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Vantrue T2 24/7 Surveillance Super Capacitor 1080P Dash Cam

OBD Connection and Microwave Guard Parking Monitor, Support 256GB max

( 277 Reviews )
Price: $119.99
N2S is out of stock currently. All the orders for N2S will be processed after May 20.

Powered by a supercapacitor that resists extreme temperatures from -4°to 158°F (-20°-70°C), provides you with more reliability and longer lifespans. The latest Microwave Guard Indicator and OBD connection ensure you a 24 hours parking monitor.

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Super Capacitor & Heat Resistant

Built in a super-capacitor, which allows the dash cam for cars to record in both hot and cold conditions and provides a much longer functional life. This dashboard camera has a broader operating temperature. Extreme temperature resistance, for example in Florida: Working Temperature -4–158°F (-20-70°C); Storage Temperature -22–176°F (-30 to 80°C).

Auto LCD Off & 1080P High Resolution

Auto LCD off after the recording begins so you won't be disturbed by another glowing rectangle on your windshield. Featuring a  F/1.8, T2 dash camera captures the road front 160° to get the license plates cars as well as road signs  without distortion at 1920x1080P@ 30fps or 1280X720P @30fps.

Super Night Vision & Sony Sensor

Advanced Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor plus HDR technology which automatically balance the exposures to pick up greater detail in dark, greatly provides night vision  at low light environment to make driving more safter and reliable at night.

7x 24 Hours OBD II Wave Guard Parking Monitoring

Equipped with Wave Guard Indicator, the dash car camera will transmit microwave. When it detects movement in front of your car, the indicator is on and will start auto-recording. Please use the OBD power installation which   has low voltage protection (only for 12V Vehicles) to achieve 24 hours' Monitoring.

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G-sensor & Audio Recording

Variable sensitivity G-sensor auto detects a  sudden shake/collision and emergency locks the footage to "Event File"  to prevent that video from an overwrite. Built in microphone/speaker for audio recording, you can also turn it off.

Time Lapse & H.264 Video

With time lapse function, the car camera recorder will take static photos at the set time interval to create a video montage, which can save the SD card's space. With efficient H.264 video coding, the car camera can ensure high resolution clear images, and optimize storage space.

Snapshot & Seamless Loop Recording

Captures instant pictures with a quick press snapshot button. Loop recording automatically overwrites the oldest recordings with the newest ones when the card is the maximum. The Loop Recording Time can be modified. Supports up to 256GB card, please format it to FAT32 before use.

Optional GPS Function

Optional GPS for you to track the driving route, location and speed on your computer.

To use gps function, please buy an extra T2 gps mount  (Asin: B07CYW6JXW).

Warm tips:
  1. Before using, please format sd card to FAT32 on your camera.

  2. If windshield mounts are illegal in your state, LCD Rotation allows you to mount the dash cam on the dashboard upside down. To mount the dash cam on the dashboard, please buy an a sticky gel pad separately .

  3. If you need to use the Parking Monitor or the 24/7 (All Time) Protection function, please use the OBD power installation.

Please note: When insert the memory card (dash cam is off) and connect to the power supply, it will enter the parking mode automatically, the LCD screen will not turn on. When you drive the car, the LCD screen will turn on. Please DON'T use Sandisk and Transcend Card.

What's in the box?

  •                            1x Vantrue T2 super capacitor dash cam                    

  •                            1x 10ft car charger cable                    

  •                            1x OBD Cable                    

  •                            1x suction mount                    

  •                            1x 3ft USB data cable                    

  •                             1x User Manual                    

  •                            1x Quick Guide                    


Model Vantrue T2 Dash Cam

Sensor Sony IMX323

Aperture Range 

F/1.8 Random 

Access Memory 

64Mx16bit (1Gbits) DDR3 SDRAM

External Memory

256GB max, micro sd card of Class 10 (No Memory Card Included, Recommend Vantrue 128GB card


2.0 inch TFT LCD (4:3)


H.264 compressed format; 1920x1080P (30fps), 1280X720P(30fps) 


JPEG format

USB Port

USB2.0 Mini

Power Source

Super Capacitor (5F)

Compatible OS

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 & Mac OS



Vantrue T2 Dash Cam Firmware Update

VTT29G.V18 ,,2.5 MB


Vantrue T2 Dash Cam Firmware Update (Specially for Japan)

VTT29G.V18_JP ,,2.5 MB


Vantrue T2 Dash Cam Firmware Update Instruction

VTT29G.V16 ,,13 KB


Vantrue T2 Dash Cam User Manual

No viruses ,,6.7 MB


No Data


( 277 Reviews )


Rex Ramos
Great Vantrue ProductReviewed in the United States
I had been using my first Vantrue which is the N2 for the past 4 years and I did not encounter any problem with the product. Then I saw this T2 which has a microwave sensor for 24 hour parking monitor with the OBD power supply cord included. OBD is a great say to hook up this camera specially for 24 hour parking monitor because you will not worry having your battery drained the next day. Product is great, picture and video quality is awesome very clear even at night time. I just hope they include the adhesive mount instead of the suction mount. In the package because the suction came come off the windshield in hot weather and your car is outside. But aside from that this product is highly recommend and reliable.
Amazon Customer
It's okay and for not a lot of money.Reviewed in the United States
I used it for about a week. Did not care for it. Found something better. We'll be giving it to a family member.
Alex Beckwith
A HUGE Step in the Right DirectionReviewed in the United States
I've had several Vantrue cameras. I have to say right off the bat that their support is really good at making sure you are satisfied should a problem arise with a camera. That being said, the T2 OBD2 Dash Cam is a huge leap forward simply because they added the OBD2 functionality. If you haven't figured it out already, this allows the camera to have power on demand and gives great function and reliability when it comes to powering on the camera when it's needed most. Combine this with the radar detection and you have a nice sentinel to keep watch over your vehicle on demand when you're not around. Yes, higher resolution would be nice, and an inboard camera facing the cabin would be sweet for those of us that drive Uber, Lyft, etc.. However, the enlarged screen over previous models is most welcome and the remaining feature of a microphone to pick up any talking inside your car should cover you should you need to take the files to court to defend yourself. Combine this with their optional GPS mount and you have more than enough data points to tell those who need to know about what's happening with your vehicle whether you're in motion, parked, or not even close by. The added reliability of power management can't be overstated. This newest model will give you further peace of mind. Keep up the innovation Vantrue!
 GREAT CAMERA, BUYING MY LADY ONE FOR HER CAR!!!!Reviewed in the United States
Overall this is a 5 STAR PRODUCT! I LOVE all the settings you can adjust, the quality of camera has 2 option, 1080p or 720p. The camera is great quality and extreme easy to install. Comes with everything you need including instructions and a setup guide, extended warranty and MORE!!! I only labeled it 4 stars because I’m order to use the gps/mph you need their gps to go along with it. Also, i have led lights and when driving at night the camera doesn’t do well grabbing footage of license plates because my led are too bright and reflect on the plates, but this isn’t the cameras fault. But as stated, i love the quality and the whole product itself!!!! I will be buying one for my lady to put in her vehicle!!!!!
Michael Lin
 Has almost everything you can ask for on a car cam, implement it well too!Reviewed in the United States
Got to know about this brand through a coworker, quite amazed by its feature rich in such a compact package.
After much comparison, I was able to landed on the decision to purchase the T2 car cam. All I have to say, it did not disappoint.
The picture quality is crisp and well balanced in terms of tonality and contrast backed by the Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor. 1080p / 30 is a great balance between quality and file size, its able to generate a 3 minute video clip per one file approximately the size of 288 MB. It has some cool features on a modern mobile cameras including time lapse and HDR capability. What separate this cam apart from the competitors is the "always on" feature, it provided the cable to connect to the OBD diagnostic port to have the cam always powered. It will then detect and record the movement even though the car is sitting still, I find this may become handy when parking the vehicle at the parking garage for extended period.
What's also nice is its built in capacitor instead of a regular lithium ion battery, it can withstand up to 176 degree F (80 degree C) and not having to worry about potential safety hazard on a lithium ion, definitely helps in the hot humid summer here down south (Houston, TX).
All in all I'm very satisfied with the purchase, it has way more features than what I have here to cover, after hearing all the horror stories from my colleagues (got into car accidents but not able to provide proof they're not at fault), a small investment on a quality car cam seems like a no-brainer.