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Customer Review
Jim H.
Outstanding Dash Camera, Especially for Uber and Lyft DriversReviewed in the United States on October 10, 2019
Outstanding dual dash camera, especially suitable for Uber and Lyft drivers. Very compact and unobtrusive, excellent quality design and build. I'd say this is one of the best dash cameras available, and at a very reasonable price. I'm definitely recommending it to my local ridesharing drivers group.The only missing feature I could really wish for would be a low-profile adhesive dash-mount kit (GPS, of course), with more degrees of movement available in the ball socket. I drive a 2010 Prius, and the dash is such that it's ideal, for me anyway, to mount a dash camera directly on the center of the dash, rather than on the windshield. Easier for me to reach and operate, and makes for a less obvious installation. An option to mount the camera directly to the dash, without using a full ball-socket mount might be nice too.Pros:· Great quality build.· Excellent color display.· Easy to use and operate.· Excellent hard-wire kit available.· High video quality.· Supports SD cards up to 256 GB.· Very good night vision, both front and cabin.· Very good GPS performance.· Audio quality is excellent.· Very affordable pricing for such high quality.Cons:· 60 fps is only available in front-camera-only mode, that is, the cabin camera is not recording. (60 fps can bring out details, such as license plate numbers, that 30 fps struggles with.) Because of this, I gave picture quality 4 stars instead of 5.· GPS is external, that is, requires an optional GPS mount (possibly available at no charge). This may not really be a "con", because this design probably results in being able to use a better GPS antenna than if the antenna was internal, and may be one reason why GPS performance is so good.· Cabin camera infrared lighting is adequate, but it would be nice if the coverage was a little wider. Because of this, I gave night 4 stars instead of 5.· The GPS mount information mentions downloading the VANTRUE CAM PLAYER from the Vantrue website, but there's no player specifically listed for the N2 Pro. I'm hoping that the player listed for the other Vantrue models that use the same GPS mount will work, but I haven't tried it yet.