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Vantrue N2S Dual 1440P Dash Cam

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Wilnellys Rodriguez
Does what it needs to butI would have like more space option256 go upgrade to a 512gb would be nice
Will not stay put, constantly dangling by the cord. Emailed for support.
Perfect camera my husband loves it
Gabriel ovalle
sekar basne
I purchased this to use as a security cam for my car but this camera is not trustworthy because you may lose your important video data anytime. The memory card fails anytime when using it and there will not be any videos saved once it fails and ask user to format sd card.
Emily Mancera-Kauffmann
Awesome works good but doesn't come with SD card!! Like this camera will be getting another 2 my family.
Someone broke my rear glass (big one), took my scooter from there but parking mode or it didin't work motion or collision detection. Do not buy this with this expectation.
Purchased 4 months ago, works perfect so far, also purchased hard wire kit which makes using all the better with no wires hanging down in view. I'm very satisfied with unit to this point with no complaints
Amazon Customer
Easy setup and install. Controls are simple and image quality is superb.
Amazon Customer
Easy install, great picture quality and a good price. No complaints.
Steven Ringstrom
I had an issue which Vantrue was proactive and fixed it for me immediately. They care about customers satisfaction.
Richard Miller
Did not work out of the box. Even support was good, but did not work.
After extensive research I decided on this unit and I couldn’t be happier. Installed easily, crystal clear video and audio inside cabin and out. Wide angle gets side windows and rear window shows approaching vehicles from the rear. Great in low light conditions. Easy to set up with intuitive menus. GPS shows speed along with time, date, location. BE ADVISED: it does NOT come with an SD Card so buy one when you buy the unit.
Dave Greig
Works well. Only concern/complaint is that I find it very difficult to detach the camera from the base. So often I end up taking the whole thing off of the window.
Eugene Choi
PROS:-Packaging: Great first impression with the presentation. The unboxing was satisfying. The company definitely knows how to please OCD, image-conscious people like me.-Aesthetic appeal: The cam looks great. It has a contemporary look & doesn't look goofy or cheap like most of it's competitors.-Resolution: 4K for front only and 1440p for dual at 30fps which is the highest I've seen for a dashcam, especially a dual dashcam.-Quickstart: Straightforward, simple & easy. Only took me a few mins to set everything up.-Size: Smaller & lighter than I expected which is good because it's not as obstructive and less likely to fall off my windshield.-Durability & Security: Great. Suction cup mount is strong. Cam does not shake or rattle at all while driving.-Customer Support: I've reached out to the company via email for some inquiries & they responded within 12 hours each time which was nice.-Storage: 256GB max which is about as high as I've seen in the dashcam industry.CONS:-Price: 220 USD is not cheap but easily justifiable for my experience with the cam thus far.-No App: Which I don't mind since I only need to extract footage if there was an incident.
Bob Simmons
Great product just didn’t know that a SIM card did not come with it, I must have missed that part in the advertisement.
Bavarian Woodworker LLC
Suction cup broke after just a couple month and no replacement what makes the GPS and Camera unusable.
gary osborne
Nice little unit. It is small enough to remain out of the way but takes great video through the windshield and side window (cop watching) or the inside of car. Not great for seeing what is behind the car in much detail but it will catch enough to be witness to a rear end crash or oncoming police lights.
I've tried a few and this has fit the need. A bit expensive, but I suppose you get what you pay for on this technology.
I drive for a living and wanted to make sure I had myself covered in case of some crazy happens. I bought this paying more than I wanted and didn't have great expectations. We'll I couldn't be happier. It's small distinct shape makes it low profile. It is easy to use . And the video is great perfectly clear with recorded speed by GPS . The inside and out is great for rideshare as because it records great audio inside to. It also so has a incident mode that will save recording if brakes are hit hard ect... I have a subwoofer and I noticed all the videos in the incidented folder lol. The loud music vibrating truck it marked it as incident and saved the video . It is a great camera. Even for everyday drivingI like it alot, I even forget it's there.
Shrinivas Yadav
I like the camera, it is all good except the suction cup. If there is sun light the suction breaks and camera falls down. This is big issue and frustrating.Edit: After contacting with seller, seller has sent me new Suction cup, I am not seeing this issue with the new Suction cup. Updated my rating
Mitch M
Great Dashcam. Good resolution, sound and nice compact size. Not just for rideshare drivers. Captures wide field of view along with optionally inside cabin which catches some of the side and back view. Really like it.
Jason Thomas
The picture quality is good as advertised, it all is. But why no wifi? If someone robs my car an decides to take my camera and keep it then I am SOL. No witness or perp. Wifi is nice to have so you can get real time updates to your phone or cloud.
Jesse Garcia
I can’t hold the camera I put the camara every 10 min because it falls always ;(
D. S. Lunsford
We've had this dash cam in two different Jeeps the last year. I've found it to be great quality product that's easy to use. The 4K video is exceptional! It just confirmed that I was NOT at fault in an accident. Everyone one who sees the video is amazed at the quality.
I bought this Dash Cam because I work as a contractor and some locations we go to are not the best, also I needed one for Insurance. I bought along side this Dash Cam the hardwire kit for its Parking Mode. (NOTE: the Hardwire kit is a MUST for this feature)Wiring this up was a bit of a pain because my truck has only one fuse box that is located under the hood near its front, however there was just enough cable to take the path I wanted to to hide the cable as best as possible. Finding the right fuse was the biggest pain, you must find a fuse that has a constant current running through it (NOTE: some fuses are timed when you open the door, like the interior lights, DONT use these). Once I found the fuse I needed the 90 degree insert was the next hurdle to overcome as it wouldn't set correctly. Once again though I finally was able to insert it and confirm there was power running through it.After about an hour of running the cable and setting everything up, I was good to go.The Picture quality is absolutely TOP NOTCH for the front and the Cab camera is just as good.My setup is 1440p Front and 720p Cab.Only thing I don't really like about it is the mic is kind of garbage barely picks up the radio and I understand that the Mic is a bonus and I can let that slide.The micro-SD I bought with this is the 256GB and that card is good for about 2 days worth at the settings I have.There are other Dash Cams but I bought this one because it wasn't the cheapest but at the same time it wasn't going to break my bank. This Dash Cam is a happy and lovely medium between them.I HIGHLY recommend this Dash Cam and HIGHLY encourage getting the Hardwire Kit. You don't need to be a professional to install it and if your not truly handy ask your neighbor or friend who is, you wont regret buying this one.
It meets my expectations and would recommend buying. I would also suggest buying the permanent power adapter.
Fabricio Sánchez G.
Working pretty well, after 1 month.Would like to see how it will work in summer.
W. Clements
I bought this one to upgrade my camera since I got a new work van. Brand new van, only 16 miles on it. Never had any problems with battery until the camera was installed with the hardwire kit on constant power. To be clear here, it does not kill my battery. The van will put itself into deep sleep mode when the battery reaches a specific threshold, at which point the remote features through the Ford app (remote start and lock/unlock) are disabled. When I pull the USB cable from the camera at the end of my day, the van does not have any problems. I have it scheduled to start M-F at 6am so its ready to go when I walk out the door.Aside from getting a new battery with larger reserve, or simply wiring the camera into a switched power instead (which defeats the purpose of parking mode), it will continue to annoy me I am sure.Camera is great, but parking mode will eventually drain your battery...and newer vehicles with remote features will be likely put to sleep when it sits overnight.
You can see the license plate number of the car in front of you when stopped, i.e., waiting at a traffic light. However for vehicles in motion, you cannot see the plate number except if you tailgate extremely close to the vehicle in front.The dash cam could not turn on with 5V 3A power. I already returned the dash cam. My understanding right now is that it should only turn on with 5V 2A power.
Amazon Customer
I researched dashcams for months and I finally settled for this one. It's exactly what I wanted! It doesn't bother me that it doesn't have wifi, once I put the settings where I want it, why would I want to keep looking at it? However, most other reviews are correct, the suction mount GPS doesn't stay on the windshield all the great, it falls off every hour or so. I decided to buy on Amazon: "Lock Sucker Suction Cup Hook Dashboard Car Mount Mounting Super Strong Adhesive Pads 6CM and 8CM". I've never had a problem since. Have fun with this new dashcam, you're going to love it!!!
After takeing 1 hr to install this camera, it didn't record frequently and the mount was broken. Not worth it for the price.
The setup up the dash cam was easy. It is powered with a USB C. I took the Vantrue memory card out and it played with no problem on my MAC.
- The color of the display is too bad ( yellow with white letters ) hard to read.- The setting buttons are in the top, you cant see them.- Although they suggest to bay their manufacture SD card ( and i did ), every time i format the SD card the message ( format failed ) comes out.
Easy to use and setup
Guardian 6
This camera system is awesome for the cost! I use it in both my Jeep and my motorhome and love the flexibility to move it when needed. After about 9 months, the internal clock stopped keeping the correct date and time and after reaching out to customer service and doing some tests, they exchanged it quickly for a replacement. Couldn’t be happier and now have a fully functional camera system! Great job Jennifer!
no internal battery so if you need to view your clip make sure you power stay connected. there is a weird click sound from the device every time I went under bridge or tunnel, I guess its switching lens or something but that click sound is loud.
Can’t even use this thing because it falls off the windshield.
Bryan G
I should have known by the tape I had to cut through to get into the box that something was up. It was a standard masking tape holding the package together. The suction cup didn’t have any protective covering on it. The screen had a covering that had been removed and reapplied. Will test it out, but I’m not hopeful if someone else already bought it and sent it back.
The Vantrue brand has decent reputation and I was impressed with the camera built and packaging. It looks well designed and constructed. Unfortunately, it falls short most everywhere else. It's just average in just about every respect and you soon realize that the price is hard to justify.It does an OK job capturing the traffic video, but the quality of the interior camera seems subpar. Night vision is just OK, feature set is just OK. Overall, I feel a bit disappointed after few weeks of use. The windshield mount is tricky and doesn't inspire confidence that it simply won't fall off after some time. Other reviewers seemed to confirm this.It would be palatable at about $120, but not the asking price.
cesar baldomero jr
This camera has very clear resolution and is clear enough to see license plates. I highly recommend this camera if you're on the market for a dash cam. The only thing I wish this was compatible with the Vantrue app so we could see footage from your phone. Otherwise, a very cost effective and great quality dash cam.
Mathew Allen
Just a great camera...
Tony Roberson
This is awesome. I witnessed a road rage incident where a young driver cut three lanes to make a turn then decided to stop. The car he cut off nearly hit him and chaos began
C. Wilson
I've been using this since Christmas, so about a month now. I have mine set to record a single stream of 4K from the front camera. You can set it up to do 2K front and 2k into the cab if you want, but I only want it to see the idiots in front of me, not this idiot behind the camera. It keeps a really good clear picture all the time regardless of lighting. I was surprised how well it adjusted when facing directly into the sun, and even more surprised at how bright and crisp it is in the dark. Makes me feel a lot safer having video of all the crazy stuff that happens in front of me in case somebody hits me or another car. I'm using a Samsung Evo 256GB card in it so there's lots of room to record. Setup is easy and you can choose how long it loops recording for - 1, 3, or 5 minute loops. There's an easy to see and push button to lock a recording when you need to and it works like a charm. You won't find a better 4K dashcam for this price - I tried for a long time. This one is excellent for the money.
Jeff StJohn
I did a lot of research and read reviews and that was the reason why I bought this dashcam. Fell in love with it initially, but after 5 months the LCD screen started to screw up and was showing a rainbow of colors on the display. The camera still operated fine as images taken from the micro SD card were still vivid. It was just the LCD screen that had the issue.UPDATE: I reached out to customer service and Roxanne replied very quickly. They asked me to send the attached photos and to try resetting the camera - which I did with no difference. They didn't hesitate to offer a new replacement since this was still under warranty. Due to outstanding customer service and a quick replacement, I changed my rating from 1 to 5.
Jose Andrade
Just buy it don't think about it it's worth it trust me
King Critic
Considering all the different settings available, instructions and settings were easy follow and to use. Picture quality seems good, though I haven’t hooked it up to a large screen yet. I like that you can easily lock a video file or delete it without having to connect it to a computer. I used a 256Gig Vantrue Card which worked well and didn’t need to be formatted before trying the camera out.
Alejandro Esparza
Great videos but after 4 months of using it it turns off and on, sometimes it takes 10-20 minutes to turn back on :(...
Jose M.
Pleasant surprises with this camera. It is my first car camera and although I bought it with doubts, when installing and testing it those doubts were completely dispelled. The image quality of both the front and rear cameras is impressive, clear image, very good colors and very good rank. The audio captures the voices of both driver and passengers very well, Great. Also buy the 24-hour monitoring kit, easy to install and very useful, it works perfectly. I totally recommend this camera to anyone who wants to start recording their routes, of very high quality.
My son does Uber and deliveries and loves this camera to video and capture people or items near car
Johnathan Yager
Nice unit and works great. Suction cup works very well for being in Texas.
Victor L.
Night vision is terrible. Can you see the big white circle around the light on the above photo? I can see better than that without my prescription eyes glasses.
I am quite please with this purchase, The video quality is great, customer service is very responsive to answer questions. I would purchase again.
Jorge Padilla
This cam was for my wife car and is great for the price and quality. I would recommend any day.
Works very well, better than advertised.
I had so many dash cameras, but this is my favorite. Video quality is very good and rear camera has real night vision. Recommended to buy this product.
chuck Blatchford
I had purchased this for my company vehicle for a temporary fix. So far not to bad.
I had one of VanTrues Dash Cameras in my truck when I was involved in an accident on the Freeway. Without it , it would have been my word against the other car. With the Dash Cameras video showing the accident, it was clear that it was the other cars fault and his insurance company accepted 100%, full responsibility. That Dash Camera paid for itself Three times over. But get one that has a supercapacitor for power source, not a battery based power source. The supercapacitors can operate at much higher temperatures as is common in a windshield. Very satisfied.
Mike Terry
Installed in less than 10 minutes, and really only a few defaults that I wanted to change. Mine is not hard wired so I'm using the 12-volt power supply plugged into my cigarette lighter. The suction cup mount is stable, it's easy to direct the inside camera. Overall very pleased.
I am really surprised at this price point that it's of such low quality and poorly engineered here on the mount. I read the reviews hoping it wasn't that problematic, but it is. Suction cup falls constantly, while driving Uber folks, and not very professional when you have customers in the car and the camera is falling in the middle of driving, many times a day, sometimes multiple times in just a few minutes, and you have to pull it down or take a hand from the wheel to pressure it back up while driving. And it literally falls constantly, in 75 degree weather, not being in bright sun, etc…When you contact the manufacturer, they give you a song and dance about cleaning the window properly, putting hot water on the suction cup, bla, bla, bla...when actually, they know it's a known problem. Then they are willing to send you adhesive tape after wasted emails telling you other methods, but you need to send all your contact info including telephone number to China, which I totally am not comfortable about doing. I have had problems with Chinese manufacturers on other things sending my contact info in the past, and not really willing to do this at this price point, to fix a problem that they are clearly aware of. I needed something in a rush, and bought this camera because the better ones this manufacturer sells wasn't available at time of purchase, and I needed something right away...I don't want to be dealing with problems at this price point, and would of purchased something better if it was available at the time. Delivery platform drivers can't afford to get caught up in having to purchase multiple cameras and waiting for problems to arise, and I definitely don't want to look unprofessional in front of other customers as this thing falls from the window in the middle of driving a customer to a stop or the airport, and then having to take my hands of the wheel to fix in mid trip. Hopefully, the manufacturer will fix this problem with future releases and a better-engineered suction cup. I have phone holders that NEVER fall out of the window once put up, there is no reason why this manufacturer can't do the same at this price point.Update: Returned. Constant falling from window. Manufacturer is a nightmare to deal with. Claims they will send you adhesive tape to fix the problem, which is not only “not” a solution if you want to take this down nightly to avoid break ins, but then the manufacturer promises to deliver, sends to wrong address, promises to follow through and does not. Terrible company to deal with. Ended up returning the unit and won’t by anything else from this manufacturer. Also found out they use the same suction cup, with same problems, on the higher price point model.Buyer beware!
Ruben Diaz Rubio
Idk if I have to use a Samsung pro SD card but I'm pretty use a Samsung EVO select should do the job but all I get it's error please format SD card. I know they RECOMMEND me to use another brand but they also don't say anything about Samsung SD cards.
dirk w.
I have 360 degree recording and GPS
Herbert C.
Ronnie L Gregory
Dino Vitale
This is the best dash cam I've ever owned. It's intuitive and easy to set up. This is a great product.
rinze yetsinga
Good front camera even at night,Interior camera is ok, thd back seat and backseat riders are not as focused as they should be.They state it has internal camera IR leds for nightvision, there are four leds, but don't really illuminate anything at night.Contacted vantrue, they claim "What night vision does is increase exposure automatically under low light. By detecting the lack of light through its video sensors, it would increase exposure so that recordings would appear brighter, and thus more details would be captured. So if you park in a pitch black area like a closed garage with no lighting, it will not be able to pick anything up. Thank you."This is maybe applicable to the front camera (the front camera does not have IR leds)Misrepresented product, especially the" super night vision *$200 for an "Uber* dashcam that does not show the interior properly at low light / night time driving.
Highly recommend this VANTRUE N2S Dash cam super good quality.
A great camera with very good video both in cabin and through the front camera. Unobstructive in your vision and works great. I may order another one for my other car because the suction cup and the windshield needs to be very clean for it to stay. So make sure you take an alcohol wipe or something similar to clean the suction cup and the windshield area where are you going to stick it. But it’s a great product.
Bob Jacoby ( 1923bob )
This is so cool great picture and video I should have got one sooner. Love this dash cam.Thanks Vantrue nice job 5 stars.
Robert Smith
Camera works great at night and daylight Very happy with the product
I purchased this camera and the Vantrue branded memory and have been using it in my car for the past few months. The product is built really well and is intuitive to set-up with onscreen instructions. It works as it should and gives me the confidence that I am covered in cases of emergencies. I purchased this as someone at a red light put their SUV in reverse and backed into me due to brain failure! Who would have believed it? Luckily she admitted it to the police and that same day I ordered this product.On a side note, their service is excellent too if any questions or issues come up.
Suzann Robinson
I had issues with the gps camera mount not sticking to the windshield. I contacted customer service and they gave me the choice of which mount I wanted. They sent me another gps mount which still fell off. They gave me some more advice for how to help make it adhere to the windshield that was not listed on anything in the user materials sent with the dash camera. So great customer service to them! They keep you informed throughout your case too!
L. Lindemann
I like this camera quite a bit. Would like it better if it blue-toothed to my phone but it doesn’t. It’s nice and unobtrusive, was easy to install myself. I’m a reasonably tech competent grandma and installed both cameras with the wiring completely tucked into car trim in about an hour and a half. Youtube is your best friend here!! Have had no issues with cameras coming unglued-but I made sure to use alcohol to clean the glass and let it dry. I had the install plastic tool but found my fingernails worked better.Having the dual cameras gives me a lot more peace of mind that if something happens-I’ll have proof for the police/insurance company.I bought another one for my adult daughter’s birthday this week.I turned the interior sound recording off-if anything ever happens-I don’t want anyone knowing I have an expansive vocabulary.Pay attention to directions. A very specific type of micro SD card is needed. I found them at Gamestop oddly enough. Microcenter did not have any. My daughter wanted extra because she wants to also use her camera to document their camping trips not just have it overwrite everything when the card gets full. We purchased 256 Gb cards.Highly recommend.
Brad R
Have had a few dash cams in the past and this beats them all. Purchased a second one for my kid car
Carol Perez
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First - no memory is included. Be sure to buy an SD card with this dash cam. Buy the VanTrue brand to be sure of reliability. The video captured may well be worth many times the price of the camera and memory card.I have a much more expensive installed dash cam for my daily ride share driving. I will be repositioning trucks across state lines and relocating new cars for dealers. I wanted an easily portable dash cam to prove I am not at fault if a collision occurs. This camera comes with a suction base and GPS. It’s easily installed and removed for temporary use. The power cord is really long - about 11.5 feet.The picture quality is much better than my two year old dash cam which is to be expected.I would not assume the rubber and silicone would survive Phoenix summer temperatures. The mount is easy to release from the windshield and take with you in severe weather conditions. For my purpose I won’t leave the camera installed other than when I’m driving.My other dash cam has WiFi to view and download video files. I dreaded taking my laptop just to see videos on the VanTrue memory card. Turns out there are SD card readers that plug directly into my iPhone and iPad. The Files app which is part of the iOS reads and transfers the video. I couldn’t ask for a simpler solution. I’m using the card reader by Suntrsi - # B088FG2DB5.Good video and ease of use is a good combination.
I’m not sure but I think this unit is useless if it doesn’t stay on the windsheild. A strong suction connection is necessary for anything that is going to attach to a windshield and be in the sun. I have to go through all the hassles now of returning it.
Wendy M.
This is would be a great cam if it stayed in the window. It was doing well the first 3 weeks now it constantly falls while driving. Wish I could return it. Missed my window by one day. Buy something without a window mount.
Kindle Wheland
Camera quality can't see license plates, doesn't record parking, barely records about 5 minutes of while I'm driving. I wish I could send it back and get my money because this was a waste, but they wont do a refund. Avoid at all costs.
Excellent dash cam!! Professioanl quality video inside and out of car. I have it set for 1440x1440 in and out. When you use the 256GB MicoSD card recommended you have enough video captured in case you have to go back a few days if need be. The camera stays in place with the GPS suction cup and doesn't move when driving. The camera powers off after you leave car after about 3 minutes. Then automatically powers on when you get back in car; as soon as you open door. Then starts recording quality video! Excellent video capture without having to do anything like powering up camera like I had to do with my old dash cam.
Don't waste your money go and try and find a different one mine didn't work after a week garbage
C. H. Replogle
This is my first dash cam, and I’m not great with technical products, but it was easy to figure out. I wanted an additional cable and couldn’t find one for sale like the one that came with the camera. So Vantrue Customer Service sent me a second one without charge. Vantrue gets a gold star for service above and beyond!
Stephen Crook
When it worked it worked great. For around a month. Then when I get in the car it does a max headroom impression for about 20 sec before going yellow screen and saying "update successed" then on occasion I get lucky and get past that screen to have it tell me that it either can't read the memory card or it needs formatted or there isn't one. It's always a new adventure with this hunk of junk I got less than a month worth of use out of this product do not buy!!!!
Nice cam. Do wish it had vpice activatr pics and vids but the quality images makes up for that feature. Took just minutes to get it up and running. I didn't read the directions and the mount seemed to be less than stable. READ the directions. DUH as soon as I turned the GPS antenna to the proper position, it locks the mount to the windshield and then it's solid as a rock. 100% satisfied and it has an easy "save" function. LOVE IT!!
Amazon Customer
I initially loved this webcam.Knew it was always working and had no problem taking on the summer heat. Video quality being fantastic.Then I got in a crash and had no initial recording.The last recording the camera took was on surveillance mode (motion detection + collision detection) It was on in my dark garage all night and continued until I entered my garage. I started the car and the device decided on the day of my crash not to cover any type of footage. The connection issue needs to be fixed.Until then, 2 stars.
Sean McGill
This is full time monitoring in 4K. Cameras provide extra wide visuals with surprising HD quality.Very pleased with easy set, intuitive programming, GPS, and much more.
I upgraded from the N2 pro that was four years old. As a rideshare driver this dash cam is great.
Just what I was looking for, I use mine in my truck and on my boat for everyday use.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
I have no problems with the camera. The suction cup that comes with it is worthless!!! The camera keeps falling off. It will only stay up a day or two. For the money you spend, you would think they would have a decent suction cup that would hold. They other day it fell off and it was only 77 for a high. Just crap!!!!
Good quality product and excellent customer service from Vantrue.
Lesther Ruiz
I bought this super expensive dashcam merely because of the GPS feature. The quality of the material is good and video quality is good back and front also during the night time. But their video viewer program is garbage and the GPS feature doesn't work. If you want to see your gps location in your computer forget it. Over all if i had known this i wouldn't have paid this much money and would just get a cheaper one. They need to upgrade their gps system and software before tagging $200 plus for this dashcam.. also it doesn't have wifi or Bluetooth connection. You can't view it on your phone unless you physically connect the SIM card .. i would recommend trying other camera for that price ..
Jean Bouda
This is my 3rd Vantrue system, and my last. Noticed one day that I stopped hearing the power chime from the Camera when I start/turn the car off. That's when I realized the camera wouldn't turn on no matter what I tried. I tried contacting Vantrue and the seller, but NEVER GOT A RESPONSE back!!!!!! So I took it apart and noticed the chip inside was fried. When I searched online for this issue, I was alarmed at how many other people had the same problem. There's no way I'm purchasing this after learning that some of them burned and caught on fire. I'm still under warranty and can't even get them to warranty their own garbage item! Thankfully, I filed a claim with my credit card company against them!
So I purchased this camera for ride share driving and after a few months of use it stopped working only recording black and sound on both front and interior views. I sent it back and got a replacement camera which did not take video at all. I have gone back and forth with there customer service which does reply fast and they asked to update the firmware which I did and still nothing. I am in the process of trying to get a refund. Fingers crossed.
Matt W.
As others have stated, it can take the Texas heat.