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Great camera, but had a few issues with GPSReviewed in the United States on September 23, 2019
I purchased this camera to provide in car video and basic speed and position recording in legal high speed racing events. The video quality is excellent and operation is simple. The only problem I experienced was with the GPS. GPS speed and position worked perfectly at any speed under 124 mph. Once this speed was exceeded, speed and position data was lost until speed dropped below 124. Sadly, due to the speeds involved, it was not possible to identify the problem prior to the first race where it was used. I had planned to use it to prove top speed, which was somewhere in excess of 160 mph. Customer support has been excellent. Happily, they confirmed that other customers were able to utilize the GPS speed and position data until speeds reached 200 mph. They identified that I have a defective GPS unit and are shipping me a replacement. Hopefully, it will properly record speed and position at speeds about 124 mph in the next race. If not for the GPS issue, I would give this camera 5 stars. It has performed flawlessly at any speed that would typically be legal on public roads.