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Customer Review
I want to give it 4.5 stars because it's not perfect but it is very goodReviewed in the United States on October 10, 2017
The attached 4 minute video shows 2 minutes of the front camera and 2 minutes of the rear (cropped to hide me, so it shows more than this video) getting on the same on-ramp and heading down the freeway.The front camera can be set to 2K recording but it does it at the sacrifice of no rear recording. The front camera settings had to be adjusted for exposure due to daytime brightness and glares. The rear camera will not get the license plate number of a car but it will definitely show you what was going on behind you before an accident. The rear camera also does an excellent job of capturing the people in the car, thou the night time IR is questionable, if anyone opens the door to get in or out and the dome light comes on the picture is super sharp. It does record audio but I don't turn it on unless someone makes me uncomfortable (I do ride sharing). In loop mode it records about 4-5 hours of video. The cigarette adapter for it was 10 feet long which made it easy to run it to an outlet (thou I am wiring a usb outlet to my mirror power to eliminate it)