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Customer Review
New Mount is Still DefectiveReviewed in the United States on October 12, 2018
(EDIT) 21 February 2019:A few months ago I was contacted and sent a new mount that attaches directly to the rear-view mirror, so the suction cup issue isn't a problem anymore. The new mount does not have a catch release, but has not slipped so far. The camera still works well after about 5 months of near daily use. Sometimes the G-sensor will save clips as "events" while driving on bumpy roads, so depending on how often you do that you will need to clear them to allow loop recording to do its thing. If you have a bad experience with this camera or its accessories, customer service is fast to respond and fix issues. They also follow up to see if what they provided has helped. I can recommend this camera, but the suction cup mount has been a weak point. I will update the rating to 4 stars since there should be an option to choose the camera with whatever style mount the customer desires. Another option would be to just provide all the different style mounts in the package. I recommend contacting the seller before purchasing and asking to get the rear-view mount in place of the suction cup mount.12 October 2018:OverallThis could be a 5 star dash-cam. Very nice camera system, but there are some flaws you just shouldn't see at a price-point like this. The low rating is due to the mount. The new upgraded mount may have been an improvement from the old one (I never had the old design), but it still needs improvement. There may be many more pros than cons, but the con is large. Mounting is crucial. Why even have a dash cam if the mount doesn't work right?Pros-The camera works really well. Footage is very high quality even at night. It is true HD, not like many others who claim to have HD yet fail to deliver.-Audio is crisp and clear-Settings are easy to review and change-Footage is easy to save to a computer-The size is minimal and does not obstruct view-Easy to register for the warranty-Can accommodate higher capacity storage cards (I recommend larger than 32GB)-The mount actually clips in and has a catch release-Loop recording-Ability to one click save a video clip if something just happened you would like to document (it will not record over the clip on loop record)Cons-The mount is the same design as other cameras I've had but the dimensions must be off somewhere. The collar doesn't tighten enough around the ball so it can move on a bumpy dirt road. I also bring the camera inside when I am not in the car because of theft in my area. The mount always has to be adjusted after un-clipping it from the camera.-The suction cup fails sometimes causing the camera to fall. Not very often, but I've only had this camera for a little over a month and it has fallen twice, once while driving and once while parked at a store.The old 15 dollar cameras I have use a very similar design of mount, but they tighten much better and stay stuck to the windshield. same ball and socket with a collar nut to tighten around the ball.