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Vantrue N2S Dual 1440P Dash Cam

( 207 Reviews )

Front 4K Supercapacitor External GPS Support 512GB Max.

Price: $219.99

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front and inside dash cam

The Advantage of Vantrue N2S 4K Uber Dual 1440P Dash Cam:

  • Best Dual Dash Cam recommended by Wirecutter, Business Insider, CNET, BGR, Forbes, Dashcamtalk, Rideshare Central, Therideshareguy, Uberpeople, etc.
  • Super High Resolution: 4K Single Front Recording provides you with excellent sharpness and a wide dynamic range. Never worry about missing any important details with 4K recording at 3840x2160P 25fps.
  • Better Night Vision: Advanced Sony Sensor with upgraded WDR technology intelligently balance the exposure to deliver a clear and high quality video even in low light or strong light environments. 4 Infrared LEDs enable you to record flawless video when the passenger cabin is dark.
  • Continuous Firmware Updates to ensure improved features and functionality for maximum quality. You can always improve the performance of your N2S and see the benefits of the countless new features and functions with latest firmware update.
  • Strict Quality Control and have a professional QC team, with CE, FCC & RoHS certificated. Comparing with other cheap made dash cam, we pay more attention to deliver high-end dash cam with top quality and strong performance.
  • Lifetime Technical Support: Our technical team will help you solve any problem of the dashcam while installing or using. Emails or messages will be answered quickly and professionally within 24 hours.




Vantrue N2S User Manual

No viruses ,,9.14M


VANTRUE N2S ファームウェア Part I

VT-JCA121 ,,10M


Vantrue N2S Dash Cam Firmware Update Part I

VT-ECA121 ,,10M



No viruses ,,3M


Vantrue N2S Dash Cam Firmware Update Instruction

No viruses ,,3M


Vantrue N2S Dash Cam Firmware Update Part II

VT-ECA121 ,


VANTRUE N2S ファームウェア ( Part IIも必要)

VT-JCA121 ,


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( 207 Reviews )


Jesse Garcia
I can’t hold the camera I put the camara every 10 min because it falls always ;(
D. S. Lunsford
We've had this dash cam in two different Jeeps the last year. I've found it to be great quality product that's easy to use. The 4K video is exceptional! It just confirmed that I was NOT at fault in an accident. Everyone one who sees the video is amazed at the quality.
I bought this Dash Cam because I work as a contractor and some locations we go to are not the best, also I needed one for Insurance. I bought along side this Dash Cam the hardwire kit for its Parking Mode. (NOTE: the Hardwire kit is a MUST for this feature)Wiring this up was a bit of a pain because my truck has only one fuse box that is located under the hood near its front, however there was just enough cable to take the path I wanted to to hide the cable as best as possible. Finding the right fuse was the biggest pain, you must find a fuse that has a constant current running through it (NOTE: some fuses are timed when you open the door, like the interior lights, DONT use these). Once I found the fuse I needed the 90 degree insert was the next hurdle to overcome as it wouldn't set correctly. Once again though I finally was able to insert it and confirm there was power running through it.After about an hour of running the cable and setting everything up, I was good to go.The Picture quality is absolutely TOP NOTCH for the front and the Cab camera is just as good.My setup is 1440p Front and 720p Cab.Only thing I don't really like about it is the mic is kind of garbage barely picks up the radio and I understand that the Mic is a bonus and I can let that slide.The micro-SD I bought with this is the 256GB and that card is good for about 2 days worth at the settings I have.There are other Dash Cams but I bought this one because it wasn't the cheapest but at the same time it wasn't going to break my bank. This Dash Cam is a happy and lovely medium between them.I HIGHLY recommend this Dash Cam and HIGHLY encourage getting the Hardwire Kit. You don't need to be a professional to install it and if your not truly handy ask your neighbor or friend who is, you wont regret buying this one.
It meets my expectations and would recommend buying. I would also suggest buying the permanent power adapter.
Fabricio Sánchez G.
Working pretty well, after 1 month.Would like to see how it will work in summer.
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