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Customer Review
Worth the moneyReviewed in the United States on September 18, 2018
I purchased this dashcam back in January 2018 and it is still working fine. I decided to invest more money in these dashcam instead of the cheapo thirty forty ones as I wanted to have a peace of mind instead of finding the dashcam not working after an accident happened.The dashcam seems very sturdy and the user manual is understandable and comprehensive. It has been going strong and I don't have to worry about it is working or not after I installed it. I want to stress the importance of having a rear camera. I was able to win a claim when my husband was backing up from a parking space. The rear camera showed exactly when the collision happened and front camera showed how far he was out of the parking space.The only complaint I have is the ball joint which was not tight and caused the camera flopping in every direction. It was quite annoying. I read the Amazon's reviews and found that a lot of other people are complaining the same problem. I contacted them through Facebook as suggested by the reviewers and got a response within a day. Then we went through the process of getting a free replacement. I wished I didn't have to do that but at least I had someone that could take care of the problem.