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Travis G.
First dash cam, not too shabby unless you want saved footageReviewed in the United States on September 12, 2019
June 2021 update*******Loop recording issue from first review cannot be fixed. I have reset the date, the memory card, everything. I had a rock hit my windshield that came off a truck and I couldn't submit the license plate or the video because the camera was only looping THIRTY MINUTES, yet it saved old videos from 6 months ago for no reason on the other 8 hours of footage. Now I'm out the cost of a painted hood and windshield because this camera is unreliable. I must have gotten a dud since not many others have this issue.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This has been working pretty well for the 3 months I've used it, with a few gripes:1- Recently found out the memory card saved over 100 gigs of footage from 2 months ago, and the only recent loop footage is for 2 hours at a time.2- Mount has only fallen a couple of times in very high heat, but the main issue is even though it's fully tightened, it easily pivots if touched.3- Rear camera is awesome, but don't expect it to record cars behind you, only in cabin footage.Small issues that can most likely be fixed (except for rear footage, it's not a big deal because it's not meant to capture what's behind you). All the positives you've probably read about already, great system overall and perfect for ride sharing drivers,