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Customer Review
Kevin Brown
Great video quality and every feature that a dash cam should have.Reviewed in the United States on May 29, 2018
This is the first dash cam I have owned, but I experimented with a friend's dash cam to do some comparisons.  The Vantrue N2 Pro is lightweight and easy to mount. The interface is intuitive and that makes it easy to set up, review recordings, etc.  The power cable has an extra USB port on it in case you need one.The best feature is the dual cameras.  The reason to have a dash cam is to record events in and around the vehicle.  With two wide angle lenses recording both the outside and inside, nearly everything going on is being recorded.  With 170° on the outside camera and 140° on the inside camera, a lot is being captured.  Each camera can be aimed independently to get the best coverage.  The video quality is superb, even license plates are clear.  The display is large enough and high enough quality to allow you to review footage and to configure the device.  The night vision works a lot better than many other night vision cameras I've seen.  The night vision works for both the inside and the outside cameras.  It produces pretty clear video even if the cabin is dark.  There's also a microphone and you can turn on or off the audio recording.There are a few features that this dash cam has that others don't.  With one button press you can save the current clip.  Also, the Parking Mode uses motion sensors to start recording if anything moves close to the vehicle.  This dash cam also has a feature where it will automatically save a video if it detects an event such as a very sudden stop or other abnormal motion of the vehicle. All the videos have a date and time stamp, which could be important if you ever need to use the video in court.  I particularly like the feature where you can set the display after the recording begins so you don't have the distraction of the display. Last but not least, the loop recording combined with the reliability of the high quality construction means you can forget about the camera but rest assured that it's doing a great job.  There's also an 18-month warranty to give you added assurance that the recordings will continue every time you start the vehicle. I am very glad that I didn't buy the other brand of dash cam that my friend bought.