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Customer Review
Not worth the price or hassleReviewed in the United States on September 11, 2018
Customer support is non existent. They have no phone services and their website is glitchy, you dont get a confirmation when submitting a ticket. Log in takes you to google, their website is very frustrating to use. Matter of fact, I encourage anyone to sign up and try logging in the next day. A warning to potential buyers about quality. Their video picture isnt as advertised, night vision is horrible and night time driving, even day time driving show blurry light reflections almost as if pixelated. After a while, not even a year of normal use and the audio starts to produce white noise or static randomly. Its not any wiring issues because I only use the cigarette lighter plug and its secure. I spent my own money to buy a new connection and it did nothing, goes to show the device itself is faulty. Their other features like gps, mph and other time stamps as well as parking mode are either bad or dont work. Some times stamps do not work properly and their parking mode is useless if your mount is very secure and does not budge. I had to loosen it and put settings on high for the device to detect a small impact.(Update: Check hardwire isn't damaged and properly secured) It does however, detect very well moving objects in front of it. Doesnt stop there, memory settings go away or dont fully update even tho you only turn it on when the car is on or when connected to a computer. (Should hold a charge and keep settings since it has lithium battery in it) You will be required to change the settings to actual time/date every time you go out or it wont be accurate. Again, not a wiring issue. One other thing to note. The point of this device due to its shape and size is to be less visible, aka hidden. You will not get that with this mount, you will need to buy a seperate (universal) mount(for rearview mirror) found on amazon for about $13. The suction cup does not work on the black surface windshields have on modern cars for their sensors.Update: Camera battery died 2 months ago(Jul21) No longer charges or holds a charge.