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Customer Review
Lies: NOT 4K!!!Reviewed in the United States on February 15, 2022
I can't believe this! I went through all the trouble of installing this camera, including making a small cut in my headliner for the very THICK rear camera wire to poke out at the back and then sticking that camera to the headliner... only to find out that this camera, which is listed at the very top as being '4K' is only 1080p. It's supposed to be front 4K and rear 1080p.You can see that it is NOT 4K (and rather just 1080p) in the front from looking at the Menu > Resolution options, which only have 1080p as an option. I also confirmed this on my PC by checking the actual output files for the front cam and they are 1080p.Furthermore, this 1080p camera is not clear enough to read the license plate off a car directly in front of me at a stoplight in broad daylight (I checked on the file on my PC--cannot read it). That's not to say that the recording wouldn't still be legally useful in the event of an accident, but certainly much less useful in the case of a hit-and-run, parking accident, or other such event where I don't know the identity of the other driver.Is it possible that I was somehow shipped the wrong camera and not the one I paid for here? The box it came in says, "VanTrue OnDash S1" so maybe I got the 'first' version instead of the 4K? The sticker claims '2160p' (which would be 4K, but that's not what's in the box!) If the manufacturer can remedy this without my having to remove and reinstall all of the wiring for the power and the rear camera, I will gladly change my review!