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Customer Review
J. Fleming
It's okReviewed in the United States on October 5, 2018
It's an ok dash cam. I cleaned my windshield with rubbing alcohol mixture before applying the suction cup. When it got hot out, it still fell off the windshield. Mine can with a small scratch / blemish on the lens. 4k mode is super grainy at night making it a not very useful mode unless you manually want to switch it to 1080 when it gets dark (not practical). It will work and the dual camera is nice, but it's nothing like some of the higher end dash cameras that are out there.Pro's: I like the design of the mount where I can one handed remove and re-install the camera since I need to do this often. Having the power going into the mount is a huge plus. I also like the rear facing camera although I don't drive for uber or lift. Because I need to remove my camera often, I can't really add a dedicated rear camera, so this is better than nothing.Cons: 4k modes are not usable at night due to the crazy amount of image noise. Prefer a rear-view mirror mount to the suction cup mount. Even a double sided tape mount would be better.edit: They sent me a new mount which may fix the issue, but I still find the camera quality poor when using 4k at night. adding back one star for customer support!