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Customer Review
Nick Phan
Easy set up and easy to use, works great so farReviewed in the United States on February 25, 2018
Perfect dash cam, easy to install and worked as advertised. The front camera is clear and so is the in cabin camera. Installation was very easy and setup was a breeze. I have a 128GB SD card and it might be a little over kill but works greats in storing the videos. I also purchased an external battery charger ( so I can use it to power on the camera to enable the parking mode. The parking mode works great, it was able to capture any movement in front of my car. Once the front camera picks up motion it begins recording right away and also enables the recording for the in cabin camera as well. I tend to reverse back into parking stalls and with the parking mode, it picks up every car that drives by in the parking lot. So I know it works just have a bunch of videos while parked but it isn't a big deal since I have a large SD card inside so drive space is not an issue. I just tested the night vision last night and did a quick drive around the block and clarity was great. I have attached the day driving video capture from a quick drive around the block to show the camera in action. I also attached two picture of the mount and how it looks in the car.