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... a while and chose this since it was amazon recommended. The order arrived on timeReviewed in the United States on May 22, 2018
I have been searching for a decent dash cam for a while and chose this since it was amazon recommended. The order arrived on time. The box was simple. Noted that you have to buy your own MICRO SD card, I chose the 32 gb one at Walmart (buy the SAMSUNG EVO they suggest). The box came with the car dock charger and the usb connector. You have to chage it 2 hours prior to use (noted the wall adaptor is not included). The set up is simple. As soon as you connect the charge the video is recorded. You can play with the settings for a while to get the look you want. The camera is quite small which won't draw attention. The box doesn't come with the wire kit, so if you want to use it asap, you should plan to buy the MICRO SD card and the set together with this.Video:-The video is recorded as a 3, or 5 mins or something longer (I forgot lol) as you want. After it's full it will overwrite the latest one. I heard people complaint about it can stop record randomly, so far this has not happened to me.-Video is clear, if you can read the plate with your eyes, you can read it on the camera.-The date on the camera is in 2017, so you have to manually set it up as today if you plan to use it as proof later.Audio:-Audio is pretty good suprisingly. I can still hear the music I played in the background without any break loud noise.Back camera:-I guess this is to prove if someone lie and said you were on the phone when the accident occur. This has happened to my friend once and I think this would be helpful.-The back camera quality is also good, the same quality to me for both back and front camera.Usage:-Very easy to use, turn on, plug in and you're set. It will turn the screen off after a few minutes so don't panic lol. As long as you hear the beeping sound and the light on the charger is blue, you're good.-The mount is very interesting, you have to turn the handle to the right to lock it to the glass. and it attached very well to the glass, to detach just lift the flappy piece of plastic and it will be off.-After using for about 1 hour, the camera is warm, but cool pretty fast.