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Junky productReviewed in the United States on September 26, 2019
I will give it an 'ok' for picture quality and audio.Beyond that there are too many issues to give it anything more than one star. A week into owning the camera a piece of the mount broke off, camera still latched on so I let it go.The bright blue LED on the power plug is both a good thing (pretty easy to see if the power is on or not) and a bad thing because at night or in the morning that HUGE BRIGHT blue light is rather annoying. I usually toss a rag over it to block most of it, a piece of heat shrink tube with a small hole will take care of that. The power cable is just typical junk quality pvc wire, flexible when warm and stiff when not.The issue that makes me ding this camera hard is the issue of it just turning itself off and/or resetting itself. Incoming power is always there (bright blue led on the power plug). when shutting down I turn off the camera first and then pull the 12v plug so the camera will not be drawing off the battery for those couple seconds. Yet about once a week it manages to kill the battery somehow and I go through and reset the date/time stamp. To make this clear whenever I have the camera powered on it is ALWAYS plugged into a power source, there is no reason it should kill the battery. This camera gets used every single day (always plugged in) so is the battery that crappy all the sudden that it self discharges overnight ? I do not always catch that until later on when reviewing the recordings and see the date/time stamp is screwed up again... When you are counting on that video to prove yourself not at fault and the time/date stamp gets all jacked up that is a HUGE issue here.And more recently it has started to turn itself off at random, power is always there yet it manages to just power off and leave you running blind. To the point of now having the screen always on so I can instantly see if everything is still recording. I have the camera mounted up and almost behind my rear view mirror so the mirror can block most of the screen light and distraction but still be visible by ducking your head down slightly.For the price this thing gets, a model from the competition can do better.Edited for 2021. The battery degraded enough to the point it would no longer self power the unit at all about 6 months ago. It would still work if plugged in, about a week ago it totally died. Completely dead and gone.