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Customer Review
Daniel Wright
If your windows are tinted...night vision is affectedReviewed in the United States on December 27, 2019
The camera is fairly easy to setup and use. I did find that the sound recording was turned off on the factory setting, so if you want sound, you do need to make this change.With regard to video quality, there is a large difference in the night and day recording. The daytime recording has a good picture, but I did find that the detail is not to the level that you can read license plates. The night vision still lacks considerably. The inside camera is almost worthless at night, especially if you have low light, or tinted windows. The forward camera is view-able, but other light sources washout the picture often.With regard to quality...I am impressed on how well the suction cup holds in hot and cold weather. I have used this through one summer and this winter, and the cup stays in place. Almost to well if fact....because I had some supplies that caught on the power cord and ripped the cord from the base mount. The cup stayed on the window, but the cord ripped the plug and broke the plastic from the mount. Fortunately, I was just able to order a replacement mount.Overall...I do think it is one of the better camera's in the price range. However, if you need night recording, the technology is still lacking.