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Customer Review
Paul G.
This camera is a MUST HAVE for any driverReviewed in the United States on September 16, 2019
Spending as much time in my car as I have lately, I came across this camera and its positive reviews. Although some insurance companies welcome a dashcam, others do not care if you have one or not. Either way, whether you're in your car often, or maybe you're an Uber or Lyft driver, this camera can help you in accidents as well as proof of bad passengers for rideshare drivers. Those who do rideshare driving, realize this.....a passenger can say ANYTHING about you and you'll most likely not be allowed to drive anymore. However, once passengers see your camera, they are more likely to behave properly and think twice before reporting false information. Make note that it's THE LAW that you clearly place stickers on your car notifying any passenger that they will be recorded. As for the quality of the camera, its build is solid and doesn't feel cheap at all. The suction cup and its connection to the camera are excellent and I haven't had any bad experiences with the suction losing its grip. Installation was easy, with its very long cord, you can hide the wire behind parts of your car going from the camera to your car charger input. Picture quality is pretty darn amazing. Colorful and clear hi-def video both inside and outside. Night vision is also excellent but can vary depending on light sources. Sound quality is very clear as well. I recommend a minimum of a 128GB card. I have a 256GB card and it records over 11 hours straight. You can have the camera record over previous recordings once the chip is full. You definitely get your moneys worth with this camera. A must have for ANY driver.