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Customer Review
Reliable event recording and playback. Great Night Vision. Use Screen protector on windscreen.Reviewed in the United States on September 14, 2020
WHAT I LIKE:RELIABLE: My biggest issue with a previous camera from some other brand had been that I could never be confident if it will record the event that matter, such as an accident, someone keying my car and what not. I have been testing the VANTRUE camera over the past week and it seems pretty darn reliable.EVENTS: To create G-SENSOR (shock sensor) based events, I smacked the camera. This mimics a crash let's say, but my goal was to ensure that it recorded BEFORE and AFTER the event and as expected it does. No skips, frame drops or any blackouts (I recorded a stop watch to measure frame drops),NIGHT VISION: I am not sure what to compare its night vision capability against, however I can report that I have had no trouble making out number plates, pedestrians and other features out in the world even when the only source of light is my car's headlight. The camera does a great job with the HDR/dynamic range. Sufficient to capture the details of any event, even when it pretty dark.WHAT I DON'T LIKE:- I am not a big fan of the big cables coming out the side of the camera. It makes the thing look a bit ugly IMHO. I really wish instead of the big fat USB connectors the camera used a more elegant cable and connector mechanism.- This isn't against this camera, but I wish VANTRUE would come out with a version with a wireless rear camera module. I decided not to install the rear module (and instead purchased another camera that is just rear facing) because I do not wish to run a cable through my car's cabin. Too much work and again looks ugly.TIPS:- Use a HIGH QUALITY SD card. I cannot stress this enough. Stream from two cameras require enough bandwidth that if you skimp on your SDCard, the camera cannot perform at its best and you will get corrupted stream and dropped frames. I recommend a Samsung EVO Plus.- Screen protector on windscreen. Yes, you read that right. Instead if sticking the VHB (the 3M adhesive) which is really strong (that's why its called VHB = Very High Bond), take a cheap screen protector they make for phones, cut it in half and stick that to where the VHB adhesive from the dashcam goes. In other words, the screen protector goes on your windscreen, is about 4x5 inches or so, onto which you stick the dashcam adhesive. It will hold without any issues and when its time to remove, you can just remove the screen protector leaving your windscreen like new.