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Customer Review
Parking mode is completely unreliable! Wish I could return cameraReviewed in the United States on February 4, 2022
The camera is decent quality, installed fairly easily, and was easy to set up.But the one feature I bought it for, the motion-triggered parking mode, is useless!! We have a real problem with catalytic converter theft in my area as well as a lot of porch pirates and other issues that could be helped by surveillance, but this camera only activated when a bird flies by or a shadow moves two millimeters, but anything resembling a human will almost never trigger it. From video file to video file, cars parked around me appear and disappear and rarely do I see them being approached by a person on foot or the actual vehicle moving. I am so incredibly disappointed in this camera, I’ll never buy this brand again.The picture quality, when it does work, is good though. Just don’t count on it catching someone messing with your vehicle because it almost certainly won’t! Complete waste of money.