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Customer Review
Mandatory tool for crazy city or serene nature drivesReviewed in the United States on October 17, 2017
This is an amazing solid product, and I never drive without it anywhere. The suction cup mechanism is outstanding. However, these are the problems:1. In the manual it says you need third party software (expensive, insecure app) to format 64 GB card. Not true, the camera formatted the sd card itself, without issues. I almost installed that third party virus on my machine.2. The video encoding of this camera is baffling. All 5 minutes videos have around 0.5 GB. Even the ones which are mostly black pixels entirely. If it’s all black, what exactly is contained in the file?3. The image quality is nice, but I wanted it to be exquisite. For those drives in the mountains during Autumn. The colors and exposure are not bad at all but I feel like there is some loss in the crispness of the image due to encoding. (Size restriction to 0.5GB?)4. No encryption. I realize the small cpu is already doing a lot, but even some primitive form of encryption would go a long way, if the camera is stolen, with all the voice recording of the passengers.5. No GPS. You can attach one, which I haven’t tried yet, but having a version with integrated GPS would be outstanding.6. Some garage door openers can integrate with the car dashboard. It would be more comfortable to be able to keep a video by using the car’s buttons.7. There should be integration with iPhone/iPad.8. All cars should come with 4 cameras like this built-in for each side, completely encrypted with the driver’s password, and fully integrated with the car’s computer and data storage.9. When I press the “keep” button, that video should not be overwritten, no matter what. Issue a sound warning if running out of storage. Also, the “keep” button should keep both current video and the previous one and the next, since the current one might have started one second before I pushed the button.