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Customer Review
Awesome Dashcam if you need both interior and exterior video in day and nightReviewed in the United States on December 6, 2017
I've used this cam for 2 weeks now and it's been great. This is my third dash cam and it is by far the best one I have used, but its also the newest and most expensive.The basics are well covered by this dash cam with only a few minor annoyances.The key feature of this camera is the interior video camera that should be a must have for ridesharing (uber/lyft/taxi), checking on a new teenage divers, vlogging, and possibly racing/trackdays. However I found the interior camera far more interesting and useful than I thought it would be in my simple daily commute.Check out the attached pictures of what's included in the box, in addition to snapshots from the raw video produced by this camera in both day and night in both 1080p and 1440p from both the interior camera and exterior camera. The picture quality is excellent for a dash camera and should be more than adequate for all mainstream dash cam use cases.PROS: • Small unobtrusive design • Unique and surprisingly useful interior facing camera • Interior cam: IR lowlight "night vision" works great. Can see everyone in the car even at night (see attached photo) • Interior cam: Automatic switch from night vision IR (b/w) to daytime (color) based on lighting conditions • HDR. Great exposure and dynamic range even and in tricky lighting conditions such as driving into the sun, or oncoming traffic headlights at night. (see attached photos) • Great lowlight performance due to a high performance image sensor and fast bright lens optics at f1.8/f2.0 (see attached photos) • Automatic on via ignition power • Automatic on via motion detection( in constant power park mode) • Loop recording support (automatically overwrite old files, like a DVR). • 1440P resolution for outside cam • 1080P for inside cam in both IR and color modes. • Well written, complete, clear, and concise English documentation • High quality locking suction cup mount • Quick release mount: camera easily separates from mount for quick setup or storage • 12v charging cable has an additional flip out USB A port for charging other devices, like your cellphone • Great build quality. Highly useable and thoughtfully well-designed • While it worked out of the box, the stock firmware was 3 versions behind the current release. However, the firmware was easy to upgrade shows Vantrue is actively working to make improvements to the camera. • Automatic Parking mode via motion detection • Time Lapse photo support • Menu buttons double as short cut buttons for toggling recording settings (mute, IR lighting, screen on/off)Cons: • Hardwire Kit sold separately. • Parking mode requires constant power via hardwire kit or additional backup battery USB power bank (dependent on make/model of car, really this is a compromise for most dash cams with parking mode to not kill the vehicle battery) • GPS module sold separately (suction cup mount) • Limited to 64gb micro-sd cards (maybe firmware limited) • G-Sensor too sensitive on default setting. Locks too many files. ('locked' files will overwrite if over 30%) • 1440p mode only available if you disable the interior cam (probably a hardware limitation): Dual cam is 1080p/1080p which is still very good. • Confusing menu button layout: OK/Confirm is always the left button, cancel/back is the right button. This is opposite the convention used by most modern phone and computer applications. • The manual states the memory card should be reformatted every 2 weeks. However, I have used it for over 2 weeks now with no issues. Possibly due to fragmentation the fat32 file system? I didn’t test this, but hopefully it will notify me of write errors if this happens. • A little pricey. But not bad if you consider this dash cam is packing 2 cameras to capture the action both inside and outside the car in one tidy package.