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Customer Review
Victor Soto
I love the video quality is top notch crystal clear during ...Reviewed in the United States on August 23, 2017
Venture N2 Pro – First time buyer.This is my first time buying a dash cam and so far I am very impressed by it.I love the video quality is top notch crystal clear during the day hours and decent at night with limited lighting. One thing that stood out was the LCD display shouting off after a few minutes – it looks like the camera is turned off but still recording, very convenience if you are in a situation of being harmed or even if you get pulled over by the police and need proof of any wrong doing. Window attachment is very steady and doesn’t fall down. Also love the fact that starts recording one you turn on your car and better yet it records inside and outside as well. And if you just want only outside recording you can set it up to do so. The front camera has a view angle of 170 degrees and the back camera has a view of 140 degrees angle – you can see your car inside as well through all the windows in your car. This camera can be hardwired to the battery of your car by just buying an inexpensive camera kit. I also like the fact that I could turned on and off the microphone in case I just don’t want audio recording inside my car (Privacy). Overall I give this dash-cam a 4.5 out 5.0 stars. I am extremely happy with this dash-cam. Please see Day and Night recording as well as pictures.