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Customer Review
R. Chen
Great dash cam with some small gripesReviewed in the United States on September 11, 2017
The Vantrue N2 pro dash cam is a great little camera. It is the first camera of this price point that I've ever bought, but it pays back in the features and quality compared to other cheaper cameras I've bought in the past.Packaging: The camera comes in a non-descript black box with a cardboard sleeve. It opens up to reveal the camera, which is settled into a foam insert to keep it from bouncing around int he box. Below it is a smaller box that contains the cigarette lighter adapter and mini usb cable and the windshield mount. The camera does not come with an SD card.Design: The camera itself is made up of mostly a plastic exterior, with the obvious glass on the lens and the screen. The one side of the camera has a semi-circular rubber cover that, when removed, reveals the micro-sd card slot and the mini usb port. The camera feels solid without any cheapness to it. The top part of the camera has the slide adapter that is used to attach onto the windshield mount. The mount itself has a mini usb port as well. This is cool because the camera can be slid on and powered through the mount, instead of the cable attaching directly to the camera itself. The camera lacks any chrome accents, which is good because it draws less attention to itself when you leave it up in the car.Setup: Physical setup of the camera itself is easy. The suction cup is simple, and the camera slides easily into the mount and powers on. Setting up the microsd card is where it gets a little tricky. The specs state that the camera supports up to 64GB. Natively it can support up to 32GB without any need to reformat the card. In order to use 64GB, you have to format the card to FAT32. Even though I was able to get the card formatted properly ont he computer, the camera refused to recognize and work with it. It worked with a 32GB card without a problem. This is what I currently have in the camera. Otherwise, transferring videos is easy.Video quality: The camera is capable of doing 1080p dual camera (one dash view and one cabin view). The video quality is decent, but it is difficult to make out license plates that are moving past and after 15-20 ft, the cars in front of you also are difficult to read as well. This can be a function of the windshielf, weather/sunlight, but you won't be able to pick out a license plate that is on the otherside of the intersection. The camera can also do 1440p, per the specs, but I have not been able to figure out how to do this. On 1440p, you will not be able to get the cabin view, from my understanding, but I was unable to confirm. The cabin view is okay quality, but you don't really need to pick anything out. You can generally see whats going on in the cabin at any given time. The cabin view also has night vision, but its not too great, as the illumination falls off prety quickly and you can't really see anything in the back seat of a sedan.See the attached clips for examples of the cabin and dash views.Other features: One key feature of this camera is loop recording. The camera gives you the option of doing 1,2,3,4 or 5 minute loop or no loop at all. This means that when you start recording, the clip will be whatever length you chose until you stop and start a new clip. This allows you to drive for 2 hours and only have a 5 minut e clip taking up space. Its easy to save a clip by stopping and starting recording again. The camera also contains things like parking mode, G-sensor to auto save the recording when you get into an accident. I did not test these modes. You can also put date/time as well. There is a GPS attachment, but I did not purchase it at time of review.Overall: The camera overall is a great camera. I can't really speak to the price, as $200 is a bit pricey to me for most things, but I'm happy witht he purchase. I've used other cheaper cameras in the $40-80 range and the quality of the N2 pro far surpasses those cameras. So at least I do feel like I'm getting my money's worth! One star taken off for the difficulty with the sd card, as I had bought a 64GB card to use with the camera, but had to switch it out and not being able to get 1440p working.