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Customer Review
Matthew Lang
Battery life is horribleReviewed in the United States on February 14, 2022
I've seen other reviews saying that they can't use the device while it's plugged in. I on the other hand have the opposite experience. The battery life seems to only be anywhere from 5-15 min on a full charge. I initially thought it was the settings, but I wanted to test this device a bit before leaving the review. With the settings as low as I can get them, the longest I was able to record was 20 min. I have a 256GB Samsung memory stick installed, and it has been charged both from the wall, and from my computer. Seems like the one I got requires power all the time if it's going to work for a decent drive.Pros:*Picture quality is really good for what the device is (even at low settings)*Ability to only record the front, OR rear facing camera*Recording both camera's at the same time will save the files individually (The files save in 5 min sections. I imagine this would make it easier to locate when an incident happened)*The suction cup has a charging port, so you can leave the cable, and suction cup installed in the car, and you can still remove the camera to pull the files off of it.*Rear facing camera is really decent, and may capture something that happens behind youCons:*Small screen (but that was to be expected, and shown in the pictures on the listing)*Horrible battery life (could be a one off issue based upon other reviews)*Included cable is not long enough to install discretely in my car.Would I recommend this?Only if you feel like rolling the dice and are ok with potentially needing to have this hard wired in the car, at all times, or if you are ok with not being able to have it plugged in while in use (based upon another review)