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Customer Review
The BEST customer service even if...Reviewed in the United States on September 13, 2019
I've had this camera for about a year now. Had a bit of an issue with it downloading files to the computer but that issue was resolved by customer service. They sent out a new unit right away! About another 8 months later the new unit had an issue with holding a charge. It has always been connected to the direct connection port on my car and always charging but when I take it off it'll turn off and won't turn back on. Obviously there's an issue with the battery/capacitor inside of this unit. But once again, I contacted customer service and in the same day they responded! It's like they don't sleep or something! lol Anytime of day or night, they'll respond to any issues! I love it! They advised me of steps to take to diagnose this unit but it still wouldn't charge from the house charger for over 4 hrs. After I replied back to them about the diagnoses they sent a return label. When I dropped off the bad unit at USPS, they were sending out a new unit already. I didn't have to wait until they received the bad unit to send out a new one. They are the BEST customer service I've ever dealt with even if the electronics are at fault. Honestly, all electronics will have faults at some point in usage but as long as there's a reliable company to warranty their products, I'm a grateful customer! Thank you Helen at Vantrue!