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Customer Review
Great ImagesReviewed in the United States on September 18, 2020
I got the Vantrue S1 to replace an older unit I had because the recordings, especially at night were not as good as I wanted . At night, the rear camera picked up almost nothing in my old unit unless you were in a well lit parking lot. The Vantrue S1 rear camera does a much better job and I am able to see far more than before. The front camera is also excellent at night. The other reason for buying the Vantrue S1 was its built-in GPS logging which works very well, once you install the app on your computer. I haven't reviewed the GPS tracking but once and if I have any issues I'll update my review to reflect them. I bought the SD card they recommended and my travels are well recorded with no issues.I had an issue when installing the camera, getting past the first 2 menu settings. I contacted their customer service and within just a couple of hours they got back to me with a solution and then followed up later to make sure everything was working well and that I was happy with my purchase. It's nice to see that level of customer care any more.