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Customer Review
GAPS IN RECORDING, DRIFTING DATEReviewed in the United States on January 29, 2022
It's a good camera, easy to set up and the picture quality is very good.That said, there are some serious issues that force me to give it a low rating because they pose serious problems for the use of this dash cam.1. Somebody rear-ended me recently. I went back and found the footage, but the date had changed significantly. The clock said it was midnight on a day about 4 months ago. This will be a huge problem if you ever try to use these videos in court or when dealing with insurance. I got in the habit of checking the date/time every time I get in the car, but you should be able to count on something as simple as a clock working right. I drive daily, too, so it's not like the camera wasn't getting any charge for long periods.2. Some idiot almost killed me today by cutting me off (fortunately no accident occurred). But when I went home to check the recording to show a friend, I found everything except the footage of the incident. I was using an absolute top of the line SD card, too. When I went back and checked out some other videos, some of the gaps between files were 5-10 minutes long.Again, it's a very nice camera with good quality, but these two issues can screw you in the future when you need a dash cam the most. I can't recommend it, sadly.