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Customer Review
Christopher C.
Don't bother with this buggy camera.Reviewed in the United States on February 10, 2022
My camera had three distinct issues:1. It would reset itself to factory defaults2. It sporadically record videos in a 1 min 21 sec loop.3. It would randomly freeze and not respond till the next power cycle.This thing is crap. If you want more details, my story is below.I purchased this dashcam in July 2021, along with the recommended SD-card and Ontrue's hard wire power supply.After about 1 week after being installed, the camera reset itself to factory default settings. I could tell this because the chime turned back on and screen remained on, both settings I disabled. I replaced the desired settings and thought somebody must have just been messing with it.About 5 weeks later, same thing happened again. Wash, rinse, repeat (reenter the settings). This time I suspected something was up with it, but brushed it off again.A couple of weeks after that, the camera had a glitch where it would record exactly 1 min 21 sec then loop again - turning the screen on each time it looped. This action persisted, so I removed the camera, reset it myself to factory, formatted my memory card, and updated the firmware. Hopefully this would fix it.About 6 weeks later, same thing happened. So, again, I reset the camera to defaults myself and reinstalled it. Around this time I contacted Vantrue support about these issues. (November 2021)The support case started out nice, like they were going to try to make it right, but then it was back and forth with try this, try that, send us a video of the camera doing what you say. Well, since I reset it and it was no longer looping at 1:21, but was still resetting itself, I sent a video of the camera back to factory defaults. Not much to see here, but ok.Well, that video isn't good enough for them and I'm done with going back and forth with them on this. Considering these issues arise about once a month, it's become a lengthy process in getting to this point.I'm removing this camera from my car, tossing it in the trash, and buying something better this time.