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Customer Review
Daniel Cross
Good Camera, Great Customer ServiceReviewed in the United States on September 26, 2019
I've used this camera for about a year now and I can say I am over all very happy with it. The picture is good, the video is smooth, and the drunks I Uber about seem to behave a little better. The night vision is pretty good the front camera, but the range is limited as you would expect. The IR for the interior camera is prefect for the front seat and is strong enough for a second-row back seat. If you have a third-row back seat it might be a little dim, but I think it would still be functional. This is probably the most useful and important thing I have bought while driving for Uber.The rear view of the interior camera is mostly limited to the interior of the car, so if you need to record what’s going on behind your car, you will want a second camera or get a camera with a remote rear camera. That said, this is exactly what I expected so for me this is not a problem.The only issue I have had is that the battery died, Vantrue's customer support sorted it out quickly and got me a replacement. They do use a lipo for the battery so you will want to try not to discharge it all the way (lipo's don't like being bellow 30%) and if you are in a hotter climate you may want to look into a dash cam with a high temp. resistance capacitor rather than a battery.I do recommend getting a hardwire kit if you feel comfortable doing so, and the GPS mount is another good buy.