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Customer Review
Tiny dash cam with lots of featuresReviewed in the United States on September 11, 2020
Installing the front dash-cam is very easy. Place the holder in your windshield and slide the dash-cam on it. This comes with a small USB cable where you can connect the front dash-cam and to our car charger (cigarette lighter). This device is so small that it will NOT block our view on the road. Also, the camera has a great wide angle and it captures lots of information. GPS, driving speed indicator in the video recording, several video resolution options, auto turn off, etc are the key featuresFor connecting the back camera, this comes with a very long cable that could connect the back camera and the front dash cam. Also, back camera can be installed in rear windshield.I ended up using a Samsung 128GB EVO micro SD card and it worked just fine. Formatted the SD card through the settings from dashcam.I would suggest getting familiarize with the menu settings before hitting the road. The following aspects helped for a safe recording while driving1) practice how to switch on and off2) practice how to turn on and off the Mic3) practice how to change the recording resolution4) practice how to record and stop recordingRecording a 1-minute video during nighttime in HD 1080P 60fps took around 120MB of spaceImprovements that can be made1) Bluetooth connectivity between front and back camera. By this way, we do not need to run wires.2) Audio feedback. Once you press the record button, it was hard to know if the recording is going on or not. would be great if an audio feedback were available.