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Customer Review
Mike Trumpfheller
don't buy itReviewed in the United States on January 28, 2022
1. starting with the manual, who signed off on that?2. I bought a 256 GB SD card, formatted it, checked if it was FAT32 and the cam gives me: card error, please format it. I don't think that this device is actually for Mac people. I can format my SC card on the mac (utility tralalala) but there is still this possibility that it needs some chmod 777 or something like this since windows have different access rights, I believe. I don't want to invest more time to figure that one out. Solution - if I buy a car, they never give me the car tank empty. Giving the user a working SD card - even if it is only 8 or 16 GB would help with the user experience enormously.3. Again, once you bought the device, you can read the manual which entails information that should have been in the product description - which again would have given me an opportunity to make an informed decision.$160 for a device that needs studying and still might not work is a lot, especially during covid times.When you spent 160 you want to make it work. Simply because you don't want to face the possibility that you just wasted the time to make that money for a product that is not even worth half of it, shows no effort to make the UX pleasant, and is too lazy to format a card, or stingy to add a working 36GB card for $10.99.