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Only Infrared (IR) Cameras Can Capture Images in Complete Darkness!Reviewed in the United States on September 16, 2017
Having recently started driving Uber it occurred to me it would be in my best interest to have a dual dash cam. This got me started doing the research. In this litigious society (no matter what country) a video is worth a thousand words when it comes to the truth.So, whether having a video record of your ride sharing experience inside the car, or to dispel the “he-said-she-said” debate following a traffic accident, it is clearly in your best interest to be able to produce video proof.Obviously, not all dash cams are created equal. Consider your needs before making a decision. In my case I needed a “dual” dash cam with a rear facing camera that would work in complete darkness to capture what is going on inside my car. Some “dual” dash cams claim to have wide dynamic range (WDR) and “night mode”. But if you really need a camera that works in the complete darkness you need an infrared (IR) capable camera WITH an infrared light source built in. The Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam w/ Infrared Night Vision provides exactly that.Other dual dash cams typically have a remote rear facing camera, with a long cable to attach it to the main control unit, while the front facing camera will be built into the main control unit that attaches to your dash or windshield. These are intended to allow you to decide where to put the rear facing camera. Typically facing out the rear window to cover what’s happening behind the car. If you wanted to capture the interior of the car you would attach it to the inside of the front windshield facing the interior of the car.I originally bought a dual dash cam that claimed to have “night vision”. I installed it and found it to be a really nice camera with a lot of features, however neither camera was rated for infrared (IR) light. After I realized it would not work to capture images of the interior of my car in the dark I bought an external IR light source. This did not help. I contacted the manufacturer and they confirmed that the camera was not rated for infrared light!I ended up sending both the light source and the camera back and bought the Vantrue N2 Pro Dual. This is a FANTASTIC camera. I won’t quote the specs because they are all in the description, it has an amazing field of view on both cameras and extremely high-resolution video capture (1080p in dual camera mode) with all the features of the first camera I bought and more. I also purchased the GPS module. This is a really cool addition to the camera that also helps to set it apart from the rest. It superimposes your exact GPS coordinates into the video along with your speed. There is a really cool software package available to give you map imagery coordinated with your video. The camera will allow you to insert your license plate number which is also superimposed on the video.In summary, other “dual dash” cameras claim to be a perfect fit for Uber and Lyft drivers but beware, only cameras that specifically state that they are infrared (IR) capable with an integrated IR light source (LEDs) are truly rated to capture images in complete darkness. If you go with a camera that is not rated for IR you will find that unless you are in a brightly lit area, or it is daylight, you will not be able to capture what is going on inside your car!If I were to find any fault with this particular camera it would be the following:• Memory card is NOT included. Most of the cheaper cameras come with one (~$13.00 for 32GB)• GPS is not built in and costs another $22.00• I would prefer a rearview mirror mount. The ideal position for this camera to mount would be just below the rearview mirror. The suction cup mounts can’t facilitate this.This camera is on the high end in cost, but in this case you definitely get what you pay for.