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Customer Review
Michael K. Maeda
Good Quality Doesn't Obstruct ViewReviewed in the United States on September 29, 2020
See attached video to judge the quality for yourself. The dash cam has built in GPS with the ability to have your location and speed overlaid on the video. You can see this displayed on the bottom of the attached video. The feature can be turned on or off.Installation is straightforward. You will need to route wires from the dash cam to power and to the rear camera. A cigarette lighter adapter is included with a mini-USB plug to power the dash cam. The cable is fairly long so you shouldn't have a problem with it reaching the dash cam. Another long cable connects the front dash cam to the rear camera.Video is recorded on to a micro SD card inserted in to the front dash cam. One video file if created for the front camera and a second file for the rear camera. A new file is created every few minutes. You are also able to take still photos that are stored to the SD card.Overall I've been happy with the camera and it serves its purpose well.