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Customer Review
rinze yetsinga
IR leds for interior camera do not work (yes I turned them on in the settings?Reviewed in the United States on November 26, 2021
Good front camera even at night,Interior camera is ok, thd back seat and backseat riders are not as focused as they should be.They state it has internal camera IR leds for nightvision, there are four leds, but don't really illuminate anything at night.Contacted vantrue, they claim "What night vision does is increase exposure automatically under low light. By detecting the lack of light through its video sensors, it would increase exposure so that recordings would appear brighter, and thus more details would be captured. So if you park in a pitch black area like a closed garage with no lighting, it will not be able to pick anything up. Thank you."This is maybe applicable to the front camera (the front camera does not have IR leds)Misrepresented product, especially the" super night vision *$200 for an "Uber* dashcam that does not show the interior properly at low light / night time driving.