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Customer Review
N2 Pro X 2Reviewed in the United States on October 14, 2019
This is my second N2 Pro, as I was impressed by the ease of use, setup, installation and of course video quality that I purchased another. First N2 Pro was a gift from about two years ago that in the beginning I was concerned about the window mount not staying secure causing some road jitter. I contacted customer support about my concerns and they rushed out a replacement mount and some tips on keeping mount secure.The new N2 Pro updated firmware to accept the 128 Gb, of which I was reimbursed for as one of there promotions, has put my mind at ease knowing that there will be plenty of recording space/time, I do have 64 Mb Micro SD as backups. Also note that the mount has been redesigned to lock the camera in place, eliminating the road jitter.Note: G-Sensor, I can’t say, but I strongly suspect this came into play as I was traveling down the freeway and had Bird Strike. Thinking this would have been stored in the Normal directory I searched in that time frame, unable to locate I reviewed the Event directory and low and behold I located and reviewed the footage. I was able to verify that the bird did survive the glancing blow by reviewing the forward and rear-facing camera footage to see that it flew away.The takeaway here is that you can trust in the quality and performance as well as the responsiveness of customer support. I do plan on keeping both N2 Pro’s, updating the firmware on the older and us it in my second vehicle.Vantrue – Thank you for your support and dedication.Chief