera specifically for the 3 camera views. I’ve had it for a year no problems. Recently my camera went out whenever I would plug in the adapter cable/car charger. After various trouble shooting, I’ve narrowed it down to the car charger cable. I contacted Vantrue via their website. Although they appear to be located overseas, they have been quick to respond. They sent me a new car charger free of charge.
Camera quality is good. No issues with the video. Easy to set up.However, the mount has gotten loose after a while and doesn’t maintain its position. So now I can’t maintain a view with my hood in the picture. Video attached.The suction cup has also fallen off a few times. I live in Southern California. So it’s decently hot but not like Texas hot or anything.
Amazon Customer
I like the size, it's out of the way, and all 3 cameras all show up on the screen very clearly.
Bought the N4 for my wife's new Volvo. Used the hardware kit as well.The install was straight forward and for the most part easy.The video is clear and easy to see. Over all a very happy experience.Though I hope she is never in a position to need this video, I'm glad to have it vavalable.Couple of items that I would like to share:* The hardware kit is great, but trying to figure out which fuse to replace feels like a crapshoot. I chose the phone charger pad. but I'm fairly sure it turns off when the car turns off (the C40 does not have an on/off button. it just sort of decides when it's on or off) - not the N4 fault* Finding a ground near the interior fuse box on a Volvo is tough* The video required I purchase a new Codex from Microsoft - $0.99 so not a bank breaker.* Video is only available manually you have to bring the card or camera inside.It is a a great camera and setup is easy.
Stiliano Jeezy
Crystal Hicks
We purchased the Vantrue N4 camera system for our family commute vehicle. We live in a state with notoriously bad drivers and needed a camera system to provide protection and safety for our family from dishonest accidents. Furthermore, we see it as a means to help others we witness in accidents. The front-cabin-rear camera system itself is very user friendly, customizable, easy to install (took me 15 min), and has high-resolution video recording. Also, I really like that once you get it initially setup, it pretty much operates autonomously (turning on and off with the vehicle). Keep in mind that you will need to provide your own high-speed, U3 microSD. Overall, we are very happy with our purchase and highly recommend it to others looking for a complete "dash cam" system!
I replaced a (wildly) expensive and (stupidly) unreliable 2-channel Blackvue dashcam with this and I couldn't be more please. Installation was simple. 45 minutes tops, most of which was spent fussing with running the cable through the existing harness in my car's hatch. The only other real quibble you might run into is positioning the main front/interior camera; keeping it discrete and out of your line of sight while allowing the interior camera to see the actual car interior will depend a lot on your car's design.At this price point you're not going to find a better solution. People who want constant 4K resolution from three cameras running simultaneously with onboard wifi for under $250 will remain perpetually disappointed so ignore them and focus on what you will get. A neatly integrated unit with USB-C as the standard (no fussy proprietary power or data connections), embedded GPS, high-resolution cameras all around (more than adequate for any possible need to introduce video as evidence), and a user interface that's stupid simple. After installation it took me about two minutes to understand the interface and set the date, time, and features I wanted. The included trim removal tool was a nice and helpful touch for installation.If I have one quibble it's a minor one relating to the suction cup mount. I'd like it better if the arms attached to the universal joint were a tad shorter, but the suction cup has held up brilliantly, and adjustments of the primary unit are a cinch. Like I said, a (very) minor quibble.Picture quality on all three cameras is more than acceptable and the display, while small-ish, makes adjusting the frame on the fly fast and simple.
Nick Phillips
Terrific, crystal clear images
Benyam Tadesse Gebretsadick
I like the quality of the camera on everything but didn't like it doesn't have wifi and GPS which should be bought separately.
Amanda Owens
Michael Conti
Installation (without hardwiring) was pretty easy, but required a little bit of patience. Once installed, the N4 works seamlessly and you never have to think about. Great video quality from both front and rear cameras.